Chapter 7 – What’s to enjoy Potter?   It’s just a shower!

Through his sleep filled haze, Harry felt the warm body in his arms trying to pull out of his embrace. Harry tightened his grip.

Severus gave a frustrated growl; he had been trying to get to the bathroom for the last half hour not really wanting to wake the sleeping man. For the life of him he didn’t know why that was.  “Potter. Potter, release me.” But to his disgust his husband just snuggled closer to him.

“Severus.” Harry moaned still mostly asleep.

“Potter you must let me go.”

“Severus, stay, love.” Harry buried his head in the crook of Severus’ neck. Severus’ face colored. He probably would have stayed to enjoy his husband’s attention and his dream provoked confessions, but at the moment, nature’s call was far more important.

“Harry, let me go!” Severus wrenched himself free, darted towards the bathroom and slammed the door.

Harry startled awake at his husband’s yell. He saw the man rush into the bathroom slamming the door in his wake. Harry was up and to the door. His heart was racing. “Severus what’s wrong?” Harry knocked on the door, but got no response. He then sat on the edge of the bed to await his love’s return.

Severus came out of the bathroom a couple minutes later. “Severus what happened?” Harry asked, his concern evident.

“Nothing is wrong Potter.” Severus said trying to get back into bed, only to be stopped by his persistent mate.

“Severus I wake up to you shouting and then bolting for the bathroom. Tell me what’s wrong?  Did you have a nightmare?”

Severus placed his hands on his hips sending Harry his best glare. “Potter I awoke an hour ago in dire need, but my bedmate refused to release me to take care of it. That is the same bedmate who is at,” He looked at the clock, “ 6:30 in the morning currently refusing to allow me entrance to my bed of 15 years.” Harry looked up at him through his fringe, a sheepish look on his reddening face.

“I’m sorry Severus. I…I…didn’t know…I…”

Severus sighed at the pathetic display. “Potter, it’s fine. I’m still tired.  Let’s just…” He gestured toward the pillows. Harry nodded enthusiastically and scooted back to his side of the bed. To his surprise, Severus followed him and snuggled into his arms.  Harry pulled him close.

“You should have told me you were so snuggly--I would have done this earlier.” Severus snorted to hide his chuckle, but Harry could feel the light shaking in his husband.  The thought that he could make the stoic man laugh warmed him to no end.  Severus punched him lightly in the stomach and Harry obliged him by grunting in pain.  He brushed away the long silky strands that were hiding his husband’s red face. “What has you in such a good mood so early in the morning?”

Severus pulled Harry onto his side so he could hide his face in his chest. Harry barely heard the muffled question. “Do you know you talk in your sleep?”

“Yes, during the war I had to put up silencing charms to guard against it. Thankfully I had already gotten into the habit when I started to fall for you or I would have already been a resident of St. Mungo’s.” Severus snorted again; Harry quickly realized that it was his husband’s version of a controlled laugh. He pulled up the covers cocooning them in warmth, and they allowed that warmth to lull them back into sleep.


Harry later awoke to something interesting poking him in the stomach.  He pulled back and looked down at the satin covered erection that was currently begging for attention.  Harry ran his palm over the delicious organ causing his husband to moan and thrust his hips.  He looked up as onyx eyes fluttered open.  “Alright?”  Severus nodded while biting his lower lip, and to Harry’s delight thrust his hips up again to meet his hand.

Harry reached up and pulled the abused lip free. “Like we did before? Hmm?”

Severus nodded again then let out a breathy “Yesss.” He then buried his head in Harry’s neck, taking up the position of the day before.

“Oh Severus love.” A particularly hard thrust, cementing the thought that Severus really enjoyed that endearment.  “You are so responsive.  So sexual.”  The dark head shook in disagreement.

“Yes you are, and whoever told you otherwise did not know you.”  Harry slipped a hand between them to pinch and twist his lover’s nipples, causing the older man to buck and yell, throwing his head back.  “Every bit of you is responding to me, driving me crazy.  You feel this?”  Harry thrust his erection hard against Severus’ leg.  “This is because of you, only because of you.  You talk and I’m hard.  You walk and I’m hard.  Hell, you breathe and I’m hard.”

Harry could feel their pleasure mounting.  They were both so close as they thrust together.  Suddenly Harry felt a hesitant hand brushed his chest, a nail accidentally raking over his sensitive bud.  Harry screamed, his release hitting him like a freight train.  Through his haze Harry could feel Severus shaking, his release happening a second after his own. Harry pulled him close, both lost in aftershocks.


