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FOLK PROJECT - This Summer... Steve, Matt and Si are going to take on the cider folk festivals of Somerset... and conquer them like a bitch. Here is the first draft of our songs. Steve wrote the lyrics and melodies and me and Matt put some chords to them - lyrics

small_town_folk.mp3 (1.90M) - we are just (small)-(town folk).

caravans_beneath_the_aurora_borealis.mp3 (4.40M) - well chilled-out

the_celtic_rose.mp3 (3.88M) - bit controversial

when_you_go_to_heaven.mp3 (3.05M) - one for the ladies; it's a tear-jerker!

my_fair_girl.mp3 - my_fair_girl_no_vox.mp3 - check out the free-styling beat-box of a penny whistle solo!

anchor.mp3 - anchor_no_vox.mp3 - bit of an epic sing-a-long-karaoke-classic and a great bit of ocarina.

the_perilous_fox.mp3 - the_perilous_fox_no_vox.mp3 - the perilous fox.