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Chappel's Forever Loved Shih Tzu's Health Guarantee
This Contract is non-transferable. If the buyer(s) do not adhere to all of the requirements in this contract, then the health guarantee will be considered null & void.


Puppies Date Of Birth_________________ I agree to purchase this male/female shih tzu puppy
Color__________________ Sex______________
Sold To_________________________
Telephone Number____________________ Address_______________________________________
1. Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 2 normal business days from the date of pick up. A copy of the exam must be mailed to Seller; post marked within 48 hours of the veterinarian exam. This is mandatory to start the 1 year health guarantee against inherited genetic defects. A One year after sale Replacement Warranty is given for life-threatening inherited genetic disease that would severely impact the quality of life short of euthanasia or caused said puppy to expire. These conditions are listed and limited to heart, kidney, and liver from the date of puppy’s birth. No other conditions are included or covered in this contract. . _____ Buyer Initials

2. A notarized Veterinarian Report with findings stating, to a medical certainty, that the condition or death was in fact caused from the prenatal state will be required. Buyer(s) will be required to send the notarized Vet's Report by registered mail along with all of the puppy's medical records. Seller's Veterinarian must confirm and agree with the diagnosis. The Seller will then give buyer a replacement puppy of equal value and the same gender, from the next available litter. Replacement Warranty will be terminated if puppy was found to be abused, neglected, or does not have up to date records of vaccinations and fecal records. _______ Buyer Initials

3. Buyer agrees to Spay/Neuter said puppy by 6 months of age and supply Seller with a Veterinarian's letter (certificate) as proof of spay/neuter.
Limited AKC Registration paper's will be sent after proof from a licensed vet has been sent to seller.

4. Limited registration will be given with all puppies unless other arrangements have been made

5. If puppy is placed with full registration Puppy is to be registered using the breeder's kennel name (Chappel's FLS) at the front of puppy's name._______ Buyer Initials

6. If said puppy is bred, Buyer will owe seller $1500 along with $1000 for each puppy produced by said puppy. Any offspring will be placed on seller's Spay/Neuter Contract.
Purchaser will be required to provide seller with the signed contracts and puppy buyers contact information. _______ Buyer Initials

7. If at any time the Buyer can no longer care for the puppy/dog
the buyer is to contact Seller and Seller has the option to take Puppy Back
If Seller does take puppy back it is Buyer's responsibility to bring puppy/dog back.
Puppy/Dog must be current on all vaccines and all paper work must be returned to Seller
Seller has the option to allow Buyer to place puppy/dog
but Buyer must have written consent from Seller.
"No Refunds Will Be Given" Due to Buyer no longer wanting/changing
their mind about the puppy/dog

8.This guarantee does not include wormy puppies. Coccidia,Open fontanelles,Luxating Petella,Giardia and kennel cough which is usually caused by bacteria and is common in puppies that are shipped.
It does not cover what in the Shih-Tzu breed is considered normal: cherry eye,dry eye, stenotic nares, under bite, and both inguinal and umbilical hernias.
It does not cover hypoglycemia or diseases for which vaccinations could prevent

9.If the seller decided that the buyer is not suited for a shih tzu puppy
seller has the right to cancel sale anytime.

10.Adults sizes and Colors are Estimates Only, No Guarantees are made

11.Chappel's FLS warrants the puppy to be a good quality representative of its breed. If a puppy is sold with Full AKC registration rights, seller cannot guarantee that a male puppy will have two normally descended testicles at maturity.
Seller cannot guarantee the fertility of a male or a female puppy at maturity and it is impossible to guarantee breeding/show success. Seller cannot guarantee coat quality It is the buyer's sole responsibility for bills incurred from breeding this dog.

12.The buyer of the puppy agrees that he/she is not a puppy mill or puppy broker for pet stores and the puppy will be part of their family for it's entire life._____ Buyer Initials

13.If there were to be a legal issue due to Seller and Buyer not agreeing, absolutely all legal issues will be dealt within the State of Michigan, Sanilac County. And is subject to all Michigan Laws. Out of State Laws are not valid in this guarantee. All Attorneys will be billed to Buyer
_____ Buyer Initials

14.This Contract is non-transferable

15.We are very firm about the refund policy, so please do not ask to have your money refunded, as it is stated many times in this contract that there is no cash refund of any kind.

It is understood & agreed that this puppy is being sold for: pet/ breeding._____ Buyer Initials

I have read the above and agree to said conditions,
Seller Signature ________________________
Purchaser's Signature _______________________________