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I feel one of my jobs as being a responsible breeder
is to find the best possible homes for my babies.
So Please done hesitate to ask any question you feel
I have not answered here
the only bad question is the one you didn't ask.
Please know also that I will be here the entire time
for you to ask questions or just talk
and I will continue to be here for you even after
you have adopted one of our babies
I love to stay in touch with
our new Shih Tzu families and friends.

Is it okay to call to find out about
Upcoming Litters Or Availability of a Puppy?

Yes, we encourage you to call us!
We like to take some time to speak directly
with each person that is looking for a puppy
to help match a puppy with its new family.
We welcome your calls Monday through Saturday
between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. at 1-810-837-2778
Puppies are available for sale until
a deposit has been placed on them.
At no time will we reserve a puppy without a deposit
and our deposit and guarantee form filled out and sent back to us.
If a puppy is put up for sale
we will never change our mind and decide to keep it
after it has been offered to you.

Do you have a waiting list for puppies

Yes, we do have a no obligation waiting list
We may not always have the color, or gender
you may be wishing to acquire
so we encourage you to call us or send an email
and let us know what exactly you might be looking for.
We will place you on the waiting list
and we will let you know when a suitable match is born

How do I choose a puppy?

Once a litter is born those on the waiting list
will be contacted first
You will receive pictures of both mom and dad
And pictures of the new little miracles
I spend many hours with my babies
you will see them from the day they are born
I post new updated photos ever week
Choosing a puppy isn't hard
the hard part is just choosing one!
I will be here to help you find the best possible puppy
that fits your families lifestyle

What payment methods do you accept
and how do I get my payment to you?

We accept Postal Money Orders, In State Personal Checks
or Credit cards, through PayPal (4% charge fee)
We will only place a hold on a puppy for 3 days
pending deposit,
Deposits depend on each litter and are non refundable
I will then know you are serious about getting a puppy
I will then mark your puppy with your name on hold
It is best to give us a call 1-810-837-2778
Or Email
to let us know deposit has been sent
Many of our customers send their payments by
certified or registered mail
so the payment can be tracked.
We will also e-mail you or call
when your payment has arrived.

Do you require contracts to be signed for the sale of a puppy?

Yes, After we've had a chance to speak
and you've decided which puppy you want
and we have received your no refundable deposit
with deposit form sent to us also
We will send you our Guarantee or you may print it
You will need to sign it, make a copy of it
and send it back to us (you keep a copy).

Do you ship Puppies?

No I am sorry we do not offering shipping
Your more than welcome to come to our home to pick up your new little one
We also will meet if with in reason for a fee for delivery and that would depend on location

Are your puppies Registered?

Yes our Puppies are AKC Registered
We sell with Limited Registration
We are very selective as to whom we give Full Registration to and that is on a individual basis

What should I feed my Puppy?

Your puppy needs quality puppy food and fresh water
close to him at all times
We will supply some food that your puppy
has been accustomed to with your puppy
We recommend that if you do not plan to use the same food
you make the changes to your high quality food gradual

How often should I give my puppy a bath?

Give your puppy a bath only when he smells or is dirty
Be careful not to get water in his ears
We recommend putting cotten in his ears while you're bathing him
Keep shampoo from getting in his eyes too
Dry your puppy immediately so that he doesn't get chilled or a cold

How often should my puppy get a checkup?

Take your puppy to your veterinarian
for regular checkups and vaccinations
Check with your veterinarian on how often
they recommend you bring your puppy in
and then be sure you do so.
Give your puppy this extra care and attention
they need it and deserve it

What shots will my puppy need?

Your puppy will have received all required shots and wormings
before going home with you
You will need to bring your puppy to the vet within 48 hours
of getting him to make sure
he was strong and healthy when you received him.
You will have an immunization record from me to show your vet.
He will tell you when your puppy will need his next set of shots.

Once I purchase a puppy from you, can I call you for questions?

Absolutely!! We would love nothing more
than to receive updates and photos of your new family member.
We love to add new photos to our web-site.
We also want our baby to have the best home possible
so if you ever have ANY questions
or you just would like to talk, please, contact us!!

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