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Madhya Pradesh is located in the geographical heart of India. The state straddles the Narmada River, which along with the Vindhya and Satpura mountain ranges, constitute the boundary between the north and south of India. Sagar is an agricultural village, typical of the innumerable Indian villages where more than seventy percent of the population lives.

Since its foundation in 1995, our NGO partner has been dedicated to alleviate what they perceive as unconscionable poverty, an excessive mortality rate, the exploitation of women, the degradation of the environment, and other urgent issues of village life. They have helped communities by establishing food programs, spearheading sustainable agricultural development, encouraging natural health care, supporting schools, and several other initiatives. The children at the Sagar School are now enjoying proper nutrition, thanks to the support of many generous donors from within India and abroad. The children now have the chance to break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty.

Traditionally, many agricultural families keep their children at home occupied in farm chores, and the children grow up without the chance to receive an education. In Sagar village, schoolteachers and other volunteers went door-to-door convincing parents to let their children attend school. Eventually many parents realized the importance of education and allowed their children to attend classes. The children still help with the farm and continue to learn the craft, but now they have more skills and the possibility of a brighter future. And for both parents and children, the free meals prepared at the school provide substantial relief.

For the volunteers and staff at Feed A Village, it is a privilege to assist in the development of these programs. We have a strong commitment to make the school ever more ideal, and plan to participate in future projects that include the physical expansion of the school, the development of an organic farm to provide fresh produce for the school kitchen and to train the children in sustainable farming techniques, and the addition of vocational education to the school curriculum, targeted to help young girls develop skills in traditional handicrafts and household management.