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Eating  (Don’t eat so much!)

  1. Decide on an eating plan. 
    (Weight Watchers, Eat Right 4 Your Type, South Beach, Dean Ornish, 
    or devise your own: eat half portions?) 
    (Eat breakfast!)
  2. Decide on a way to track it. 
    See sample tracking forms - modify them if you wish, or
    (Weigh yourself once a week while dieting (write it down) – every day on maintenance)
  3. Know your problem foods and helpful foods.
    (Stock up on the good stuff  - decide how to handle the bad stuff)
  4. Know your problem times.
    (3:30 PM? – bring a piece of fruit.)  (After dinner? – Go upstairs after dinner.)
  5. Find a buddy or group.
  6. Keep a reminder why this is important to you.
    (A person, a goal, a list of problems, invoke a mental image.)


Work up to 5 miles a day to lose weight, see 10,000 steps.

Find ways to make exercise a habit that’s easy to keep.


  • One must burn 3,500 Calories more than one consumes to lose one pound.

  • Aerobic exercise requires maintaining a target heart rate of above 50 percent of one's maximum heart rate for 30 minutes, at least 3 times a week. Brisk walking can accomplish this.

  • It takes about six months to “lock in” a new behavior.

  • The minimum safe dietary energy intake (without medical supervision) is  
    75 percent of that needed to maintain basal metabolism.



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