Harry nervously approached the club. It was the first time he had ever been to a gay club, or any club for that matter. This couldn’t be called his coming out, he has had boyfriends. Well, two and he threatened them with bodily harm if the news ever got out. The Profit would’ve had a field day with the story. But now that Voldemort was finally gone he didn’t care what they wrote - he had his own life and he was going to live it!

The bouncers opened the door for him. One winked at him "Have a good time cutie." Harry tried to hide the blush that had forced its way to the surface.

Handing his duster to the coatroom attendant and taking his ticket, he took a deep breath and walked to the bar. Glancing at his watch Harry saw that he had 20 minutes before his friend arrived. He ordered a shot to calm his nerves then headed to the dance floor.


He had received a letter from Louie stating that, he needed to; "stop broodin’ and get your ass to my club." So here he was, dancing to a driving beat, letting it drown out his problems.

He had met Louie on the battlefield. He was part of the American team of Aurors that were sent to assist them. For if Voldemort conquered Europe , the next stop would be the Americas .

"HARRY!" Harry spun around, almost going into fighting stance, but got control of himself before anyone noticed. Well, at least Louie didn’t seem to. "I’m glade you came, you jerk, after what, NINE letters." It was three but who was counting. "Oh by the way, Harry I would like you to meet…"

Harry’s eyes followed Louie’s gesture. He first saw long, lean, leather clad legs, followed by an indigo blue silk shirt that hung dangerously open to reveal smooth pale ivory skin. Jet-black hair framed the face of…. 

"Professor Snape!" Harry’s mouth hung open.

Snape sneered. "I never seem to be able to get rid of you, can I?" Harry’s mouth shut with a snap. But he recovered enough to reply.

"Sorry Snape, Voldie tried for 20 years and I still came back like a bad bean in a box of Bertie Bott's.”

Louie laughed, "You know each other, good, good. I’m bad at introductions anyway. Come on lets go get a table before they're all gone. It’s a packed house tonight,” he said proudly. 

Snape sat quietly sipping a glass of some brandy, while Louie talked a mile a minute. Harry loved Louie to death but sometimes he just needed to shut up. But just like the saving bell, one of the bar tenders came up and took Louie away saying something about them being out of rum and it not coming in on the last shipment.

So Louie made his apologies and left leaving them both sitting there with an uncomfortable silence between them. The silence built and built till Harry couldn’t take it any more and the words just popped out.

"Would you like to dance Professor?"

He had wanted to say ‘Do you like to dance?' but it came out wrong some how. And once the words were said, there was no way his Gryffindor courage would let him back out.

Severus Snape raised an elegant eyebrow. But said nothing, his smirk firmly planted on his face as he raised his glass to his mouth. It seemed to Harry that the confident Slytherin didn’t even consider his offer worth answering but in reality Severus’ mind was running a mile a minute and he was just stalling for time.

~Why did that boy ask me that? What is he after? Did he really mean it? Well I guess he did if the current look on his face is any judge. That boy really needs to learn how to hide his emotions better. Well it looks like he is waiting for an answer. I guess it wouldn’t hurt. After all, this is the Gryffindor golden boy and none of his friends are around, so this can’t be a prank… ~

"Fine." Severus got up and headed to the dance floor, leaving one totally confused Gryffindor behind. Severus halted right on the edge of the floor and looked back at Harry with an impatient look on his face. Harry scrambled to his feet and followed that leather clad body into the crowd. After a brief moment of uncertainty, they started to dance. As the music took over they started moving closer to each other but still never touching.


Louie was busy with the large crowed that showed up that night. He popped in from time to time but he never stayed put for to long. As the time passed, the dance floor got more crowded, people bumping into one another including Harry. Sending him into Severus who deftly caught him his arms resting on Harry’s bare shoulders sending sparks through his body. Harry looked up sheepishly, waiting for the inevitable sarcastic comment about how he was graceful as always or some such rot. But he saw no such malice on Severus’ face. To the observer it would seem that Severus just had his usual mask on his face. But then Harry looked closely he saw something in those black eyes, a fire that wasn’t there before. Severus’ hand gently ran down his arms but as he reached Harry’s hand, Harry captured it, and Severus gave no objections. They didn’t discuss it, but all the tension between them was gone.  At least for tonight.


Severus didn’t want to admit it but he was having a good time. It had been along time since he had a chance to just relax and have fun. And with the boy-who-lived.  Go figure.

Harry was in seventh heaven. He was out in the open without having to worrying about people judging him. He was dancing very close to a gorgeous man, (alright it was Snape but he was definitely not going there), and not having to justify his every move to his friends. He never wanted this moment to end.

Severus using the hand he was still holding spun Harry around so his back was to Severus’ front. Harry was intoxicated by the hard body behind him. Severus chuckled in his ear. "Someone is waving at you Mr. Potter.  It would only be polite for you to answer in kind." Harry quickly shook off the haze enough to see Louie waving and chuckling from behind the bar. Harry waved, blushing, which only caused Louie to laugh harder at his antics.

Harry waited for Severus to let him go, or at least spin him back around. The hand that had been holding his all night finally did release him but only to resettle along with its twin on his hips, pulling him roughly back against him. Harry could feel every inch of Severus Snape. Including several inches he didn’t expect to feel.

"Alright?" that velvety voice was there again.

~ Was he alright? Yes, yes. ~

 "Yes." He said softly, then, he looked into those dark eyes that were now ablaze with desire. He made his decision then. With his trademark smile he said louder "Never better."  
The growl of approval Severus gave rippled through him, causing Harry to arch back placing his head on Severus’ shoulder. Severus’ arms encircled his waist, they began to move again, but this time they moved together. Grinding together.


They were both lost in the sensations of the other.  As far as they were concerned the outside world didn’t exist. Then, out of nowhere, hands grabbed Harry pulling him out of Severus’ arms and up against something huge, sweaty and reeking of beer.

Harry struggled, fighting to be released. The man had a hold of Harry’s hands so he had no way of reaching his wand and wand less magic was too erratic to use in such a closed and crowded space. Harry began to panic. The last person to hold him like that was his Uncle Vernon. "Well aren’t you pretty." The man drooled.

"Release him." Harry’s head spun around, eyes locking on Severus, whose whole body was coiled, like a snake ready to strike. The man dismissed Severus, not even raising his head to look at him. "Go away! This little tart and I are having a dance."

"I said release him now!" Harry gasped at the wave of magic that radiated from Severus. The man was startled, but didn’t release Harry. He instead gripped both Harry’s hands in one beefy paw, spun him around to face Severus and pulled his wand all at the same time. 

"I don’t see why I should. He doesn’t have your brand on him."

Harry knew that Severus couldn’t do anything, not with the bastard using him as a shield. The man nuzzled his neck. "You're not much to look at anyway, this little pretty would much rather be with me, now wouldn’t yaw?"

Harry’s had enough.  No one put down Severus when he was around and he had enough with being called little. "No."

The man screamed, releasing Harry, nearly throwing him.  Thankfully Severus caught him. Clutching him close. The man was nearly doubled over with pain, cradling the hand that once held Harry captive.

Just then two bouncers showed up, taking charge of the whimpering man, dwarfing him in the process. They must be half giants. Harry mused as he burrowed closer to Severus.

Louie emerged from behind them. "My friends, I am so sorry about this. Boys get this trash out of my club!" The two bouncers dragged the still whimpering man out of the club.

"Are you alright Harry?" Harry nodded with a shaky smile. "Never better. Nothing that a good bit of dancing won’t cure." Louie nodded in understanding, but Severus had other plans.

"Actually I do believe that it would be better to get Harry away from this crowded place to somewhere a little less noisy."

Louie smirked at the implication before schooling his face. "Of course my friend I have an apartment upstairs for those nights were I am here all night and don’t get the chance to go home before I have to come in again. It is even sound proof. My place is your place for as long as you need it."

"Thank you. That would do fine." Louie pointed to a side door.

"Just go through there to the elevator. It will take you right to it." Harry didn’t want to go anywhere he wanted to stay and dance with Severus some more. But before he could protest Severus was already leading him across the floor.

The man was silent with fury. His grip on Harry was close to painful. Harry wondered what he had done wrong as he was roughly pulled through the door, into the elevator and slammed up against the wall.

Harry's objections were smothered by Severus’ lips.

The kiss was rough and passionate just like the man. Harry whimpered when Severus pulled away. "Mine. You hear me. You are mine. No one can have you." Harry's answer was to try to kiss the man senseless in return.

