Chapter 4: Now What?

Harry couldn’t believe this. It was a dream, that’s what it was, a dream. Looking back at the powerful man beside him Harry decided dream or not his wand will definitely be a good thing to have.  He raised his hand. “Accino Wand.” The founder of Slytherin gasped as the wand was pulled out of his unsuspecting grasp. Merlin didn’t seem too disturbed by Harry having his wand and that really put Harry on edge.

“Hello Harry, you are not where you are supposed to be.” Harry blinked owlishly at him.

“I…I know I’m not I don’t really know how I got here but I know who sent me.”

“Yes, that castle has always had an intense need to protect you. But this seems to be a bit extreme don’t you agree?” The powerful mage chuckled. Harry just stared at him the shock of the whole night was getting to him. “Breath Harry, in and out. There you go. Just focus on your breathing. I know this has not been your day.”

“Who…?” Harry rasped.

“How remiss of me. My name is Myrddin Emrys, I believe you know me as Merlin, some scribe took it upon himself to change my name but it is as it has always been Myrddin.” Harry nodded and extended a shaking hand.

“Harry James Potter.” Myrddin smiled brightly at the boy’s courage.

“Why…Why are you here?” Myrddin looked up for the first time acknowledging the presents of others in the room.

“Well, Lord Snape I am here to check on my heir and to make sure that the trip didn’t do any harm to the boy. Which I see it did not. I am also here to fix the damage his trip did to the magic in this area as is my duty.”

Rowena’s question was waved off before it even started. “I think some tea and a little walk will do our heir some good.” Myrddin held out a hand to Harry. Harry took the offered help and was grateful for it as his legs collapsed from underneath him once more.

Slytherin turned to his wife. “I thought you said that he was healthy?” She nodded.

“He is his legs are just asleep. Like Milord Emlys said he just needs to walk it off.” She walked over to help her patient stand. It took Harry a couple of steps before his legs started to work for him. Now finally under his own power, Harry started heading for the door.

“Where ye going boy?” The big Gryffindor asked. Harry didn’t slow his exit, and just called over his shoulder.

“To the kitchens, I need a drink. And don’t call me boy! I have never been one.”

Myrddin sent a sorrowful look at the departing boy and whispered. “I wish I could have saved you, my son.” Then with a determined look followed his heir out the door and the Hogwarts four taking up the rear.

They didn’t catch up to the young man until he was right in front of the fruit painting. “Dear to open the door you must…” Helga stopped when she saw Harry raise his hand and tickle the pair and walked into the kitchen causing the house elves to stair at him dumbfounded.

“Hello, my name’s Harry, what’s your name?” Harry said to a little female elf.

“Macy sir.” She squeaked surprised at being addressed.

 “Macy may I have a large cup of hot chocolate,” The adults sighed in relief, they had thought the boy was going to ask for an alcoholic drink, but their relief was short lived because Harry was not finished with his order. “Could you also add something a bit harder to it I will be most pleased.” He smiled down at the little elf. She nodded then popped away. More elves appeared to take the orders of the other visitors to their kitchen.

They all took a seat at the one table in the room. Harry could feel people looking at him. “What?” He looked up to find the Hogwarts Four looking at him with disbelief.

Rowena was the first to respond. “We are sorry dear but it is one thing to be told you are from our distant future and have lived here, but another thing entirely to have it proven to you.” Harry nodded in understanding before resting his head on the table and his voice muffled by his arms.

“So now what?” he turned to look at his eldest ancestor. “And why aren’t you dead?” The last comment caused Myrddin to laugh heartily.

“Well Harry I’m not dead because I am waiting for you actually. As for now what, well we are going to enjoy our beverages of choice then we are going to come to an agreement on what to do with you.”

A pop of a house elf made Harry turn to notice the little female elf clutching a cup almost bigger then she could handle. Harry quickly relieved her of it. “Thank you Macy.” He took a sip. “Wow!” Harry smiled at his cup then turned to the nerves little elf, and to her surprise picked it up and setting her on his lap like one would a child. The little elf didn’t fight the new position but her shaking increased and she was looking nervously at the python that was still wrapped around Harry. Harry hugged her till she gave a squeak.

