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2007 Tour Info

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2007 Tour

February 24th - Gusto's Bar - Barstow, CA
March 18th - Saint Maria Goretti Festival - Long Beach, CA
May 6th - Saint Bonaventure BBQ - Huntington Beach, CA
May 18th - Blessed Sacrament Festival - Westminster, CA
May 19th - Shooter's Nightclub - Barstow, CA
June 8th - Anderson School Carnival - Garden Grove, CA
June 29th - Remec Corporation - San Diego, CA
June 30th - House Party - Huntington Beach, CA
July 21st - Doheny Saloon - Capistrano Beach, CA
August 24th - American Legion - Orange, CA
September 1st - Orange International Street Fair - Orange, CA
September 22nd - Gusto's Bar - Barstow, CA
October 6th - Saint Bonaventure Festival - Huntington Beach, CA
October 7th - Saint Norbert Festival - Orange, CA
October 19th - Martini Blues Club - Huntington Beach, CA