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Flashpoint is a fun-loving, family-friendly band that focuses its high energy
on thrilling the audience and making every show a truly unforgettable event
that draws the crowd into the show and brings them back again and again.

Flashpoint breathes new life and energy into irresistible tunes and epic
classics by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, REO Speedwagon,Styx, Foreigner,
ZZ Top, Ozzy, The Who, Elton John, Journey, The Eagles, Queen,
Van Halen, Bad English and more recent hits by U2, Green Day and the
Cult. Flashpoint wows the audience with a flurry of high energy
and positive, good-time vibes and captivates a wide audience of fans
encompassing young and once-young of varying tastes and passions.

Having played together for years in Orange County, Flashpoint's
rockin' lead guitarist, classically trained keyboardist/singer and jazz
influenced bass player have teamed with a pocket drummer
to reach the flashpoint of excitement,
igniting a frenzy of fun and unforgettable memories.

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