“Quiet Potter, some people are requiring sleep.” Severus snarked.  Harry shifted, rubbing his husband’s back before settling once more into a peaceful sleep.


A couple hours later, a loud POP sounded startling them both. “Fawkes?” But the bird dropped the letter then disappeared the way he came.

“Damn bird.” Severus mumbled as he snuggled back into Harry.

“FUCK!” Harry sat up, dislodging his husband. “Do you have a poison that will fit nicely in a lemon drop? Because I have need of one.”

Severus sighed and sat up. “Yes as a matter of fact I have. I started perfecting it when I accepted this position.  Why do you need it?”

Harry threw the scroll towards the fireplace. “Our beloved Headmaster felt it necessary to inform me that I had midterms last week, and he needs the grades by Monday. "GRRRR!”  Harry threw himself back on his pillow and looked up at his husband.  He reached up and pulled him down to rest on his chest. “There go my plans for the day.”

“And they were?”

“To nap all day with my highly desirable husband and to keep him in the good mood he woke up with.”

Severus snorted. “Don’t you know your husband is a ugly, miserable greasy prat with a permanently mean disposition?”

Harry chuckled. “You don’t know my husband very well now do you?”

Severus snorted. “What are you going to do?”

Harry sighed.  “Well I was thinking that you would feel offended if I bought some generic lubricant.”  Severus glared at him.  “I thought so.  Well, while you’re making the lube, I will be finishing those damn tests.”  Severus nodded and sat up.  When their breakfast arrived, he settled back against Harry and picked up his tea.

Harry took the cup from his love, causing him to look at Harry.  “There is one thing I must insist on.  You may put what ever you want in the lube, taste, smell, warming agents, whatever, but absolutely no numbing agents or pain relievers.”  Severus protested but Harry gently smothered it with a hand.  “I know you believe that they are needed, but what you don’t understand is they would be more harmful then helpful.” Severus’ brows knitted.  “If you use a pain killer, then how will either of us know if you are being hurt?   It would also be a crime if you can’t feel how great it is when a man enters you, and hits that one spot inside of you I promise will have you begging for release.”  Harry brushed Severus’ hair out of his face.  “That I promise you my love.” Severus shook his head then lay back against Harry.

“I remember Lucius, after his 16th birthday--every night it was someone different. Female, male it didn’t matter.  He absolutely refused to put up silencing charms.  At night when he would entertain a female, her moans would permeate the dorms.  In the morning she would leave with a smile on her face, and later that week would be begging him for another go.

However, when he had a man in his bed, the screams, oh the screams were enough to chill the soul.  All night screaming until their voices were gone.  When they left the next morning they had tear streaked faces and hauntingly blank eyes that I’ll never forget.  Most had to be carried out of our dorms, but some girls would take pity on them and cast some basic healing charms; enough to get them back to their beds. NONE of them EVER asked for a repeat.”

Harry was aghast by what he just heard.  At first he didn’t know what to say, then with a deep breath he started.  “Severus, I am not going to tell you that there is no pain involved in this type of sex.  For someone new to it, or for someone not prepared correctly, there will be pain.”  Severus stiffened.  Harry moved the breakfast tray, setting it gently on the floor.  He then turned to face, Severus clasping their hands like before.  “Listen to me.  I have been with three men in my life, and none of them have ever made me scream in pain.  Pleasure yes, but never pain.  When we consummate our marriage, I will take a good amount of time preparing you, teasing you.  You will enjoy every minute of it.  I may even get you to beg for it.”  Harry said cheekily trying to draw his love out of his protective shell.  Thankfully it worked.  Severus gave him an indignant look.

“I have never once in my life, begged for anything Potter.”

Harry smiled evilly.  “We’ll see about that my love, we’ll see.”  Harry picked up the tray and together they emptied it.

After breakfast they separated, Harry buried in parchments and incompetent students, and Severus immersed in his lab. They were both deep in though, minds wandering from their designated tasks. Both were thinking about their earlier conversation.

Three hours later, Harry had made his decision on how he was going to get Severus to understand that male sex was not about pain, it was entirely about pleasure.

They broke for lunch around one when the house elves delivered a tray of sandwiches. “How is it going?”

Severus cocked an eyebrow.  “It?  IT, is going fine!”  Harry rolled his eyes.  “I will teach you how to speak proper English if it is the last thing I do.”  He sipped his tea.  “The potion is almost done, I just need to let it set for two hours before it can be…used.” The last word was forced out, but Harry chose to ignore it.

“I’ll need that long to finish those tests. I swear no one studied for this exam. Not even the Ravenclaws!  If they think I’m going to curve their grades, they have another thing coming.”

