Chapter 8 – A heated sex life!

Severus was cold.  Damn fire must have gone out. He shivered, and then sighed when he felt a wave of warmth surrounded him. The sated man reached down to grab his comforter but found there was none. Severus blinded and looked around. Where was his blanket?  

Then he noticed Potter was sitting by his knees, his legs pulled up to his chest and rocking like a child, his eyes never leaving him. “Potter, what’s wrong?” He asked sleepily.

“Sometimes I wake up and I don’t believe you’re real. That you’re some figment of my imagination and if I touch you, you are going to fade away. Leaving me alone again.”

“Potter…” But Harry carried on not hearing him.

“Or that one day you’re going to wake up and tell me that this has been one big cock up and you would rather marry anyone else but me.”

Severus did not know how to respond to elevate the fears of the handsome and powerful man before him. So he just opened his arms silently offering his husband comfort. Severus was not quite prepared for Harry to throw himself into his arms, trying to get as close to him as Harry could. For the first time Severus noticed Harry was shaking.

“Potter the blanket.” Without releasing him Harry summoned the covers from the far side of the bed.

“Don’t leave me.” Harry whimpered.

Severus held him tighter. “Potter you fool.” He whispered. It was a long time before either of them succumbed to sleep.


When Severus awoke some time later he was greeted by startling green eyes.

“How are you feeling?”

Harry hid his face. “Like a ninny.”

Severus sighed dramatically. “Well I guess if I am aloud my fits of insecurity you should be allowed yours.”

Harry smiled at his husband, then pulled himself up to place a soft kiss on willing lips. The kiss soon deepened to a battle of tongues. Harry pulled away slowly his eyes flashing with desire as he looked down at his loves face. “I love you.” Harry enjoyed his husbands blush for a second before pillowing himself oh his loves chest. They laid like that for a long time neither sleeping, both just enjoying the comfort the other radiated.

“Harry?” Severus said hesitantly.

“Hmm?” Harry turned his head to look at him.

“Last night…” Severus didn’t know how what exactly to call what he and Harry did but Harry finished for him.

“Was wonderful.” Harry finished. Severus’ brows furrowed.

“How can you say that I shamed myself, passing out like some 5th year with his first blow job.” Severus was exasperated

Harry chuckled. “If you remember Severus it wasn’t your cock I was sucking.” Severus growled. Harry shuddered and looked hungrily at his husband. “Do that again.” His voice was deeper then Severus had ever heard it. But he would not be detoured.

“Potter, please focus.” Harry dropped his head and sighed.

“Spoil sport.” Harry smiled then looked sincerely at the older man. “You did not disgrace yourself Severus you allowed yourself pleasure at my hands. And that is nothing to be ashamed of. You were everything and more last night.” Harry chuckled. “You were so erotic. What you let me do to you, my gods Severus. I could cum again just from the memory.” Severus blushed as far as Harry could see. Harry crawled up the other man so he rested an inch from his face. “You know you turn the most interesting colors.”

Severus turned red for another reason. “Potter get off of me. I’m going to take a shower.” Severus struggled shifting the smaller man off of him and stalked to the bathroom.

Harry called after him. “You want company sexy?!” Harry’s only answer was a door slammed so hard that it splintered around its hinges. Harry laughed at his loves reaction and fixed the door with a wave of his hand.


Harry was surprised when Severus emerged from the bathroom with only a towel rapped firmly around his waist and was towel drying his hair before throwing the extra towel into the bin. Severus opened his armoire and began to rummage though it. Intent on finding something suitable for a day of lounging, the Slytherin man didn’t notice his husband slide off their bed and slink up behind him.

Severus startled when he felt a hand slip beneath his towel and stroked his cock. Then a voice whispered in his ear. “You are so beautiful Severus.” Severus sighed and dropped his head to his chest and let his husband caress him.

~I am tired but he wants this. ~

Harry blinked and pulled away. Severus turned very confused and saw Harry sitting on the end of their bed leaning on a post. He didn’t look mad but there was a little sad smile on his face.

“Severus love, if you didn’t want to have sex all you had to do is tell me I won’t be mad.”

Severus’ brows knitted. “Potter I did not say that I did not want it.”

“Yah ya did Sev. You said you were tired but you would do it because I wanted it. I heard you clearly Severus.” Then it struck. “I know what’s happening the rings are starting to take full effect. They must be responding to our burgeoning relationship.” Severus nodded in agreement looking down at the ring on his hand.

~But that doesn’t mean we can change the subject. ~

“I am not a 13 year old with blue balls. If you’re tired my husband then we can cuddle if you don’t want that then we can do whatever else you want to do. I love you.”

Severus lowers his head then raises it sharply with a crooked smirk firmly in place. “I guess it is my turn for insecurity. I enjoyed what you were doing but I am tired and would like just have breakfast together before I have to go work on that … potion… for tonight.” Harry smiled at his nervousness, but did not mention it.

