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What is a backyard breeder?

What is a Broker?

What is a Puppy Mill?

What is a backyard breeder? "BYB"

A backyard breeder is someone who keeps a number of dogs and either breeds them deliberately or just lets them breed. Backyard breeders may have a few dogs or many, one breed or several. They usually have no understanding of or concern about the breed standard, genetics, socializing the dogs, and maintaining their health. Don't confuse them with "hobby breeders," who breed small numbers of dogs and care for their dogs well.

A backyard breeder who is successful in selling puppies may decide to expand and become a puppy miller -- someone who breeds dogs with profit as the one and only motive and concern. More often, though, backyard breeders simply allow the dogs they have to breed, and they often keep many of the offspring. They frequently end up with too many dogs to care for properly. Backyard breeders get new dogs from a variety of sources, among them from ads offering dogs "free to good home"

Back Yard Breeders are worse than Puppymills in a lot of situations. They sell their dogs cheaper, and again to anyone looking to purchase a dog. Back Yard Breeders are often where most of the dogs and puppies in the local shelters come from, because they don't cost as much and are often not well taken care of by the new owners.

What is a Broker?

Brokers are licensed by the USDA as a Class “B” license, in order to purchase dogs/puppies and resell them to Pet Shops, Laboratories, PuppyMills, and/or Auctions.

One of the most widely known Class B broker is C.C. Baird. HBO is now airing a documentary on the Martin Creek Kennels investigation, Dealing Dogs, and how they were finally stopped by an undercover agent working in the kennel. Not to mention the time, effort and money put in by rescues and animal welfare orginizations like Last Chance for Animals.

If you have the opportunity to watch this informative, eye opening documentary it will help to explain the despiration in wanting to make these places illegal.

They are now also starting something fairly new: brokering puppies that are rejected by the PetStores (or the commercial breeders themselves know they can’t sell). They are setting up *shops* as RESCUE when they are not truly a rescue group. SO BEWARE!!!

Brokers will ship puppies all over the United States typically with little or no food and water, no heat, air conditioning, or ventilation, and sometimes no shelter. They are also not monitored and the trucks are not cleaned until the “products” have been delivered. This means that the puppies arrive covered in urine, feces and vomit.

During these transports many many puppies become very ill and are in need of immediate veterinary assistance in order to survive. Which in almost all delivery situations some do not survive.

Brokers also sell the puppies over the internet to unsuspecting people who are fooled by the brokers charms. Puppymills also know how to fool people into purchasing their dogs.

Brokers have been known to search for “Free Advertisements” and act as if they are looking for a companion. After they acquire the dog and or puppy(ies) they will then resell them to Laboratories, Puppymills, or Auctions.

Would you like to know the United States largest Broker?

Here is a list of State Licensed Brokers

What is a PuppyMill?

A place where hundreds if not thousands of puppies are produced, in filth, greed, and inhumane care.

A place where dogs have minimal room to live, minimal care, minimal food and water, and absolutely no love and care from the owners. All acceptable to the USDA

A place that breeds and sells mixed breeds/hybrids, poorly bred purebreds, and sell to anyone with money.

A place that sells their dogs to brokers, pet shops and auctions

A place that provides little to no vet care for their breeding dogs and minimal to no vet care for their puppies.

A place that sells genetically defective puppies and will not reimburse the buyers for the enormous vet bills incurred by their poor breedings.

A place so horrendous and heartless that it is impossible to describe it to the public. Please if you are unsure of just what a Puppymill is click on the links below. And be aware that the photos are very graphic if unprepared. Hundred if not thousands of puppies are born in these places every day across the world. Chances are if you purchased a puppy through the internet or out of a Pet Shop this is where the parents and siblings are kept to breed, and where the puppies are brought into the world. Commonly on no more than a wire floor.

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Would you like to see the list of USDA Licensed “A” Breeders by state? Keep in mind that USDA Licensed Breeders also include Exotic animals, as well as domestic animals such as dogs and cats.

USDA License Listing by State

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