“Macy I’d like you to meet Hazzar.” He said petting the python’s head. “He’s a nice snake.” Macy shook her head violently.

“Snakes not nice, snakes not nice at all.”

“Normally that is true,” He said to the little elf then turning to look firmly at the snake. “But Hazzar has agreed to be nice. Haven’t you Hazzar.” If a snake could look disgruntled this one did. But it nodded its head then reached out with it’s toung to flutter it over Macy’s nose causing her to giggle.

“Macy got to go back to work Master Harry.” Harry nodded and dropped a kiss on her little head before letting her go and she disappeared.

“What was that about?” Salazar asked with a raised eyebrow and sipping his tea.

“What? Oh you mean Macy. Well I have found out that it is a very good thing to have a house elf for a friend and I had a feeling that she could use a hug.” Harry shrugged. “Any ways not to sound repetitive but, now what?”

“Can you send him back?” Helga asked.

Myrddin shook his head. “I wish I could but only a trained time master can travel as I did. Not even one as powerful as Harry is going to be.”

“So I am never going home?” Harry asked his panic obvious.

“I wouldn’t say never. The castle would never send you here with out the knowledge that you would eventually be sent back to your own time.”

“Eventually! You mean that I might be here for years!”

Myrddin nodded solemnly. “I am afraid so. But I can promise you this when I feel you going back through time I can make it so you go back to almost to the exact time you left.”

“So I can be here for 50 years before I go back and then when I wake up I am an old man and all my friends are still 17.”

Myrddin sighed. “I will work on it. It might be possible to hit you with an age spell but I can promise you nothing. All I can say is that you must learn what you can while you’re here.” He stood up. “Well I have to get to fixing the distressed magic, and then I have to be leaving.” Harry went to protest but a hand on his shoulder stopped him. “I will be back in time for your inheritance.” Harry nodded and watched the spiky grey haired wizard walk away. The legend turned at the door and curse green eyes locked on the younger man. “Remember you are still young and deserve to have fun and a regular life as well.” With that he swept out of the entryway and out of the castle.

Harry felt arms encircling him and a melodic voice soothing him. “Harry it’s alright.” He felt someone whipping away the tears he didn’t know he had shed. “Harry what’s wrong?” Harry opened his eyes to see Macy clutching a little hanky. He turned to look at Connie.

“He has my eyes. He has my eyes.” His voice was as broken as he felt. He gripped the woman back burying his face in her shoulder. His body shook with his sobs. The four were then shocked when the boy laughed. The sound of the laugh was painful to all who heard it they could only imagine how much it hurt the young man who made it.

“What?” Connie asked concerned. Harry sat up and looked at her with a humorless smile.

“That makes my aunt a squib.” He gave another harsh laugh. “My aunt’s a squib.” He put his head back on her shoulder holding her tight like he was gaining strength from her. Connie rubbed his back then gave her husband and friends a helpless look.

Harry could hear people murmuring around him but couldn’t bring himself to care. “Harry.” He heard Connie call him but didn’t respond. “Harry sit up for us please.” Harry sighed and did as he was asked.

“Harry it is late and we would all like to go to bed and I know you must be tired. So would you mind sleeping in our guest room? At least until we get more rooms completed.” Harry nodded. What else was he supposed to do he was stuck here.

Connie grinned. “Good, come on lets get you settled.” Harry nodded and stood. Then he felt someone tug on his hand.

“Master Harry better now?” Macy asked with concern still clutching the small square of fabric. Harry smiled sadly at her.

“Yes Macy I am ok, just a bit over whelmed and tired.”

“If Master Harry needs Macy all he has to do is call and she will be there for Master Harry.” Harry bent down and gave her a hug good bye before heading out the door and paused to wait at the hallway to the dungeon not knowing where the Slytherin suite of rooms were.

He saw the Slytherin matriarch and patriarch heading towards him. “How did you know we lived in the dungeons?” Salazar asked.

Harry raised his eyebrow a copy of the man’s expression. “Are you saying that you don’t?” A glare was his only response as the man guided his wife past their future heir.

Harry was settled into the offered guest room with a promise from Connie ringing in his ears as he finally allowed sleep to take him. “It will be better in the morning, it is always better in the morning.”