The elevator doors opened and Harry pulled them out and into the hallway still not breaking the kiss. They slammed into the wall by the door to the apartment. Severus reluctantly pulled away from that delicious mouth and started to fumble with the key he was given. Growling when the door wouldn’t open. "Alohomora" Harry said frustrated with the delay, pushing Severus through the door and kissing him all the way in.

Harry’s seeker nimble fingers were working desperately to get the few buttons open and Severus’ shirt off. But his hands were shaking and the buttons were so small. He growled with frustration and just ripped the shirt sending little black buttons flying.

The sound of ripping material startled Severus out of his pleasure-induced haze. He pushed Harry away and bolted to the other end of the room.

He held up his hands when Harry started to follow him. "No you can’t really want this."

"No, I want you." Harry said gruffly.

"No it is just an after effect from what happened downstairs."

Harry snorted advancing some more. "Oh please I have had more excitement in Professor Binns class. I wanted you way before that behemoth grabbed me."

"Fine, fine then your drunk and don’t know what your doing."

"Come on Professor you had way more to drink then I did and what little I did have we burnt off on the dance floor." He moved forward backing Severus up so his back was to the wall and he had no place to go. He stood just a breaths way from the panicked potions master.

"You remember our bodies pressed up against each other." He settled his weight against the hard older body. "Grinding together." He pushed his hips forward grinding their erections against each other. The action caused a reluctant moan from the captured man. "You remember, don’t you Severus." Harry started placing feather light kisses along Severus’ neck trailing up to his ear, then, whispered. "Don’t you." He latched onto the sensitive skin behind his captive’s ear. That got the response Harry was looking for.

"Yes, yes, ooohhh, please." Severus turned his head ashamed of his weakness.

"Anything you want Severus." Harry grabbed Severus’ chin and turned it to face him "Anything."

With that Harry begin to descend the glorious body before him. Severus groaned. Harry not one for wasting time set to work opening Severus’ pants. But not removing them for he loved the feeling of hard muscle beneath leather.

Severus gave a sigh as he felt his straining cock being released exposing it to the cool air.

Harry chuckled.  The man was full of surprises; he wasn’t wearing anything under those erotic pants.

Severus was to focus on the sensations bombarding his senses to care. Hands running up and down his legs, the sporadic squeezing of his arse, and the throbbing of his cock. Then his senses overloaded, as he felt his cock encircled by something warm and wet. He went crazy clawing at the owner of the warmth. Trying desperately to pull it closer, to lose himself in that warmth.

Harry was gagging at first but he got used to it, not wanting to discourage his lover’s enthusiasm. Harry reached up and rolled Severus’ sack as he swallowed Severus to the hilt. Severus cried out convulsing as he came, bucking wildly.

"Harry...” He looked down at the boy at his feet, staring at him with piercing green eyes. He fell into those eyes, letting them claim him.


Severus woke to a feeling of warmth and safety. He had never felt so content in his life.

The mattress was so soft and the blankets were so warm. The dungeons hadn’t ever been so warm. There was no draft, and the arms around him pulled him closer….ARMS!?! 

Severus’ eyes flew open. Harry chuckled. "I’m glad you decided to join the land of the living professor." Severus scowled and sat up mumbling something about cheeky Gryffindor

Severus looked down at the smiling boy currently lounging next to him. No, not a boy, MAN, definitely a man. Severus thanked every God and Goddess he knew, that Harry was still dressed. Albeit his shirt was hanging open precariously.

He followed the long lean muscular stomach up to well-defined pecks. He followed the line of muscles up to the boy's face. He was looking longingly at him, his eyes flared with desire.

Why was that Gryffindor looking at him like that? Severus looked down. He didn’t have a shirt on! He scrambled pulling the blanket to his chest. How could a man, especially a gorgeous one like the-boy-who-lived look at him like that or want to?

His chest was littered with scars, both magical and man-made. Severus lowered his head letting his hair veil his face. For he knew that all his masks had fallen and all his emotions were showing. He was a man devoid of all his protective barriers and now left vulnerable. He felt defeated.

So he sat there and waited for the inevitable. Harry would be either, appalled, or worse, sympathetic. Then Harry would leave, he wouldn’t blame him. The bed shifted. His heart broke, he obviously didn’t rate either. The pride he was desperately clinging to, left him.

But then a gentle tugging at the blanket caught him off guard and it fell away. Severus gasped as he felt lips start gently tracing one scar. A moan tore through him when those lips followed that scar directly to his left nipple.

Harry worried the nub with his teeth. Then soothed it with his tongueue. Severus began to fall back into the warmth and security that the boy seemed to radiate. But Severus couldn’t let it happen; he wouldn’t let it happen again. He pulled loose from the thralls of the alluring warmth, forcing himself into the cold of the room. He fled into the bathroom, slamming the door. Leaving a very confused Gryffindor behind.

Severus leaned on the sink resting his head on the cool mirror. "What was I thinking? Wait I wasn’t thinking that was the problem!" He pushed himself away from the mirror disgusted with what he saw. "Maybe a shower will get my thinking back up were it belongs."

Harry was in the middle of trying to figure out what had gone wrong when he heard the shower start. Well if you can’t beat them join them, Harry mused, stripping as he went.


Severus, standing directly under the shower's spray, did not hear Harry enter the room and was startled when the door to the shower opened. "Potter what are you doing?"

"Joining you." Harry replied smirking slightly at his own joke.

"Did I say you could join me?" Severus said, getting annoyed. Harry just shrugged but he stayed at the opposite end of the shower. Harry observed the cornered animal look on Severus’ face. He knelt down resting on his heels placing his hands on his thighs.

Severus groaned at the suggestive and submissive pose. He sighed. "What DO you WANT Potter?"

Harry replied dreamily "You, just you." Severus lowered his head Harry could see he was deep in thought.

Could the boy really mean it? Is he truly offering what I think he is offering? Could it work? Could we actually be …together? Well I am getting nowhere. There is only one way I can answer these questions.

"Come Potter." He offered him his hand and pulled him to his feet. "We need to talk and I do believe a dryer location would be preferable." Harry snickered at the joke as he stood.

Severus stepped out of the shower releasing Harry as he went to retrieve towels from a shelf. He turned to see Harry looking longingly at him. He through a towel hitting Harry in the face, "Come on Potter we need to talk and I will not let you distract me." He breezed by Harry, securely wrapping a towel around his waist. Harry followed him with a sigh.

When Harry entered the bedroom Severus was sitting cross-legged at the head of the bed. Harry heaved a great sigh at the sight. "Why do we have to talk?"

"Stop whining Potter it doesn’t become you."

"Stop calling me Potter. We’re lovers for Merlin’s sake you can at least call me by my first name."

Severus conceded. "Alright, Harry… You see we both have issues we need to discuss."

Harry flopped down on the bed. "Alright.  Let's talk." Severus nodded in agreement.

"Good, let's start with what you want from this relationship. Is this just a one off or do you want something longer?"

Harry rolled on to his back and closed his eyes like what he was about to say was painful "I just want you, Severus; I don’t care for how long I just want you. A day, a month, a year, whatever you let me have, I’ll take." When he opened them he was greeted with the sight of endless black eyes that for once didn’t seem emotionless but sparkled with something he could not identify but Harry knew he liked it and would do anything to keep it there.

Severus gently ran a hand down Harry’s cheek. "You have me Gryffindor, you have me." Harry launched himself at Severus but Severus skillfully turned them so in landing, Harry was pinned beneath him. "Not so fast my Gryffindor. I do believe that you were on top last time." And with that he went to work proving that his mouth was good at other things besides killing sarcasm and dulcet tones.


When Harry finally came down from his euphoric high, Severus was staring at him, smirk firmly in place. "Well Harry, finally decide to join the land of the living I see."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Ha, ha, ha, very funny" Harry sat up absently rubbing his wrist. Severus grabbed his hand and growled at what he saw "That bastard bruised you." Turning the hand over he observed what looked to be the beginning of quite a bruise. He grabbed the other hand and saw the exact same thing there as well. "I’ll kill him." It was said quietly through gritted teeth.

"Its ok." Harry said trying to sooth his lover.

"How can this be ok?" He said indicating the bruises. Harry smirked. "Well if history runs true to form that guy will soon be checking into the hospital with second degree burns on his hands." Severus smirked back. "So he will be getting a painful reminder of what he did to me."

"A lesson well deserved." Severus agreed, but something Harry had said had confused him. "What did you mean ‘if history runs true to form’?"

"Umm…" Harry started to fidget and inch towards the edge of the bed, but Severus grabbed him and pulled him back to him and onto his lap. Harry looked around trying to find a way to escape.

