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I looked at the people trying to see anyone I know.

The people looked at me and started to bid. I wished I wasn't here, just wish that I'd hid.

Then off from the back of the room I did see. The face of an angel looking right straight at me.

The angel raised her arm and began to shout. I'll take her myself, I'll pay that amount.

Then I was carried away to a cage one last time.

I'd tried to be good and committed no crime.

The cages were opened and dogs left that place. When my cage was opened I saw the angels face.

She picked me up and held me even though I smelled bad. I knew by her voice the angel wasn't mad.

Then off to this place that I now call home. By her side I will stay and never more roam.

I must have been blessed some time long ago. Because when she holds me tight I just seem to glow.

I often times think about my life long ago. Rescue people are really angels you

They save us from places called puppymills you see.

I pray all my brothers and sisters will someday be free.

Author unknown.