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LoCo's Take A Walk On The Wild Side "Leo",AKC Male Shih Tzu <bgsound src="walkwild.mid"> Myspace Falling Objects

This is my Adorable Little Boy Leo

He is a Solid Gold With Black Mask
Adult Weight 4lbs 9oz

Leo has an adorable Babydoll face, tiny upturned nose
Gorgeous expressive eyes, short legs & a beautiful coat
He is absolutely perfect in every possible way
I have waited many year's for a tiny male of his quality
Willy comes from generation's of Tinies

Leo is a Liver & Red Carrier

Leo has been ready to meet our girl's from the day he got off the plane
Funny I remember when he got home he tried to hump evertying he could and he is still like that till this day lol!!!!
And I have to be honest I thought I wonder if he will be one of those dog's when you have company over
that he will be trying to hump their leg "but he is not ;-)"

~Leo is a Wonderful Lil Stud~
Need's my help at times due to him being so small but he does not mind~

He has one of the sweetest temperaments and he is very intelligent
He has always been very eager to learn new things and he loves to play catch~

Pictures below are of his parent's and pictures of him growing up~