“I agree they deserve the grade they achieved.  You can always do what I do when I have to give below standard grades on my tests.” Severus had a practically evil glint in his eyes.

“Do I want to know?”  Severus nodded.

“Yes. I allow them to come in during the weekend to clean my classroom, my store room and any other dirty, disgusting jobs I can come up with.”

Harry grinned evilly. “You know, I was planning to do a unit on ghosts on Friday.  Do you think Peeves would mind coming in for the demonstration?”

Severus snickered. “You’ll do.”


It took Harry until dinner to finally finish his midterms, and all the while he kept promising that it would not only be Peeves, but pixies, slime hexes and anything else he could think of.

When dinner was finished, Severus and Harry lay entwined on the couch, watching the flames flicker in the fireplace.

Harry squeezed the man in his arms.  “You know what would be good?  A shower.”

Severus groaned, but sat forward. “Well Potter, go if you want to.”

“Actually, I was thinking maybe the two of us could take one together.”

Severus’ head spun around so fast Harry was afraid he had hurt himself, and his eyes became wide before they narrowed into slits. “Were you? Fine!”  Severus stood up and stormed into the bathroom.

Harry sighed, today was going so well.  He got up and hurried to the bathroom to sooth his husband’s worries.

Harry entered the bathroom and found Severus pulling on his belt, fighting with the buckle to try and get it off.  His shirt was in shreds on the floor. “Severus stop.”  Harry reached around and placed his hands over the frustrated ones of his husband.

To his surprise, Severus began to fight against him.  He fought against Harry’s light hold, throwing his elbows, and trying to connect with the man behind him.  Harry tightened his grasp on the struggling man in order to keep him from hurting himself and Harry. “Severus calm down!”  The only response was for Severus to begin kicking out and back.  Harry knew he had to stop him and fast, for if Severus could plant his feet against the wall one good kick would have them both in serious pain.  Harry decided that the best thing he could do was to bring them both to the ground as safely as possible.

He hooked a leg around Severus’ ankle and caused the struggling man to fall.  It took all of Harry’s strength to make the journey to the floor as harmless as possible.  They ended up with Harry kneeling on the floor and Severus sprawled beneath him.  Even on the floor the man refused to give up his struggle.  Harry heaved himself fully on top of his husband, pinning him bodily to the tile floor.

“Severus if you don’t stop struggling I will petrify you!”  But the threat had no effect. “Severus I know you’re afraid.  I understand that, but you know I won’t hurt you.” Severus gave one last exhausted struggle before collapsing.

Harry molded his body to the one below him, and turning them over on their sides, he wrapped his legs around his husband.  Then he whispered in his love’s ear. “Severus love, please.” The man in his arms was still breathing hard but all his struggling had stopped.

“Love, has anything we have done so far hurt you?”  No answer. “Severus?”  The black haired man shook his head. “Have you enjoyed what we have done?”  Severus gave a brief nod.  Harry brushed Severus’ hair back so he could see his face.

“So what’s wrong love?”

Severus sighed. “I know that you won’t hurt me Potter.  My mind knows that, but there is some part of me that just remembers those boys…” Harry ran his hands up and down Severus’ chest only offering comfort.

“I know this is hard for you and I promise that we will go slowly, but you storming off does not help any.”  Severus nodded in agreement.  “Alright love, do you want to try this?  I just thought that this would be a good way to get you used to touching me and my touching you.”  With a deep breath Severus nodded, then stood up helping Harry to his feet. 

“Good, good.  Now I am going to take my clothes off, while you take yours off ok?”  Severus nodded again and began to work once more on his belt with shaking hands.

Harry made it a point not to look at Severus as he undressed. Iit was the hardest thing he had ever done, and for the boy-who-lived that was saying something.  Severus on the other hand was watching him, Harry noticed.  So when he bent down to take off his socks he made sure his full reflection was visible in the mirror when he stood back up.

Harry loved the barely audible gasp he heard as he slowly removed his pants.  Severus hadn’t been expecting him to be going commando under his clothes, but Harry could tell by his heavy breathing that he liked the idea.  

He turned to Severus, keeping his eyes locked with the taller man’s.  He smiling brightly; the man before him was a bundle of nerves.  “It will be alright Severus, who knows, you might enjoy it.”

Severus gave him an incredulous look. “What’s to enjoy Potter?  It is just a shower.”  He called over his back as he stepped into the large shower stall.

Harry sent a lecherous look after him and whispered, “I guarantee you will enjoy this shower Severus.”  He then entered the shower only to find Severus looking at him.

“Now what Potter?”

“Well I think we should start the shower.”  Severus growled at him before waving his hand over the shower controls.