"Ut uh Harry. You caught me when I ran, now it’s my turn. Now talk." Harry was sulking but Severus was having none of it. He jiggled his legs causing Harry to bounce and glare at him. But Severus just raised an eyebrow. Harry sighed. "All right, fine. My uncle got mad at me one day. Which is not a surprise he was always getting mad at me, for one reason or another? But this time was different, he had not gotten a contract he had been after and he said it was because they must have found out that he had a freak for a nephew. I objected telling him that it wasn’t my fault but then he grabbed me and threw me across the room. And then before I could get up or defend myself he grabbed my wrists pulling me up against him. I was so scared, then, it just happened." Harry’s brows came together creating a cute little wrinkle between them, but Severus didn’t comment on it. "All I truly remember is that he had bad breath." Severus snickered. Harry looked up and smiled briefly.

"What happened next?"

"I had never seen that much hatred in his eyes before. They reminded me now of Lucius’ during our final battle. There was blood on his mind. The next thing I saw in them was pain. He screamed, dropped me and went running into the bathroom, my aunt and cousin following him. He went to the hospital that night diagnosed with second-degree burns on both the front and back of his hands. The doctor said it seemed that he had been burnt from the inside out. The upside was that he never touched me again but the downside was when I went to bed that night they padlocked me into my room I didn’t get out for two weeks. When they let me out it was only so they could get rid of me." Severus held Harry close, squeezing him tight as Harry snuggled deeper against him.

"I’m sorry Harry, I had no idea." Severus misjudged the boy from the first. How could he ever make it up to him? He had been through so much. But the man ever the Gryffindor (and for once saying it was not a put down) just shrugged.

"How could you have known? Nobody really knew how bad it was. Not even Albus. I kept it mostly to myself. I mean ‘Mione and Ron knew about the neglect but not about the rest." Severus wondered about what rest Harry was talking about, but figured that the man would tell him in time. So they just sat for the longest time, Harry lost deep in memories and Severus was just enjoying being able to hold his lover offering his comfort and support.

Harry emerged from his past to realize that he was…sitting on Severus’ lap? Yep definitely on his lap. When did that happen? Oh why didn’t he notice this before? Oh well he noticed it now and he was going to take full advantage of it.

Harry leaned back pressing a hip securely against Severus’ cock he relished the groan that followed. And he complained loudly about being removed from his perch.

"Easy, easy." Severus sooths the annoyed man. "You may be 22, but I surely am not. I was surprised I managed the second time." Harry started to pout, but Severus was not to be swayed. "Come, lay down" He said as he settled in. Harry continuing his pout looked longingly at Severus’ lap. "In the morning I promise to be fully recovered. Now will you lie down?" Harry heaved a huge sigh and laid down, settling for snuggling as close as he could get to the welcoming body beside him.


Harry awoke slowly in a haze of sleep. He arched as the delicious ache of morning after sex, the ache felt so good. It reminded him of the night before. The feeling of a body pressed against him. Severus’ body. He moaned at the memory. The feeling of lips on his skin. Warm breath ghosting over his body, drifting downward towards his acing cock.

Harry bolted upright when that dream mouth swallowed him to the hilt. He looked down into mischievous black eyes. "Good morning Mr. Potter.  I do believe that I made you a promise last night." Harry’s eyes rolled back so engrossed in pleasure that he didn’t even bother to scold Severus on his use of his surname.


Harry had to stifle a scream as Severus deep throated him, swallowing continuously, massaging his tip in the process. It nearly blew the top off his head when Severus began to hum. His orgasm came so fast and so hard that he didn’t have a chance to warn his lover.

‘How could he have done that? Be that caught up in his own pleasure not to have known? Severus will never forgive him.’

Severus was confused one moment he was giving his lover one heck of a good morning blowjob complete with humming and he had hoped followed by good morning sex. But instead Harry was whispering over and over again. "I’m sorry. I’m sorry." Severus didn’t know what to make of it. He took the distraught man into his arms.

"Harry what is it? What’s wrong?" The man clung to him.

"I’m sorry Severus. I should have warned you. Should have told you."

"What? Told me what?" Severus was getting worried.

"That I was going to… to … So you wouldn’t have to …" Harry couldn’t get the words out he was so embarrassed and scared about loosing Severus.

It took Severus a minute to decipher what Harry was trying to say and when he did he couldn’t help himself he just started laughing. He laughed harder then he had laughed in a long time. He was laughing so hard he fell back taking Harry with him.

Now it was Harry’s turn to be confused. Severus wasn’t mad? Well he didn’t sound mad. Harry pulled himself up and looked down at the still laughing face. Nope definitely not mad. But now Harry wanted to know what was so bloody funny. Harry never liked being laughed at.

"I’m glad you think I’m so bloody funny." Harry tried to pull away but was stopped by two strong arms.

"Harry…" Severus was fighting the giggles that were still trying to break loose. "Harry I am not laughing at you." Harry snorted. "I’m not!" Severus said more forcefully. Finally gaining control over the laughter. "It was just you had me so worried, wondering what I did. And I thought I might have triggered a memory of your damned uncle. But then when I found out you were just embarrassed about cumming so fast that I just couldn’t help myself. I was just so relieved that I started laughing."

Harry lowered his head, this time embarrassed for a different reason. "I spoiled everything didn’t I?" Severus reached out hooking a finger under Harry’s chin.

"No. I took it as quite the compliment." Harry didn’t understand. "My bringing you to completion so fast was a testament to my abilities as a lover." Harry blushed, and Severus smiled again. But this time Harry was of a mind to notice what a beautiful sight it was.

Harry shifted to get a better view of the miracle, when he felt a hardness pressing against his stomach. Then it clicked he was lying directly on top of Severus. How did he get in these most delicious positions without him noticing it?

"Well, Mr. Potter I can see you finally noticed where you were laying. Now perhaps you will feel obliged to do something about it." Harry glared or tried to. It was hard to do with such delicious thoughts running through your head.

"I thought we agreed that you wouldn’t call me that anymore."

"I did no such thing. I merely accepted the fact that I had your permission to call you by your first name. But you have to agree that there is something to be said for having your most hated Potions Monster underneath you, totally at you mercy."

~Well when you put it that way! ~

Harry dived in pinning Severus’ hands above his head all the while attacking his neck. Working his way up to that delicious spot he had discovered just the night before. Oh the sounds Severus was making, they were triggering sparks all though Harry.

Severus spread his legs, allowing Harry to settle between them. Severus was enjoying the attention of the hand mapping out his body. That hot little mouth right where he most wanted it to be. But there was something else, a fire starting, it was becoming something he needed more of and he just couldn’t wait any longer.

Severus arched up, grinding himself against Harry. Spreading himself wider. “Is there something you need Professor?” The boy had the nerve to ask.

“Yes damn you!” He growled.

“Language Professor. That’s 5 points from Slytherin.” Severus groaned, the fire was becoming all consuming and if he didn’t get that dratted boy in him soon it would be all over for him. (And Severus didn’t care if he was being melodramatic.) In fact he didn’t care about anything other than getting that hardness that was grinding against his prick in him.

“Now Harry, please now.” The sentence was low and breathy. One Harry couldn’t deny.

Severus whimpered as the delicious weight left him and he felt lost without that mouth on him.

He screamed as he felt that hardness return not only to breach him, but drive right through him burying itself to the hilt. Harry didn’t give him much chance to recover latching himself back on to Severus’ neck and started to thrust.

Severus took everything Harry gave him. Pleasure, pain, he couldn’t tell the difference. All he knew was that he was flying, floating above the world. His world consisting only of that mouth, the hands on his nipples and that constant pounding. Every thrust a direct assault on his prostate.

A new sensation narrowed Severus’ world even more. A strong callused hand encircled his cock, moving to the rhythm of his world. It didn’t take long for the whole experience to become too much. Severus screamed his climax.

As Severus came down he realized that that mouth was still attached to his neck and that incredible hardness was still inside him. “I’m glad your back, I wouldn’t want you to miss this.” Severus’ eyes went wide.  The boy didn’t mean to…

Harry started to move again slowly at first but picked up speed fast. Severus’ already abused prostate was hit with every stroke, creating fireworks before his eyes.

A hand griped him again and to his surprise he was hard again. How could it be? He was never hard that soon after cumming. But all rational thought flew out the window as the driving pace got impossibly faster. Severus gave a horse cry as he climaxed for the fourth time in 24 hours. The clamping of his muscles causing Harry to finally cum, shouting Severus’ name.

