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Report Date: 03/10/2006

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Jack Black Chappel

Reg Name: Jack Black Chappel
Reg #: TR345394/01 06-06 Breed/Variety: Shih Tzu
Birth Date: 03/01/2005 Sex: Male
Colors/Markings: Black & White
Breeder(s): Kimberly S Petrella/Maria Giacalone

Jack Black Chappel
TR345394/01 06-06
Black & White
Snickers Creamy Of The Usa
TR028460/04 06-05
Black Black Mask
Keepsakes Yogi Bera Of Mishu
TN899313/01 06-01
Black & White Black Mask
Jofins Shilo Of Mi-Shu
TN276269/02 08-96
Silver & White
AKC DNA #V118751
CH Jofins Razz-O-Dazz-Oh
TC565413 12-86
Black & White
Jofins Teezer Toi
TC292575 03-85
Silver & White
Jofins Toot Toot Tootsie
TC163762 03-85
Black & White
Jofins Snuggle De Oh Gee
TM931880/05 03-95
Black & White
Sunseths Cricket Shun-Tieh
TD210601 10-91
Black & White
Silver Rich's Ming Ming Su
TM394725/01 05-93
Gold & White
Kobe's Anastajia
TN628958/02 10-99
Red & White
Zackery Ling Kow
TN424505/01 03-98
Black & White
Ling Ling Maniscalco
TN085061/02 02-95
Silver & White
Mesh-Ling Sweetling
TM978207/03 04-96
Black & White Black Mask
Dominique Rose Ling
TN496261/02 03-98
Brindle & White
Chang Tang's Tai-Pan Of Mi-Shu
TN110156/03 01-96
Black & White
Kobe's Raving Beauty
TN258846/03 05-97
Brindle & White
Kepsakes Brandy Of Mishu
TN897523/02 06-01
Brindle Black Mask
Chang Tang's Tai-Pan Of Mi-Shu
TN110156/03 01-96
Black & White
CH Chang Tang's Hot Tamale
TD292560 03-93
Gold & White
CH Chang Tang's Elusive Jeffrey
TC612109 01-88
Gold & White
CH Copper Penny Peprika
TC441786 10-88
Gold & White
Gemle's Shu Jen
TM752733/02 09-94
Black & White
CH R-Own Kam Chung
TB966769 10-83
Silver Gold & White
Hodari Over E Z O' Chang Tang
TC573392 03-87
Black & White
Mishu's China Dalai Of Da-Lin
TN575097/01 02-99
Chai Chi's Mid As Touch
TN071298/02 02-96
Gold Black Mask
AKC DNA #V166575
Chaichi Chin Yo Of Shadyoaks
TB819027 09-81
Black White & Gold
Bimbos Tangie Of Shady Oaks
TM662575/01 05-94
Gold Black Markings
Kai-Tsing Of Da-Lin
TM970444/01 07-95
Black & White
Reba's Sake Of Summerhill
TD249235 06-93
Black & White
Tiki Michiko
TD233908 09-93
Daisy May Star Light Star
TR178722/06 06-05
Sir Charles Of Woodslee
TN658560/02 06-03
Black & White
AKC DNA #V282595
TC904230 02-90
Black & White
Cruce's Huan Hsiang Tsu Hai
TC509409 10-86
Wee Willie Whump-Um
TC312789 05-85
Black & White
Cruce's Golden Angel
TC319486 08-85
Silver Gold & White
Cruce's Mi Toi Min Ying
TC297049 12-85
Christmas Star Micky
TB651765 12-80
Gold & White
Buss's Morning Star
TC010945 01-83
Black & White
Wi Tia Of China
TM951373/06 04-95
Gold & White
Cruce's Nic-Nac
TD257044 10-91
Gold & White
Wee Wong Chong
TC998435 05-89
Black & White
Freda's Diamond Krystal
TC385967 07-89
Gold & White
Miss Daisy Mae XI
TM699419/05 03-93
Black & White
Seng Fu'jensen Dream Lover
TD353880 04-91
Chin Chin Ti Ra
TD173942 05-90
Gold & White
Meri Mac's Star Light Star
TN518312/02 11-98
Brindle & White
Beau Haans Brinkley Keagel
TM816621/02 06-97
Brindle & White
AKC DNA #V209491
Meri Nac's Bar Nei Lei Sun
TD061693 10-89
Brindle & White
Chateaus JJ Of Witches Wood
TB873521 05-82
Brindle & White
Sin De Su Lei
TC188256 10-01
Brindle & White
Biancca Aariel Keagel
TM619016/03 09-92
Patches-El Macho
TD259232 02-91
Black & White
Miss Raggs To Riches
TD259231 02-91
Poppsie Babe's Darling
TN150485/02 07-97
Brindle & White
Meri Nac's White Night
TC565199 09-87
Hee Sue Ling
TB591000 10-79
Brindle & White
Tiffany Love Sue Ling
TC106215 03-84
Black & White
Babe Luv U Lot's Darling
TM790384/04 01-95
Gorby Alexander Luv-U-Lot
TD314847 02-92
Meri Nac's Lil Ladi La-Tasha
TD273122 02-91

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