“That sounds like a dream love. Come back to bed, breakfast should be here any minute.” Harry climbed back to the head of the bead resting agents the pillows. “And if you happen to forget your towel I shall not complain.”

Severus put his hand on his hip the other one was clutching a pair of black canvas drawstring pants. He caught and held the laughing green eyes of his husband before he ripped the towel from around him and letting it drop with a flourish.

Harry’s mouth went dry.

Severus then pointedly shoved his legs into the drawstring pants then pulled them up covering himself below the waist completely. He then curled up around his husband ignoring the younger man’s glare and snickering when the emerald eyed man said, “You are an evil man Severus Snape.”


After breakfast and a round of seriously relaxing and all too short cuddling Severus got up and went into his lab, sadly adding a shirt and a work robe as he went.

Harry sighed as he watched his husband disappear into his lab. Then he gathered his self discipline and got out of the comfortable bed and got dressed.

Two hours latter found Harry deeply immersed in an old defense text and he didn't hear his husband emerge from his workroom until his shadow fell on him.  Severus silently handed him a jar. Harry took it opened it and sniffed. It smelled heavenly like herbs he had never smelled before, and had no hope of naming. Harry rubbed the gel between his fingers it glided like ice…oh my…but it warmed like fire!

Harry smiled up at his love and was graced by the worst glare he had ever seen. One that was reserved for those stupid enough to question his abilities. A glare Harry found completely erotic.

Severus saw the smile his husband was giving him change to practically evil. Severus stepped back but wasn’t fast enough for he felt his clothes fall to the floor.         

“Join me Severus.” Harry extended his arms up towards his husband who heaved a great sigh. Harry examined their link to make sure Severus wasn’t just giving in again, all he found was slight hesitation and annoyance at Harry’s presumption but underneath it all Harry felt curiosity about what he would do. Then the feelings faded and annoyance became prominent. Harry snapped his eyes to Severus’ face.

“Are you through with your perusal of my feelings Potter?”

Harry withdrew from the link and slowly lowered his arms. The apology on his lips was stifled by Severus’ warm body settling against his. Harry wrapped his arms tightly around him squeezing him once then releasing him.

“You know I think something is missing.” With a wave of his hand Harry had his clothes off and folded on a nearby chair.

Severus frowned at the pile. “How is it your clothes get folded and mine are simply discarded in a heap on the floor?”  Harry laughed and waved the pile into a neatly folded stack alongside his.

“Now where were we? Ah yes I remember.” Harry slipped his legs beneath the other mans pulling them open bearing him completely to the room.

Severus’ eyes locked on the door, then, they went wide. “Um Harry can we do this in the bedroom.”

Harry nuzzled his neck. “Why Severus? These are our rooms to do what we want in.”

Severus still eyed the door. “Albus is in the habit of barging in unannounced at the most inopportune moments.”

Harry pulled his legs open more and closer to his chest. “Then think of it this way. If he barges in he will quickly learn to knock first.”

Severus smirked evilly. “Do what you will.” He paused then continued. “Are you going to…?”

“No love, not now but tonight we must.” Severus sighed and nodded.

“I will be ready.”

“Yes you will be my love, ready and begging by the time I am done with you.” Severus shivered. Harry reached down and picked up the jar from the floor twisting off it’s top. Harry smirked as he looked at the jar. “You did make more of this right?” Severus glared at him and didn’t respond. Harry laughed. “I love you, you know that right Severus.” Harry nibbled along the line of his neck, causing Severus to drop his head on Harry’s shoulder as he covered his neck with bites. “You are so brilliant, you think of everything. Including,” Harry swiped a finger through the lube then over one nipple. Severus gasped. “Adding heat to our sex life.”

Severus arched as the heat started to build, Harry’s fingers began to pluck and tweak, twist and torture his nipples. Severus shifted under the onslaught trying desperately to get away from and closer to his tormenter.

Harry moaned as Severus rubbed against him. “By the Gods Severus you’re hot!” Harry dipped two fingers into the lube coating them thoroughly. Then he placed them at Severus’ entrance rubbing it with the fiery substance. Severus bucked violently as it burned and slowly seeped into him.  Harry slowly slipped in one finger once it was incased he held it there letting the lube work and work it did.

“Is it burning you Severus? Siring you from the inside out.” Severus could but moan as Harry withdrew to add another finger. “Oh yes love stretch around my fingers.”

Severus was in a world of his own. It was as if the lube burned away his brain functions.  Then that world was blown away when a fiery hand wrapped around his cock, stroking him violently. Severus’ bucking became frenzied. It took all of Harry’s strength to keep him on the couch but he would not let the moment end for his love.  Harry knew Severus was so close he wanted to send his mate flying.  With his teeth bared Harry latched onto that soft spot beneath Severus’ ear.