Harry gently pulled out and rolled over pulling Severus on top of him, his body was visibly shaking with aftershocks. “You’ll be alright. You were wonderful. Just beautiful. All I could ask for.” Harry whispered whatever came to his mind to calm the man, while running a hand lightly from hairline down his lightly scared back to perfectly round arse and over the abused opening and back.

Normally Severus would yell at the boy for rambling but he was willing to forgive him as long as he never stopped. The soothing sounds and that soft touch slowly brought him down from his euphoria and lulled him into an exhausted sleep.


Severus awoke again to arms holding him. Harry. He looked up to the peaceful face of the Boy-Who-Lived. He really grew up well. He watched as eyelids fluttered to reveal startling green eyes.


Harry smiled sleepily “Mornin’”

“More like afternoon, Mr. Potter we used up the morning with sleeping and … other activities.” Harry’s smile widened and the arms around him tightened briefly.

“We did didn’t we.” Harry pulled him up for a soft kiss that was soon becoming more desperate. But Severus was over come by a more basic need.

Harry whined as Severus pulled away and stood up. “Whining does not becom…ahhhh” Severus tried to take a step but the pain over came him. Harry was at his side in an instant. “Are you alright? What’s wrong?”

“It is nothing, just my body reminding me of my age.” Severus tried to calm the man beside him to little avail.

“I’m sorry Severus I shouldn’t have done what I did this morning. There is no excuse for it.”

Severus shook his head. “Harry, did it look to you like I was complaining.”

“But I didn’t give you a chance to protest.”

“If I wanted you to stop you would have known it.”

“But I was too rough.” Harry lowered his head.

“Not too.” Severus said lightly cupping Harry’s cheek. Harry looked up searchingly, looking for any sign of regret. Seeing none, he released a breath he didn’t even know he was holding.

“Alright but I want you to lay down let me take a look at you make sure I didn’t do any damage.”

“Not now Mr. Potter.” But before Harry could protest he continued. “There was a reason I emerged from your warm embrace.” Harry blushed.

“Fine but when you come back I will make sure I didn’t really hurt you.”

“You just want to finally get your fingers up my arse.” Harry gasped eyes going wide. But before he could form a response Severus glided into the bathroom.

Harry flopped onto the bed. He was so done for.


Severus emerged from the bathroom feeling totally refreshed. He saw Harry; naked crouched on the floor digging through a bag he hadn’t noticed before. He must have found what he was looking for, for he gave a sound of accomplishment and started to stand up.

Severus came up quietly behind him and encircled the shorter man’s waist and started nibbling on his ear.

“Oh no you don’t.” Harry said prying himself out of the embrace. “I told you that I was going to have a look at you and that’s what I am going to do.”

Severus stepped back arms wide. “Be my guest Mr. Potter, look your fill.” Harry groaned at the image. “On the bed now!” Harry said through gritted teeth. Severus chuckled at the reaction.

He didn’t see why this was necessary. It was not the first time he was taken without any preparation. At least his lover had used lube on himself first.

Severus laid down pillowing himself on his arms and spreading his legs nicely, pulling one up to give Harry better access. That was when Severus saw the jar of gel in Harry’s hand. “What is that?” He said with distaste. Harry showed it to him. He smelled it. It was a generic heal-all salve. Massed produced. Only a wizard with absolutely no potions skills would buy such a thing. But it was one of the better ones so he let him proceed. Making a mental note to supply him with one of his own later.

Harry gently inserted a well-coated finger. He felt some tiny tares but nothing to bad. Harry whispered a spell that warmed his finger to speed the healing of the gel.

Severus gasped at the sudden warmth but then sighed as the throbbing receded to the wonderful ache of a well-shagged man.

Harry withdrew his finger slowly and with one last look of longing, he wiped off his finger.

“You can if you want.” Severus said wiggling his arse in invitation.

It took great restraint but Harry declined. “It will take another day for you to fully heal.” Harry dropped a kiss to one cheek gently then slapped the other, stood up and walked over to his duffle to collect some cloths.

Severus rolled onto his side to get a better view of that young backside. “What do you think you are doing Mr. Potter?”

Harry smirked. “Getting dressed.”

“And why pray, would you want to do that?”

“Because I am hungry. Shagging Dreaded Potion Monsters through the mattress is hungry work.” Severus snorted but rose just the same. Not failing to notice the look of concern when he gave a slight wince.

“I am fine.” Harry gave a disbelieving look but let the matter drop.

Harry went into the bathroom to brush his teeth leaving Severus to wonder what he was to do about cloths.  “Oh Severus, Louie mentioned something last night about you and him being the same size. Maybe you could borrow his cloths till we can get to your hotel.”

~What an odd thing for Louie to say. Why would he tell Harry that? ~

“DAMN!!” A furious Harry Potter stood in the door way. “We were set up Sev.”

What did that boy mea… then it hit. Severus’ eyes got big then they narrowed into the Slytherin patented glare. No one planning on doing harm could enter Louie’s club. He had it blessed by the Fury’s, giving him a guaranteed safe place for everyone to enjoy. No one, unless Louie had let the person in himself.

“How dare he!”

“What was he thinking’?!”

“Pulling a stunt like this is unforgivable!”

“What did he know anyway?”

They both fumed. And in there tirade there eyes locked in furry.

And then… they both burst out laughing. Falling helplessly on the bed.

“‘What did he know’ indeed” Severus gasped out.

“Obviously more than we did.” Harry laughed.

And when finally their laughter subsided Harry curled up next to Severus, who said. “Of course you know a stunt like this can not go without any repercussions.”

Harry snickered “Definitely not.” Harry sat up and pulled on his t-shirt. “While I finish getting ready why don’t you pick out something really expensive from Louie’s closet.”

Yes, and I plan on permanently dying it black.”

“Ohhhh Louie will hate that! Do it. Do it.”


“I wonder how our love birds are doing?” Louie grinned smugly to his bartender. “Its nearly one and I’ve yet to see hide nor hair of them.”

The bartender looked concerned. “I don’t know Mr. Dorem. That Snape did not look like a man to mess with.”

“Oh come now Matty, don’t be like that. Those two have been dancing around each other for as long as I’ve known them. They will thank me.”

“They don’t look to full of thanks to me.” The buff bartender pointed to the pair now storming towards them.

Harry looked mad as hell and Severus looked ready to kill. Louie paled. But if Louie had looked lower he would have seen that the pair were holding hands.

Harry broke off from Severus taking a seat at the bar content to let Severus handle this one.

Louie began to back up as Severus advanced on him. “Now Severus I only did it to help you! You know I meant no harm.” Louie’s back was to the bar he could go no further.

“You could have got Harry killed!”

“But he’s fine.” He said gesturing to Harry who was quietly sipping a glass of orange juice.

Severus stopped right in front of Louie so they stood nose to nose.

“You are damn lucky he is for if your scheme had gone bad there would have been no place on earth you would have been safe from me.”

“I know Severus and I’m sorry I will do anything to assure you that I meant no harm.”

Severus’ eyes narrowed. “I want full use of your apartment for the duration of our stay.” Louie nodded his head enthusiastically.

“Of course, of course my friend I was going to offer it to you both anyway.”

“And I want a promise that you will keep your nose out of our business.”

“No problem all I wanted was for the two of you to be happy.”

“Good. And Louie…Thanks.” And with that Severus planted the biggest, wettest, loudest kiss right on Louie’s forehead. Then turned walked over to where Harry was sitting and gracefully took a seat beside him.

Louie could but stare, mouth agape. The big bartender was bent over gripping the bar for dear life and laughing for all he was worth.

Louie couldn’t believe what just happened that Severus had just… wait a minute there was something about that shirt Severus was wearing.


Harry grinned. “Do you like it? I saw the cut and knew it would be perfect for Severus. All it took was a few minor adjustments. Doesn’t he look goooood!”

“You made it black!”

Severus stood finishing Harry’s orange juice with one gulp. “Come Harry I do remember you saying something about breakfast.” Harry smiled at the now partially recovered bartender before taking Severus’ arm. The bartender seeing the seething look on his bosses face broke into another laughing fit. The sound of his laughter followed them all the way out of the club.


And that is the way the rest of their time in the States went. Mind blowing sex in the morning. Emerging around one, sometimes two in the afternoon to tour the city for the rest of the day. Then returning to the club to dance the night away.

Louie eventually forgave them for dying his shirt. But only when Harry returned one day with a sky-blue cardigan with silver embroidery on the sleeves that was just his size.


Then the morning came, their last full day together.  Severus woke to a feeling of dread.