“Two showerheads Potter?”

Harry grinned sheepishly and shrugged.  “It’s cold being on the far side of the shower.” Severus rolled his eyes.

Harry held out a washcloth, and Severus took it hesitantly.  “I suppose you don’t want me to wash myself.”  Severus sighed as Harry grabbed his arm and pulled him closer.

“It would defeat the purpose love.”  Harry took back the cloth and soaped it up before returning it.  Severus glared at him but began his work.

He started with Harry’s shoulders, they were strong and defined.  He moved from the smaller man’s shoulders down his husband’s arms. Severus loved the feel of the muscles as they flexed and released under his hand.

He flicked his eyes towards Harry’s face and was surprised to find Harry’s eyes closed, his face was of pure pleasure. Emboldened, Severus moved to Harry’s chest.  He first outlined his husband’s pectoral muscles, remembering the feel of them under his cheek as he slept.  He pulled the cloth back to re-soap it.  The cloth brushed Harry’s nipple as it was removed, causing the younger man to moan at the contact.  Severus startled and stepped back.

Green eyes flickered open.  “Mine are just as sensitive as yours are Severus.”  Harry said dreamily before closing his eyes once more.  Still startled by Harry’s reaction, he hurried to suds up the washcloth.  He could think of nothing else then but to get it over with.

Severus sped through the washing of the rest of Harry’s chest, not even noticing the feel this time.  With one sweep of the cloth, the flat stomach was finished.  Totally avoiding what was directly lower, Severus kneeled to wash his husband’s feet and legs, making an effort not to wash anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary before standing up and signaling that he was done.

Harry looked and him and smiled.  “You missed a spot.” Harry said cheekily which only got him a harsh glare.  “I know Severus, I was only joking.” He turned around.  “Would you get my back?”  With a few vicious swipes his back was done, and Severus was back to his side of the shower.

Harry turned around and picked up his shampoo gesturing with it to Severus.  “Would you mind?”  Severus took the bottle roughly from his hand and gestured for Harry to turn around.  He vigorously scrubbed the unruly locks, and then grabbed a handful  in order to drag the smaller man under the water to rinse off.

“There Potter all clean. You satisfied now?”  Severus snapped crossing his arms over his chest.

Harry smiled. “Yes Severus, thank you.”  Harry grabbed the soap and began running it through his hands creating a mass of lather.  Severus eyed the suds warily.  “Now it is your turn my love.”

As Harry advanced Severus dropped his arms to his sides, he stood stock-still, closed his eyes and looked for the entire world like a man about to be struck.

When Harry placed his hands on Severus’ shoulders and the man flinched violently, he calmly said, “Easy love, it’s just me. Open your eyes.”  Wary black eyes opened slowly.  “That’s it, good.”  Harry began to massage Severus’ shoulders.  “Is this alright?” Severus nodded, eventually relaxing under Harry’s hands.  “Good.”  Harry leaned forward to place a chaste kiss on his love’s lips.

He followed the shoulders down the right arm, massaging as he went.  He stopped at the long fingered hand.  Harry had dreamed of these hands for so long.  He lovingly massaged them, working out the cramps that he knew came from long hours of stirring and chopping.  Severus shifted closer, to Harry’s delight, allowing him to take the hand closer to him and massage it more deeply.

He allowed the water to wash off the soap on the captured hand. Severus was almost disappointed that the hand massage was over.  Then he gasped loudly as he saw his hand being raised to his husband’s luscious mouth. He watched as his ring finger was drawn into that warm wet heat.  If the erotic feeling wasn’t enough he felt lighting jolt through him to spark a fire, as that finger was sucked and its underside licked.

Harry delighted at the face of passion Severus wore. His eyes were rolled back in his head, his mouth was agape, and it all just spurred Harry on.  He wanted to make him totally lose control.

Harry finally released the lavished digit, giving the ring a final lick. “Oh, Harry,” said Severus,  “I had no…” He was trying to say he had no idea that it would feel so good, but the end of his sentence was changed to, “OH!” when Harry took his middle finger into that sinful mouth to lavish the same attention to it as well.

Harry performed the same sensual act on each digit, thus stoking the fire within Severus higher and higher.  When Harry dropped the well loved hand Severus whimpered at the loss of attention.  “Easy love, just getting more soap, the other side needs washing too.”  Severus sighed as Harry began massaging his other shoulder, giving the exact same treatment to his left arm that he had the right to Severus’ delight.

