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Chappel's Forever Loved Shih Tzu's
Deposit Agreement

I understand and will abide by the following conditions of this sale:


There will be NO transfer of Deposit
Due to the fact that the puppy changes in Color
As that is one thing Shih Tzu's are very well known for
Also PLEASE make sure you understand the Commitment a puppy is.
There will be NO REFUND due to the fact you change your mind after putting money down

Deposit is half of the purchase price unless other wise stated. Full payment including all other expenses must be received by the time the pup is 7 weeks of age or the deposit will be forfeited, contract is void and the pup will be resold.

Buyer has read and understands and acknowledges that no cash refund or reimbursement for veterinary fees will be made and that the initial examination must be done within 48 hours of purchase or the guarantee is void

Buyer agrees that if puppy is not picked up by 8 weeks old, there will be a $10 a day boarding fee

I have read this contract, understand it fully, and will abide completely in order to keep the guarantee in full effect.