~ What’s going to happen when we get back home. I know Harry said that he wanted to be together. But will happen when he tells his friends. Will Harry even want to tell his friends? Oh by the gods I hope he will, I don’t think I could take being his dirty little secret. ~

Harry chose that moment to wake up. Severus stiffened. This would be the moment of truth.

Harry looked up, sleepy eyes missing the stress on his lover’s face. He pulled himself up to kiss the man above him. Pulling back at the lack of response.  “What’s wrong Severus?”

Severus crossed his arms mask firmly in place.

~How could he not know? ~

“This is our last day before we have to return to reality.”

“Yah so?” Harry asked sleep, still partially clouding his mind. “We could extend our stay if you want. But I know you need to get back to Hogwarts to get ready for start of the school year, so I don’t know how much longer we can stay.”

Severus glared. “That is not what I meant. What are we going to do once we leave here?”

Harry was still confused, morning was so not his time of day. “I guess I will apparate with you to Hogwarts and while you are getting ready for your upcoming classes I will head over to my place and pack a few things and meet you back at your rooms later.” Severus for once in his life was speechless, mouth agape. “Un…Unless you don’t want me to move in with you. Which is fine. I...I guess I can get an apartment in Hogsmade or mhmth.” His ramblings were cut off by the lips of one ecstatic potions master.


An hour later a happy but still confused Harry Potter lay snuggled up against his lover. “So you don’t mind my moving in?”

“Our recent activities would show that I do not.” Harry smiled snuggling closer. “So what was the problem earlier?”

Severus sighed. “I was concerned that you may not find it necessary to tell the general population about our association.”

Harry sat up so he could look Severus in the eye. “You mean that you were afraid that I wouldn’t want to tell anyone that you were my boyfriend?”

Severus scowled. “I am not nor will I ever be anyone’s boyfriend.” Harry leaned in. Taking possession of the now purplish skin below his loves ear that Harry now thought of as his own.

Severus whimpered. There was no spot that could so easily turn him into jelly like that one could. Harry released his prize to whisper deeply “How bout Lover?” then went back to licking the abused skin.

“I guess that will have to do.” Was Severus’ breathy reply.

They stayed in bed most of that day until they only had an hour before they had to leave. They packed their belongings, said good buy to Louie, promising they would return during the winter holidays. Then they apparated together to Hogwarts.


“Severus my boy what is that on your neck?” The old man twinkled merrily all the while looking totally innocent.

Oh my Severus does it have anything to do with the young man I saw coming out of your quarters earlier this week?”

“I don’t see were it is any of your business Minerva.” Severus said airily drinking his tea, mumbling something about the fate of nosey cats.

“I’ve seen him too. But it was always to darn dark to see him properly.”

Severus glared at the dwarf. “Can we get on to something more important than my personal life?”

“I don’t see what’s more important than your personal life Severus. Especially when you’re the only one of us who has one interesting enough to discuss at these boring meetings.” Minerva snickered.

Severus’ response was interrupted by a knock at the door. Harry poked his head in. “Um, excuse me, sorry for interrupting.”

“Its alright my boy, come in, come in.” Albus waved him in with a knowing smile.

“Severus, this arrived for you. It looked kind of important so I thought I’d bring it to you.” He handed Severus a scroll, as the others looked on with interest.

“Thank you.” Harry smiled and shrugged then turned to leave.

“Oh, Harry I have a favor to ask you.”

~ Damn not fast enough~

“Yes Headmaster what can I do for you?” he asked coming to stand behind Severus for moral support.

“You see Madam Hooch has broken her leg and will not be able to teach her classes for a while and I was wondering if you would mind taking over some of her classes.”

“Well Headmaster you see I …” but his nonexistent excuse was interrupted.

“I just thought since you took up residence here last week you would be the perfect one to ask but I guess if you have other obligations…” He let the sentence trail off with a wave of his hand.

Harry let his head drop on Severus’ shoulder with a defeated whine. His shoulders raising and falling in a mock crying motion complete with sound.

And to everyone’s surprise Severus did not protest. He just patted the boys head sympathetically. “You are well and truly caught.” He smirked.

Harry glared “Your no help.”

Severus’ smirk turned into a half smile. “And why would I help you?”

With a huff Harry plopped in the chair suspiciously placed beside the Potion Masters “Which classes do you want me to take?”

“Oh just the third years, and half the fourth years.” Harry nodded.

~ Ok I can do that.~

 “Oh and the fifth and six years also.” Severus was now struggling to contain his laughter his shoulder shaking slightly.

Harry nodded resigned to his fate. “Ok I guess I can do that for a time.”

“And of course she can not be expected to referee the quidditch matches either.” That was the last straw Severus was openly laughing now holding his sides.

“Stop laughing at me!” Harry said poking him but secretly enjoying the sight of his lovers open laughter. It happened so rarely.

“I…can’t… help it. It’s just… good to see… that… I am… not the only one…he does it to.”

Albus was barley containing his mirth, twinkling going full bore. “Of course not my boy I do it to everyone.” Everyone burst out laughing. Harry just rolled his eyes and sulked.

“Ok well I am going to go practice my FLYING. Since I am going to be teaching it anyways.” He went to stand up.

“You can’t my boy since you are going to be a teacher here you should be here for our teachers meeting.”

Harry shook his head and continued to raise. “You said teach flying, you said nothing about boring meetings. So all of you have fun. Severus I’ll see you later.” He kissed him on the cheek and exited the room, shutting the door on the laughing and one ruby faced Potions Master.


Harry was lounging oh the bed enjoying the fire, a silly grin plastered on his face.

~ He just couldn’t believe it. Here he was in Severus Snape’s quarters and he was INVITED! Not just invited but LIVING HERE!  Harry shook his head in disbelief. How could one trip change his life so completely? He was hard pressed to even picture his life without that greasy git! ~

But Harry was startled out of his musing by the door opening. “Severus how did your meeting go?” all he got was a glare and a grunt. “Come on you can’t tell me that your still mad about that little thing. It happened two weeks ago.

“That, little thing as you call it is brought up at every meeting that is called.” Severus grumbled his way into the bedroom.

“Awww come on Sev! I more than made up for it, that night.” Harry said taking up a suggestive pose on the bed.

Severus smirked over his shoulder as he put his cloak away. “Yes, I do seem to remember my desk being a mess the next day.” 

That made Harry sit up. “Now wait a minute Sev you can’t expect me to comp you for the makeup sex!”

Severus leaned on the bed post as provocatively as he could. “Yes Mr. Potter I could.” Then pounced.

A twist of arms and legs later. “You know Sev. If you wanted sex all you had to do was ask. You don’t have to come up with reasons for it.”

Severus snorted. “What would be the fun in that?” Harry laughed and snuggled closer.

“Oh.” Harry stiffened.


~ This can’t be good ~

“I got an owl today from Bill.”

~Why was the man nervous? ~

“He wants me to help him with some wards at Gringots.”

“Alright?” Then it clicked. “For how long?”

“A couple, three days, four tops.” The boy was now fidgeting.

Severus heaved a sigh “So when do you go?”

“Um… he wants me there as soon as possible. But I told him I don’t know whether I can our not. I told him I would let him know tomorrow. I can tell him that I can’t, it’s no problem…” Severus shushed him with a finger.

“The sooner you leave the sooner you can come back.” The grin Severus received more than made up for the ache he felt at Harry leaving. Somewhere in the back of his head a voice spoke up.

~Would he come back? The Weasley boy was attractive. Would he remember that there were more attractive men out there and leave him. ~

“You know how you said that if I wanted sex all I had to do was ask?” Harry sat up his body half laying on Severus’.

”Yes I remember.” His voice low and breathy.

“I believe now is the perfect time.” Harry shifted and settled gently between Severus’ legs.

“Love what’s wrong?” Harry looked concerned. But Severus just shook his head.

“I just want you.” His voice failed to hide the sadness in it. But Harry didn’t press for he knew what was wrong. He had learned in the month they had been together how the other man’s mind worked. He knew his love was imagining Harry not coming back to him. When in reality it would take a platoon of Aurors just to make Harry an hour late. And that would just leave a hundred severely injured Aurors in his wake. All Harry could do was keep telling him until he understood the Harry wasn’t going anywhere.

So that’s just what he did. With soft touches and gentle kisses that had Severus breathless with want. Then when Harry finally entered him there was nothing Severus could say to make him speed up the long smooth strokes. Severus had his legs wrapped around him, hands clawing at his back. But Harry kept on.

And then through the fog of desire Severus heard Harry whisper in his ear. “Your mine.” “I’ll never leave you.” “Together.” “Mine.” “Love.” “Never leave you.”

