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Warning flying in close formation should not be attempted if the pilots are inexperienced

Flying in close formation are an F-16 Fighting Falcon model fully functioning, with the option of plastic drop tanks that can be jettisoned. The centre aircraft is a F-22 Raptor, with the option of fully functioning control over the whole array of flaps, or regular control which makes keeping the plane on the straight and narrow that bit harder but easier to control overall; recommended if you are just getting in to the hobby. On the other side is the F-117 Nighthawk, with fully functioning control. All three are ready made and no construction is required.

F-22 Raptor including accessories 68

F-16 Falcon including a simple switch in the body of the plane you can change from full control to rough control in two seconds and vice versa 71

F-117 Nighthawk 64

Any two of the threesome with accessories 105

All three with accessories 150

An amphibious plane powered by propellers, boasts fold away landing gear for flight and landing on water. It comes with built in pump and slots so it can bomb targets with water just like the real thing. Details in owners manual. Usual flight times; 9 minutes with water tanks empty or 6.5 minutes with water tanks full.   

Price 100

This nifty little number will give even the most amateur rc aircraft pilot a chance to shine, as there is only one control; Use only where the airship can be seen at all times, as this model will go where the wind goes once it is airborne.


Price 75 (and worth every penny of it)

A v-22 Osprey pictured above using the vertical landing technique, used in small spaces. It comes with rotating engines at the end of the wings. Ideal for rapid ascent on a crowded airpark runway.

Price 175

These little beauties are for experts only press the lever against the controller for a few seconds and you are up and flying. Keep it pushed down but not so hard to make it hover its way around the site. To land ease the throttle lever just enough so it does not suffer damage on landing. fun to fly but extremely difficult to master

Price 65

this plane is similar to Concorde it looks good and it goes fast. keep in sight

for experts only

price 60