As a wail was ripped from him Severus came. He bucked and twitched as the lube continued to abuse him. 

Harry magicked away the lube on his hands so he can sooth his lover rubbing up and down his arms and legs. “I’m here Severus, your alright.” Severus turned to look at him his eyes were still slightly wild. Harry kissed him softly and smiled. “Are you back with me love?”

“Don’t know if I want to I kind of like it were I am.” Harry laughed hugging the thinner man tightly.

“You are a wonder.” Harry’s eyes glittered merrily. “I think that lube will do. Don’t you Severus?” Harry laughed as Severus elbowed him and turned to settle his face to the back of the sofa. Harry chuckled and pulled a blanket over them.

As he settled Severus brushed against Harry’s still hard member. He froze for a second then he sat up the blanket pooling around him. Harry laid back his hands be hind his head and looked at Severus concerned. “What is it love? I thought you wanted a nap.”

“I would like…” He cleared his throat cursing his nervousness. “I would like to please you.”

Harry smiled up at him. “You already please me Love, greatly.”

Severus blushed. “No I mean really please you.” Severus said as he reached out to brush the tip of his husbands cock causing Harry to buck up to meet the questioning hand.

“Severus!” Harry gasped then bit his lip to wrangle in his control. “Don’t do this because you think you have to. I am more then happy to just cuddle with you.” Harry sent his sincerity though their link.

Severus give him a slight smile. “I am doing this because I wish to.” He smirked. “You just get to lay back and enjoy my whim.” Harry smiled up at him and complied.

“Whim away love. But remember you can stop at any time.” But Harry sincerely wished that he didn’t have to.

Severus reached for the jar of his potion, smirking when he saw Harry’s wary look. “Are you sure you can handle this Potter?”

“Wouldn’t miss this for the world love.” Harry returned the smirk. But Severus examined the link not understanding the feeling that was trickling down their link. “I’ve wanted this, you for so long, it seems a bit surreal like this isn’t real.”

“But it is Harry, I will try to make it as real as I can.” Severus took a large amount of the potion out of the jar fully coating his both his hands.

Harry closed his eyes to await his husbands hands. His eyes flew open when it wasn’t his cock Severus touched first, it was his balls. He coated them thoroughly rolling them over and over in his hand adding more and more lube to them creating not just a burn but a blaze between his legs.

Then Harry felt the other hand start rolling and rubbing his nipples, for a second Harry regretted showing Severus nipple play but only for a second until the heat began to work. Harry moaned loudly. “Oh Sev. so good.”

Harry whined as the hand on his sack disappeared but then bucked when it’s firm grip settled around his leaking cock. “Dream. Dream, dream.” Harry rambled.

Severus bent above him his nose brushing that of the younger man’s, his hand still attacking his lovers nipples his other hand was still firmly gripping the red cock. “This is no dream Harry. Open your eyes and see.” Harry shook his head negatively afraid that it all would go away. “Harry I am here and will not continue till you do as I say.” Severus slowly began to pull his hands away. Harry’s eyes flew open, a wild look in them. “I am not gone Harry.” He gave the hard member a firm stroke. “I am here doing this for you. And I will not be classified as an apparition.” Harry nodded but Severus could tell he was already half gone already. “Remember Potter keep those emerald orbs on me.” With another nod Severus kissed him gently but it soon turned passionate and deep. When they broke Severus shivered at the staring green eyes for the wild look reminded him to much of a curse that this very man had taken for him. 

Severus shook himself out of the maulden thought, it was time to focus on what he knew his husband would enjoy.  He began pumping Harry’s cock slowly but firmly as he raked the pebbled nipples with a finger nail.

When he heard Harry’s voice double in speed he knew his husband was close. Withdrawing from his nipples Severus doubled his attention on the throbbing member.

“Oh Severus, Severus please,” Harry begged. “please, please.”

 “What do you want Harry? Tell me and it’s yours.”

 “Ah…A…A finger. In me. So close, please.” Harry’s head started to thrash. Severus stared at him not knowing whether or not he could do what Harry needed him to. Severus took a deep breath. It was only one finger he told himself and then recoated his index finger and placed it at the red, rippled entrance. “Yes, please, beg…” Harry rambled.

 “You never have to beg me my husband.” Severus held his breath as his slicked finger breached his husband. A gasp from Harry halted all movement. But Harry was soon protesting the delay so he continued easing his way in. Severus couldn’t believe the incredibly tight feeling, and couldn’t imagine what it would be like to feel this around his cock. Would Harry even allow him too?

 “You will….” Severus started at the sound causing his finger to brush against a small nub. Harry wailed cuming harder then he ever had. Severus watched him and marveled at how beautiful his bliss was. A dull ache began to form in his chest. An ache he couldn’t explain but knew it was because of the man before him.