That set Severus over the edge. Clutching Harry so tight that he could not breath. But when his abused prostate could take no more, he screamed. “LOVE YOU!”

They wrapped themselves around each other. Holding on for dear life. Harry rambling. “Love you. Love you. Love you. Love you.” And that is the way they fell asleep. Desperately clutching each other.


The good bye the next morning was short. Severus saying “The sooner you leave the sooner you will come back,” The, to me, was decidedly left off.

Severus soon realized that he had nothing to fear for Potter fire called him every night to tell him of his adventures and the things he had learned. They even had some very interesting fire sex. Never in this wildest dreams expected to have that. He had always thought it to be undignified. But at the time he didn’t care. He had enjoyed himself.

Then the day finally came when Harry was going to return. He was on pins and needles all day. He had never looked forward to something so much in his life.

~ Well, maybe the Dark Lords destruction, but that didn’t count. ~

The day seemed to drag. As the day went on his temper became shorter and shorter. By the time diner came all four houses were down a total of 150 points each and all the children were scurrying to get out of his way. The teachers were swearing to never let Harry leave the school again! Or at least without taking Severus with him!

So when a large white owl flew into the great hall the whole room held it’s breath. Severus was hesitant about taking the note. But the dratted owl wouldn’t go away. So resigned to the situation he sighed and opened the note prepared for the ‘I’ll be home in a few days’ that the note would no doubt contain.


I know what you must be thinking.


I have returned and am waiting for you in the Room of Requirements.

Love You,


Severus stood knocking over his chair. Making his apologies to the Headmaster he rushed out the side door.

He was taking the stairs two, sometimes three at a time. He just couldn’t get there fast enough. And then he was there standing at the door. He ignored the shaking of his hand as he reached out and turned the handle and opened the door.

He gasped. The inside looked like it was taken out of The Arabian Knights. Pillows covered the floor, silks and muslin flowed from the ceiling. And standing by the fireplace was his love. Severus couldn’t breathe. He was in deep indigo silk pajama’s that flowed around him. He closed his eyes from the sight. It was all too much. He was dreaming. He had fallen asleep at the head table and everyone was laughing at him. That was it, this was a dream. And just like in a dream the second he stepped in his clothes changed a mirror of his lover’s only in black.

But then strong arms encircle him. Pulling him against a wonderfully hard body. He melted into the embrace. By Merlin did he miss this man. “Do you like my surprise Severus?” Severus looked into sparkling green eyes, as he was pulled into a bruising kiss.

When they finally had to separate, Severus answered. “I do indeed.” He ran his hands up and down the muscular chest enjoying the feel.

“Mmmm…” He wasn’t the only one enjoying the sensations. “You know what I realized while I was gone?” Severus didn’t know what to say. It didn’t seem like the man had regrets about their relationship or at least the scenario Harry had going wouldn’t let him think so. “I have been neglecting my duties as a lover.” Now that Severus had not been expecting. Harry slowly sank to his knees before him. “It is unforgivable.” Severus didn’t know what Harry was talking about, but if it put him on his knees before him it couldn’t be that bad. “I haven’t had your cock in my mouth in almost two weeks. Unforgivable.” Severus watched as the man before him slowly, teasingly, lowered his pants. The feeling of silk brushing his straining cock was nearly mind blowing.

“Look at me Severus.” His eyes popped open.

“Don’t stop!” Potion stained hands threaded themselves through ruckus hair pulling it almost painfully. He watched as a pink tongue swiped across his tip, followed by a stream of cold air. He couldn’t breath. Harry leaned in. Severus braced himself for the warmth of that glorious mouth. To his anguish it merely brushed the tip and glided down the side placing a kiss at the bottom. He growled pulling painfully at his lover’s hair but only receiving a chuckle for his protest.

“Patience Severus, patience. Good things come to those who wait.” Severus glared but loosened his grip but didn’t release his hold. He felt hot kisses being scattered all over the base of his cock and his balls. Then, warm moist heat engulfed his sacks, rolling them and gently tugging.

His knees gave out. Strong arms caught him gently laying him down on the pillowed floor. He felt himself be arranged with his legs spread wide and a pillow placed strategically under his hips. 

“There now I can see everything.” Severus didn’t know why he was blushing. It wasn’t like Harry hadn’t had him in this position before, but his brain wasn’t exactly functioning rationally. But as long as his lover stayed between his legs he didn’t care. Then to his dismay his lover moved lower instead of higher as he craved.

~ Oh…Oh never mind. Oh yes…More, more, more, more. ~

 “Anything you want Severus.” 

~ Had he been speaking out loud? ~

But before he could truly consider it, the dexterous muscle at his entrance left. Causing him to moan at it’s loss. He needed it back, and started to fight to get it back. But through his pleasure educed haze he could hear a soothing voice. “Easy Severus, easy.” A hand was soothingly rubbing his stomach. Then he felt it. A slick finger circling his entrance. He sighed, and shifted spreading his legs wider in what he hopped was a subtle hint.

“Oh Severus you are so gorgeous spread out before me.” Severus moaned and writhed as another finger was added stretching him deliciously. “So inviting, begging me to plunge into you.” Severus arched nearly splitting himself in half as those fingers massaged an explosive part of him. “Do you want me Sev?” He writhed in response. “Hmmm… Do you want me Severus? You have to tell me or I won’t know what you want.” Severus was sure that if he had his wits about him he would have been found the tone patronizing. But right now he could bring himself to care. He begged, begged for all he was worth. “Please…In…In…Want…Please…God.”

“As you wish Love. As you wish.” Severus couldn’t breath as the one thing in the entire world, he desired most, entered him.

Once fully sheathed Harry’s breath ghosted over Severus’ ear as he whispered. “I don’t believe I can last much longer Love. How ‘bout you?”

Severus’ response was the only words his brain could form. “FAST! HARD!"

Harry gladly complied. Pounding his lover for all he was worth. Each stroke faster and harder than the last.



After their intense climax Harry reluctantly rolled off of his lover and smiled down at him. He saw the face of a well shagged man. Harry couldn’t resist, “So you missed me ha?” Severus glared at the smug man then through himself on top of Harry knocking him back down before snuggling in for a well deserved nap.


“Severus, you can’t go to sleep here. We have to go back to our room.” Severus huffed but did not move. “Severus your Snakes need you close… Severus! Language!” Harry sighed. “I guess that Professor Dumbledore will know that we won’t be available tonight. So we can stay here for a while but I am not spending the entire night here!” Harry looked down to the man on his chest. “Severus?” Nothing. “Severus?” Damn it the man was already asleep. Oh well, can’t beat them, join them.”


A month later found Harry in Diagon Alley desperately searching for a birthday present for Severus.

~Who by the way hadn’t told him that his birthday was tomorrow.  Oh no it was Minerva who mentioned it. He felt like such a heel for not knowing when it was. ~

She informed him that Severus probably figured that the less time Harry had to look for a gift the less expensive it would be.  Harry made a vow then and there, that he would find the most perfect present and he didn’t give a DAMN how much it cost.

He was halfway through his shopping excursion when he heard an ear piercing yell. “HARRY POTTER!!” Harry cringed.

~Maybe if I hurry she won’t know that I heard her. ~

“Don’t you dare walk away from me Harry Potter!”

~SHIT! ~  

“Mione! Ron! Its great to see you!” She did not look pleased. Ron didn’t look much happier.

“Don’t ‘Mione me! It’s been THREE months!”

“Ya mate where have you been? Your landlord said that you no longer live there and didn’t know were you went!”

People were starting to notice them ‘Notice-Me-Not’ spell or not. “Ok, Ok, I’ll tell you everything.” Harry looked around nervously. “But not here ummm…” He spotted a small café. “Lets go there.”

They reluctantly agreed. But both made sure he was in front of them so he didn’t slip away.

Harry entered the shop and headed strait for the nearest waitress. He turned on the charm really pouring it on thick. Telling her that he really needed the most secluded spot in the place. She smiled understandingly at him and nodded, leading them to a small room in the back. She took his order for tea and left. Hermione and Ron sat down hesitantly. Now not sure they wanted to know but the Gryffindor in them not letting them back down.

Harry stared into the cup of tea that popped in front of him. He sighed and picked it up, hoping that somehow it would give him the strength to get through this conversation.

“Um. Well…” He looked up and he saw not the Spanish inquisition but his two best friends who were always there for him.

~ He could do this. He was not ashamed and they deserved to know. ~

 “You know how I went to America a couple of months ago to visit Louie?” They nodded. “Well it turned out that I wasn’t the only one he invited. We found out later that he had planed it as a kind of blind date.”

