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Full Moon Entertainment is the most advanced disc jockey, karaoke, and audio production company serving the Chattanooga, Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia areas. We use the latest technology to bring the largest legal music library available to your event:.

Because Full Moon Entertainment uses the latest technology, we are able to instantly find and play all your requests, when other DJs and Karaoke Hosts would be busy searching for your first request. By using compressed digital audio, your event host will be able to spend more time interacting with your guests making sure everyone is having a good time while others are still searching in the dark. Our hosts spend less time setting up and tearing down, never have to worry about lost or scratched discs, and won't take up half the dance floor with tables to hold all our music. All this adds up to a more affordable and more elegant solution for your party.

Full Moon Entertainment has been in business since 1994, and has provided outstanding music for numerous wedding receptions, company parties, proms, street dances, reunions and karaoke in the area ever since. Fun and variety is our area of expertise, and our customers particularly value our extensive music library. No other entertainment service comes close to offering the variety we do. If you have an event in Chattanooga, Southeast Tennessee or North Georgia that requires music, karaoke, or live sound reinforcement, look no further than Full Moon Entertainment.

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