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What Is A Breeder

What in fact, is a "reputable breeder"?
Because just about anyone can throw two dogs together and produce puppies
I have outlined a few guidelines for choosing a reputable breeder.

A reputable breeder:

*Takes responsible care of all of his or her dogs (breeding stock & puppies), and provides:

A) Sufficient companionship, affection, interaction & attention
B) Nutritious quality dog food & fresh clean water
C) Adequate shelter
D) Immunization
E) Proper vet care
F) Parasite prevention/treatment
F) Grooming
G) Exercise
H) Socialization

*Only breeds dogs that have excellent temperaments.

*Is very knowledgable about their breed.

*Strives to better their breed.

*Immunizes their puppies' Sires and Dams (& their Puppies) against: Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvo, Parainfluenza, Corona & Rabies.

*Screens potential owners thoroughly, and does not sell to those who are unsuitable.*

*Educates potential owners, and discloses any pertainent information about their breed.

*Offers new puppy owners guidance and support (for the puppy's entire lifetime).

*NEVER sells puppies to puppy brokers, pet shops or puppy outlets of any kind (including so-called "Kennel Clubs"). Period.**

*Never breeds out of greed (and never over-breeds).

*Will take back a puppy or dog that doesn't work out.

*A reputable breeder wants to know as much about you, your household, your schedule and your ability to properly care for a puppy (throughout its entire lifetime), as you want to know about the breeder's puppies.

**Important Note: Many pet stores and puppy outlets tell prospective puppy buyers that their puppies come from reputable breeders, even though the large majority of these places actually get their puppies from puppy mills and second-rate commercial breeding facilities. The bottom line is: NO reputable breeder will ever sell their puppies to a pet store or puppy outlet, and NO pet store or puppy outlet will ever admit to getting their puppies from a puppy mill.

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