Hermione looked lit from within. “Oh Harry, are you trying to tell us that you met someone?”

“Mate, that’s great! Is that where you’ve been all this time? Moved in with your guy?” Harry nodded.  “So why haven’t you brought the bloke by for a visit?”

“Well you see Ron as it turned out that wasn’t the first time I’ve met this person.”

“So you knew him before.” Harry nodded again. Man his tea cup was interesting. “Did you meet him during the war?”

“Um, I knew him before that, but we did work together during the war, quite closely in fact.”

“So you two um…” Harry shook his head.

“No, Ron definitely not. When we worked together it was just business, not even friendship.”

Hermione looked confused. “So if you didn’t like each other before, why are you dating him now?”

Harry started to say something but then stopped and reconsidered. “Truthfully, I think that once we realized that we didn’t have to hate each other and that it was ok for us to be ourselves. It just fell into place.” Harry smiled, as he thought about those first few days. “We spent the whole vacation together. Louie even gave us the use of the apartment over his club” He couldn’t help the wistful look that clamed his face. “We spent the days exploring the city, then we danced every night away, it was just…Heaven.” Harry took a sip of his tea. “Then when it finally ended neither of us could stand the thought of being without the other. So we just decided that I should move into his dungeons.” Harry watched his friends eyes widen.

“No! Harry!” Ron shouted, for once, figuring out something before his wife.

“Yes Ron it’s true.” Ron’s head was shaking so hard Harry was afraid that it was going to come off. “I am in love with Severus Snape!” A crashing sound echoed through the room as Hermione’s cup hit the table.

“Harry you said that it was just a school boy crush. You said you were over him three years go.”

Harry shrugged. “That’s what I thought. Then I saw him in the club and we just clicked. And he… he saved me.”

That caught Hermione’s attention. “Saved you from what?”

Harry blushed. “We were dancing when this ogre grabbed me and tried to force me to dance with him. Severus saved me from him, took care of me.”

“So this is just a grateful thing?” Ron looked hopeful.

“No I care for him like no other. He is the love of my life.” Harry sighed at his friends faces. He closed his eyes to wait for the explosion, but it didn’t come. He opened his eyes at Hermione’s sigh, just in time to see a meaningful look pass between the couple.

“Alright Harry, this is your choice, your life.” Harry looked at Ron who just looked resigned. “You will bring him over for dinner tomorrow.” Hermione’s voice was firm, reminiscent of another Mrs. Weasley.

“I can’t.” Hermione gave him a sharp look. “It’s his birthday tomorrow.”

Her look didn’t change as she stood wagging her finger in his face. “Fine, you will bring him for lunch on Saturday. No excuses Harry Potter!” Harry smile covered his entire face. He really had great friends. She gave him a fierce hug before she stormed out of the café. Ron gave him a hesitant smile and gave his shoulder a reassuring squeeze before heading out after his wife. 

Harry dropped his head to the table with a resounding thud. Focusing on trying to get his breathing back to normal. Harry looked up as he felt someone set a glass by his hand. It was that waitress again with a shot of scotch which Harry downed gratefully. Harry left the café, but not before praising the girl as the greatest witch in the world. Causing her to blush furiously as she shooed he out the door.


It was nearly five hours later before Harry returned to Hogwarts with what he found to be the perfect gift for Severus. Not to mention a few smaller gifts, like chocolate and the like. But nothing that even remotely comes close to the main gift.

He entered there rooms to find Severus sitting at his desk buried behind a stack of scrolls. His lover smirked at him over the lot. “Have a nice time shopping?”

Harry glared, “You great bat! You should have told me your birthday was coming up!” The man just chuckled unrepentant. But then became worried at the look on his lovers face. It was just evil. “Oh by the way,” His lover said sweetly. “Guess who I ran into today? Ron and Hermione.” Severus’ face was unreadable but Harry carried on. “They want us to come over for dinner tomorrow night.” Severus sputtered. Like hell he was going to spend his birthday with a couple of Weasley’s even if one was only by marriage! Harry couldn’t contain his laughter any more. He was laughing so hard he fell onto the couch. Severus looked indignant.

After a few moments Harry got his laughter under control. “Relax Sev, I told them it was your birthday and we had plans.” Severus looked relieved. “So they made me promise we would go over for lunch on Saturday.” Severus scowled.

Harry got up to stand behind his lover’s chair, embracing him from behind. “They want to meet you.”

“They have met me. Seven years worth.”

“They know you as their teacher. The hard taskmaster who dogged our foot steps or the battle hardened spy. They want…I want them to see the man I fell in love with.” Severus looked up at him.

“I am all those things Harry not just one.” Harry nodded.

“I know love and I think so do they. They are my best friends. I feel bad that I haven’t told them before now. But I was selfish. I wanted to keep this to myself for a time, something just for me. I know it’s silly with the other professors knowing already and everything but it was the way I felt.”

Severus placed a hand over his, silently expressing his understanding. The body below him sighed. “Alright Mr. Potter I will go to this little get together.”

Harry bounced before diving in to nuzzle his lover’s neck. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Severus allowed this for a short time before shooing him away.

“Go on I must finish this tonight! But I do expect once I do to be properly thanked twice over.”

Harry nodded smiling brightly. “Oh I plan too.” He purred, before leaving the man to his work.


Severus awoke to the unmistakable feeling of his lover between his legs. “Happy Birthday my love.” Severus just writhed in response. Harry basked in knowing that he could reduce the normally articulate man speechless. Severus clawed the sheets, clenching his fists as he felt the pressure building.

He was overwhelmed by the sensations. And just when he thought he couldn’t take any more the explosion hit, rocking him to his core. He opened his eyes as he felt Harry climbing up his body. He really wanted to glare at the self assured look on Harry’s face, he really did, but he was to relaxed and happy to really manage it.  

Harry sighed when he looked at the clock. “We have to get going, breakfast is in half an hour.” Severus nodded and reluctantly extracted himself from the bed.


Severus was surprised that his day went as smoothly as it did. Usually on his birthday it seems the students goal for each of them to explode there potions at least once that day. Today was different not one explosion all day! He had a feeling that a certain flying instructor had threatened them within an inch of their lives. That thought triggered a positively evil smirk to form, the sight of which caused his sixth year Ravenclaw and Hufflepuffs to cringe at the sight.

By the time his last class was over.

~I  just want to skip dinner in the Hall and just curl up with my lover. Hey it is my Birthday! I could do what I want! But maybe blackmailing Albus and kidnapping Harry would be a better way to get what I want? ~

But before he could even remotely put his plan into action he spotted his kidnap victim lounging by the door of his classroom.

“Hey Severus don’t worry about going to the Hall for dinner tonight. I got us a reprieve from Albus.”

~How did he love this man. He had a way of anticipating his needs.~

With an arched eyebrow he followed his love out the door and back to their rooms.

When he entered their rooms Severus was greeted by the sight of an elegant table bathed in the glow of ferry lights. Severus sighed at the sight and allowed himself to be lead to the table.

Dinner was absolutely perfect. Four courses of sinful decadence of which were made with at least one was made with what muggles would call aphrodisiac foods.

At the last fork full of chocolate tort Severus moaned closing his eyes with bliss. “Hey you’re only supposed to make that sound for me!” Severus laughed at the fake pout. “Just for that I don’t know if I should give you your presents.” Severus shrugged in fayed nonchalance. Then Harry bolted out of his chair grabbing him and dragged him over to the couch. With a wave of his wand Harry revealed four packages.

~When had the man had time to get him not just one but four presents? ~

Harry picked up one box, offering it to him. Taking the top off the box to reveal … chocolate? He looked at it warily. “These don’t turn you into anything do they?” Harry just picked one up and offered it to him.

~Oh my England ’s finest!~

Severus closed his eyes to better saver the sensation. Only opening them to protest the sweet heaven from being put away. Harry laughed handing him one more before putting it out of reach.

The next package he picked up was heavier then it looked. Severus raised an eyebrow at Harry’s shit eating grin. “Um this is a present that is more for me than for you but I couldn’t resist.” Severus knowing the anticipation was killing the younger man slowly peeled off the paper one section at a time. Fending off all attempts to make him go faster. When he finally got to the white box beneath his companion was about ready to strangle him. He slowly shook off the lid to reveal…”Leather PANTS!” Severus shook them out giving his lover an incredulous look. “Potter what about me gave you the idea that I require leather pants in my wardrobe?” Harry still had that unrepentant look to him.