Harry then moved to Severus’ chest, ignoring for the time being the webbing of scars that covered it.  He started at his love’s collarbone, then worked his way down over the defined pecs, swirling around hard nipples and causing a groan to slip past Severus’ lips. His slid his hands lower, running his fingers over Severus’ visible ribs.  Making a mental note, Harry promised himself to make Severus eat more.

Stepping to the side Harry allowed the water to rinse Severus clean of the suds. Coming closer, Harry ran his mouth down Severus’ throat, then stopped to suck his adams apple. He laced their fingers together before he latched on to Severus’ nipple. Severus moaned loudly at the unexpected feeling.  Harry pulled Severus closer so their bodies were aligned, fully rubbing their erections together.  Harry then went to Severus’ other nipple, making sure that it didn’t feel neglected.  He guided Severus’ hands around him; Severus got the idea and pulled him close, delighting at the feeling.  After a few moments of the delicious torture, Harry pulled back and smiled up at his lover.

“You’re going to kill me Potter.” Severus groaned, dropping his head on the shorter man’s shoulder.  Harry gave what Severus thought was a completely evil and totally erotic laugh.

“Oh Severus, love I promise you I have far more of you to clean before I allow you a ‘little death.’” Severus threw his head back and groaned loudly.  The evilly erotic laugh was back causing Severus to shudder and wonder what his husband would do next.

Severus opened his eyes when he felt his husband pull out of his arms. His eyes flared wide at the sight he beheld. Harry was now kneeling at his feet.  He braced himself as Harry lifted his foot and began to wash it lovingly.  Once the soap was rinsed off, Harry brought the foot to his mouth and playfully sucked the big toe into his mouth. Severus growled down at him.  Harry released the toe with a pop and grinned up at the man.

“What’s wrong love?”  Severus growled louder--Harry chuckled then began to wash Severus’ leg with long, slow, sure strokes, working from the outside in. But when he reached the one part of his husband that they both really wanted to touch, Harry, to Severus’ distress, used all of his self control to move and wash the other leg and leave that hard angry red organ alone and leaking.

When he was done, Harry put his hands on Severus’ hips rubbing the juncture between leg and hip with his thumbs. Emerald eyes met onyx ones. “Turn around love.” Severus eyed him warily but turned as asked.

“Put your hands on the wall in front of you.” Severus stiffened but complied.  “Easy, it’s ok.”  Harry massaged the perfect round globes. “You’re so beautiful Severus.”  The man above him shook his head violently in denial.  “Oh but you are my lovely, so beautiful.”  Harry spread the globes.  Severus shivered as water trickled down his cleft.  Harry smiled; Severus was sooo going to love this.  “So sensitive.”

Harry leaned in and flicked out his tongue, running it over the ridged opening. Severus arched his back almost painfully and gave a guttural moan. “Enjoy yourself, just let this happen.”  Harry purred before burying his face back in, lavishing the cherry opening like a starving man.  Severus started babbling like a mad man urging Harry on.

Harry shifted them, freeing a hand. He wrapped his arm around the thin hips and gripped the leaking erection.  Severus’ babbling became loud panting as Harry started pumping his cock from base to tip.  He made sure that with every stroke he rubbed his palm over the enraged head.

Harry, knowing that he now had Severus’ attention focused on his cock more than his arse, took the opportunity to advance the situation a bit.  He curled his tongue, and pushing the now firm muscle, he breached the puckered opening.  Severus grunted at the intrusion but did not protest it, totally lost in his pleasure.

Harry slowly pressed his tongue in and out of the tight passage, causing it to loosen with each stroke. Once Harry felt that his love was relaxed enough, he timed the thrusting of both hand and tongue to be as one.

For Severus this was heaven.  He had never had someone pay so much attention to him, to his pleasure. He was lost--the sensations in his cock and arse were indescribable.  Even if he was coherent he wouldn’t be able to describe them. The fire within him was threatening to engulf him. He was so close to the edge he could taste it. He needed it.

Harry nearly screamed in elation when Severus began viciously thrusting his hips, impaling himself on his tongue and then thrusting his cock into his hand.  Harry knew Severus couldn’t last much longer so he sped up his movements.

Severus’ muscles tensed and he gave a broken scream as he came, spurting his completion all over Harry’s hand and the wall before him. Harry pulled back when he felt his love sway, knowing that the taller man’s legs probably were going to give out on him.

He stood, scooping his wonderfully debauched husband into his arms. Wandlessly stopping the shower and casting a drying spell on them both, Harry carried his unresisting love to the bed.

Casting a mouth freshening charm on himself, Harry crawled in beside his lover.   He pulled the covers up and proceeded to curl himself around the most responsive and passionate man he had ever met. Oh how he loved this man.