“Like I said Sev, these are more for me then for you. I know that the ones you were wearing in America were one’s Louie loaned to you. But I think you will like what will happen to you while in them.” Harry came up on his knees to whisper in his lover’s ear, his voice dripping with lust. . “They are magic you know. “


Harry nodded. “Oh yes, whenever you wear them you can make me do anything for you as long as I get to see you in them while I do it.”

“Is that so. Hmmm.” He considers the pants. “They might have some redeeming qualities after all.” Severus began to fold them and place them in their box ignoring the look of disappointment being directed at him. “I might be persuaded to wear them on occasion.”

He then reached for another package only to have it snatched away from him, and another passed to him. Severus glared at the package Harry was cradling but gave up and went to open the other one.

Severus gasped as he pulled out new potions robes with what seemed to be an unlimited about of protection and preventative spells on them. These were priceless for a Poisons Master. They were pricey. That’s why Severus only had the one set. But Harry had bought him two, both black but each had different embroidery on it, one in silver and the other in green. Severus just stared at them. Harry hugged him tightly with one arm pulling him close. Severus stood to hang them up with reverence, smoothing out the nonexistent wrinkles. He then reluctantly returned to the couch eyes never leaving his prize.

Then only the kiss Harry place a kiss on his cheek drew his attention away. Harry knew that his love was speechless so he just placed the remaining package on his lap.

Severus looked at it and immediately felt the silencing charms that were placed on it.

~What in the world?~

Severus cautiously pulled the lid off.

~The man spent to much time in the vicinity of Half Giants to not be careful. ~

He peered over the edge of the box to see... A kitten?

He pulled it out by its scruff, looking at it with a critical eye. “It is scrawny, and undersized.” Harry just sat back and smiled as the kitten swatted at his lovers nose not minding being dangled from his new owners fingers. “I guess I can put up with you as long as you behave and do not destroy my stuff.” The kitten looked undisturbed by Severus’ gruff pronouncement, reaching out and licking his nose. Severus, to Harry’s surprise, leaned back on him, stretching out on the couch. It was the most relaxed he had seen Severus, outside of the bedroom. Severus laid the purring kitten on his chest.

Harry looked down at him lovingly. “Did you have a nice birthday love?” Severus nodded tipping his head up for a kiss which Harry lovingly returned.

They spent the rest of the night cuddling quietly before the fire. The only time that the silence was broken was when Severus named their new addition Black. Even after Harry tactfully pointed out that Black was a grey tiger. But Severus shrugged it off, and snuggled closer. So Black it was.

* * *

Severus grumbled his way through the next morning making sure that Harry knew that he owed him BIG! Which wasn’t helping Harry’s panicked state. “Severus did you get the wine!” Harry said running out the bedroom door heading for the main room

“For the tenth time, yes Harry.” Echoed out of the bathroom.

Harry came running back into the bathroom only to be caught by strong arms.  “Harry calm down they are your friends. Do you really think that panicking is really necessary?”

“I know Sev but…”

“No buts Harry. They are your friends. It is going to be fine.” Severus really hoped that he did calm down because he wasn’t helping his nerves any.  

After finally wrangling Harry out the door they were off heading up the stairs out of the dungeons. Then Severus stopped, claiming that he had forgotten something and would meet him at the apparition point.

Harry only had to wait a few minutes before he saw Severus coming towards him. But Harry couldn’t see anything in his hands.

~What could he have forgotten? ~

 “Sev? What...?” Then Harry saw it, Black’s little head popping out of Severus’ pocket. Harry laughed but knew better then to comment, especially with the glare that was directed his way.

Harry grabbed Severus’ hand and then apperated them both to the Weasley’s Rabbit Hole.

When they arrived Ron was there waiting for them. “Hey mate…Professor.” Ron looked decidedly uncomfortable but was doing his best to hide it. Severus produced a bottle of white wine from within his robes.

“I was informed that you both would enjoy this.” He said handing the bottle to Ron.

“Well thank you Professor Snape.” He accepted the bottle with a hesitant smile.

“You are welcome and Mr. Weasley my name is Severus.” Ron nodded still not quite comfortable with the situation.

“Come on ‘Mione’s almost got lunch already to go.” Ron led them to a picnic area behind their house. Were they found Hermione bustling in and out of the house with plates and trays of food.

Harry laughed, “’Mione there is only four of us not the whole of Gryffindor.”

“Harry!” She set down the plates in her hand and ran to hug her friend. Pulling back from him she spotted the taller man. “Professor Snape welcome to our home.” She smiled at him.

“Please Mrs. Weasley, Severus.” He bent bowing over her hand to brush a kiss over the back of it. Harry smirked at Hermione’s blush. Severus was really poring on the charm.

Hermione fanned herself. “Oh… come on lets sit down before the food gets cold.” They all took a seat around the table.

The conversation flowed freely and happily as did the wine. But Harry could tell that Severus was still uneasy in the presents of his former students. But Harry knew that this is just their first meeting as equals so he shouldn’t expect miracles. Hermione went to get desert as he Ron and Severus talked about the Ministry’s overhaul.

Harry gasped when he saw Hermione coming out of the house. For in her arms was a large birthday cake. To say Severus was surprised would have been a massive understatement. But when Hermione and Harry started singing ‘Happy Birthday’ he started blushing. It was just a faint coloring on his cheeks but it was there. Harry bound up calling back over his shoulder on his way into the house that he would get the plates and for Hermione to start cutting the cake.

Severus hadn’t said a word he just stared at it. Then finally regaining his speech he said “You didn’t have to do this. I know I am not your favorite person, but I understand that you’re doing this for Harry.”

Hermione shook her head. “It’s true Severus, Harry is part of why we did this. But only because with you being, oh how did he put it, ‘The love of his life,’ it is our duty as best friends to make every effort to become friends with you. For you will be in our lives, if Harry has any say in the matter, for the rest of our lives.”

Severus didn’t understand. “Just think of it as a Gryffindor thing mate.” Ron supplied. Severus smirked and nodded.

Just then Harry came out the door. Severus suspected that he had been waiting until they had came to an understanding.

“Oi! What is that!!” Ron was pointing down to the bottom of Severus’ robes. He looked down.

“That Mr. Weasley is a birthday present, other wise known as a kitten.” Severus said not even looking up from his desert.

Ron got red. “Hey what did I tell you call me Ron!” Then when back to the cat. Trying to wrap his mind around the fact that his most hated professor was carrying a cute kitten in his pocket. “What’s it’s name?”

Severus gave him a look that said ‘What do you think I would name a pet?’


Ron, Hermione and Harry looked at each other, then were all rolling around on the ground shaking with laughter. Severus’ only reaction was to raise an eyebrow and cut himself another piece of cake.

* * *

Later that night Harry climbed into bed smiling uncontrollably at his lover, who was ignoring the “idiotic” grin and buried his nose back in his book. “This was a great day.” He sighed cuddling up to the taller man. Severus grunted his agreement but didn’t look up. “You know we’re going to get a howler tomorrow from Molly demanding that I bring you over for dinner.”

Severus snorted. “I am not now nor have I ever been, afraid of Molly Weasley.”

“She’s going to demand you be there for Christmas with the family, you know.” Harry said nonchalantly.

Severus choked. “The whole family?” Severus set down his book to look pleadingly at his lover.

Harry nodded much to Severus’ dismay. “There are two types of people that get invited to the Weasley family Christmas celebrations.” Severus looked at him questionably. “People who are adopted family or people who are going to marry family.”

Severus was confused and was going to ask what the hell Potter was on about. Then he saw it, a little box clutched desperately in Harry’s hand. “Severus Octavian Snape, you are my life and my heart. I want you mind, body and soul. Will you do me the honor of becoming my Husband?” He opened the box to reveal a beautiful antique ring.

Severus couldn’t speak. He raised his hand to reach out for the ring only to notice that his hand was shaking uncontrollably.

Harry smiled, while blinking back tears. He took the ring out of the box and gripped the shaking hand, lovingly placing on the ring. “Severus? Is that a yes? Sev?”

The ringed hand suddenly gripped him pulling him bodily against a trembling body. A hand held his head tightly as a pair of lips appeared by his ear to whisper. “Yes Harry. Oh yes. Forever yes.” The velvet voice cracked with emotion.

Harry couldn’t breath he was being held so tight. “Severus love?” Severus’ response was just to hold him tighter. “Severus I need to be able to breathe to marry you, you know?” 

Severus through his head back and laughed. When released Harry pounced knocking his fiancé over, straddling the laughing man. Severus folded his arms behind his head. Looking up lovingly at the smiling man above him.

They both knew that the road ahead of them will not be easy. But they knew that as long as they were together they could handle anything.