Chapter Six – Why is everyone yelling at me?

Severus and Harry continued their buying spree, only now Severus was cooperating completely. They were contently walking down the street, hands clasped, Harry enjoying the ability to be able to touch Severus when someone yelled.

“HARRY POTTER, STOP RIGHT THERE!” Harry grimaced and turned hiding his reaction with a bright smile.

“Madam Malkin, what a pleasure…”

“Don’t you ‘what a pleasure’ me Harry Potter. What did I tell you the last time we spoke? That I was going to get you into proper clothing if it killed me and for you to stop by my shop the next time you were in the alley.” Harry began to protest gesturing towards Severus. “I don’t care who you’re with, he will be around after you’re finished with me. In!” She gestured towards the doorway of her store.

Harry looked to Severus for help by sending as much distress and anguish down the magic thread that connected them. However, this only caused Severus’ smirk to get deeper. “Do not look to me for help Potter, she is as bad as Poppy when she gets going.” Harry sighed, his head down as he walked like a grounded child into the shop with Severus snickering behind him.

Harry was ushered up on a platform in the back of the store surrounded on one side by floor to ceiling mirrors. He stood on the platform looking more nervous then Severus had ever seen him. He was fighting, pulling at his clothes and sending nervous glances towards the door.

Severus walked up to the door. “Madam, may I be so bold as to…” He gestured towards the open sign on the door. Madam Malkin looked up from the drawer she was digging through.

“Be my guest. Don’t want idiots coming in here and staring at Harry like he’s some side show now do we.”

“No we don’t.” Replied Harry. Madam Malkin sent her self-measuring tape measure at Harry causing the wizard to jump and release an undignified squeak as it snapped in front of his face.

Severus pulled up a chair close to the platform so he could to get a front row seat for the show. To Harry it looked as though his husband’s smirk was going to be there for the duration. Then he was struck with an idea.

“You know Madam, I was married just yesterday.” The seamstress looked up from her book of fabrics.

“Really Harry? That’s wonderful! Who did you marry?” Harry received a feeling of irritation down their connection along with a mild sense of warning.

“The professor, of course. You don’t think I would take a trip the day after marriage and not take my husband now do you?”

“No indeed.” She walked over to Severus. “Congratulations to you too Severus.” He nodded his acceptance and hesitantly shook the offered hand. He then gave Harry a look that said he knew he was up to something. Harry gave him a look that said clearly ‘yes I am.’

“You know madam since I am getting this new wardrobe don’t you think it more then fitting that my loving husband get one as well?” Severus glared at the man in front of him then his eyes went wide as the bustling woman focused on him.

“Of course, of course. I have wanted to get this man into some new robes since forever.” She turned to an empty clothes rack, flicked her wand and murmured a spell. Clothes from all over the store flew to the rack. “All the clothes on that rack are ones that will fit you. I do not want to see you walking out of here with any less then 30 of them. Do you understand me young man?” Harry nodded and rushed to the rack not wanting to upset the little woman with her hands on her hips.

“Now you, get up out of that chair and onto that platform.” She gestured to Severus.

Severus tried to glare at her but as expected it had no effect. He sighed and went to stand where she had indicated. Severus made sure that he did not flinch when the tape measure went to work. The whole time he was being measured, he glared at his husband’s back. Harry was deliberately ignoring him.

When the measuring was done, Severus had a rack of his own to choose from. He noticed that as he walked up to the rack Harry was talking to Madam Malkin and she had a bright smile on her face. That did not bode well for him.

An hour later Severus walked up to the counter carrying more clothes then he had ever owned in his entire life. With a quick spell from the proprietress, his choices were folded neatly and placed into bags along with a few items that he did not choose. “What were those?” He pointed to a large bag.

“Those were a wedding gift from your dear husband.” Severus shot a glare at his husband.

“If I may.” Harry walked over to the bag. He pulled out a long black robe. Severus gasped. It was a battle robe. Perfect for a potions master who taught incompetent children. They had complete protection from both potions and spells woven into the fabric. Severus reached out a hand and stroked the garment lightly, then pulled his hand away not wanting to harm the expensive fabric.

Harry held the robe open. “I was going to wait till we got home to have you try this on. But…” He held it out toward his husband.

Severus undid the buttons on his old robe letting the long abused garment fall to the floor. He did not see Madam Malkin pick it up with distaste as he stepped into the intricately designed robe. Severus walked up to the mirror and stared at his reflection. Harry walked up behind him and their eyes met in the mirror.

“I cannot accept this Harry. This is to fine.” {Especially for what I am…} Harry interrupted the thought quickly.

“What you are, Severus is my husband and you deserve this robe and the four others just like it in those bags over there.” Severus’ eyes flicked to the bags on the floor. “You deserve this and anything else within my power to get you.”

{I am not worth…}

“You are worth everything to me.” Harry walked up to the bag he got the robe from and pulled out something else. Walking up to Severus he let the material fall.


“Oh yes, Severus.” Harry attached to the robe a long cape made of the same material detailed with the same silver thread. “I also bought the capes to go with them. I will do everything I can to make you believe that you are worth the world to me.” Harry caught Severus’ eyes in the mirror and refused to let them go till Severus nodded in understanding.

The two were so caught up they didn’t notice Madam Malkin cast a freshening charm on her face to remove all evidence of the tears that had fallen during the newlywed’s private conversation.

Giving Severus a tight hug Harry walked up to the counter smiling at his friend. “Could you shrink those bags for us please?” She frowned giving Harry a once over then turned to give Severus the same. She then turned back to Harry and crooked an eyebrow.

Harry gave an exasperated sigh. “All right, all right I’ll change.” He grabbed one of his bags and headed toward the dressing rooms.

When Harry emerged Severus was filling the multitude of pockets of his new robes with the contents of his old ones. “What shall I ever do with these?” Madam Malkin looked at the pair’s old clothes with distaste.

“Burn them.” Harry said disdain. Severus was about to protest but then ran his hand once more over the fabric of his wedding present and nodded in agreement. Madam Malkin smiled brightly before throwing them into her fireplace and casting incendio with delight.

As they made their way down Diagon Alley their new robes billowing, Harry and Severus made an imposing sight. People around them scrambled to get out of the way of the couple that radiated power. Soon the Wizarding world would find out just how powerful the Potter-Snape line truly was.


They entered Hogwarts via the side entrance, neither man wanting to deal with screaming children at that moment, nor deal with an interfering old man with a knowing twinkle in his eye.

Harry collapsed on the bed while Severus hung his robe and cape up reverently in his wardrobe. Harry sighed and went to put his away as well.

He then again collapsed on the bed. “Severus?”

“Hmmm?” Severus asked as he set their shrunken purchases on the floor for them to enlarge.

“Will you lie down with me?” Severus eyed the bed warily then hesitantly made his way over to the bed. He sat down and stiffly removed his shoes before lying prone on the bed.

Harry pulled him on his side into the position they fell asleep in the night before. ~Was it only the night before?~ Severus shook his head in disbelief. Harry took Severus’ hands so both were clasped in one of his own. With his free hand, Harry stroked Severus’ face, gently brushing his hair behind his ear. Severus sighed giving into the caress.

“You know that kiss in the alleyway?” Harry whispered. Severus stiffened but nodded.

“Do you want to try it again?” Severus didn’t respond. “Hmmm? Do you?” Harry gently pushed. Severus sighed, and then opened his eyes to study his husband’s face before he again nodded.

Harry gave a small smile as he leaned in to brush his lips back and forth over the thin lips of his love. He pulled away giving Severus another small smile. “Ok?” Severus nodded once more. Harry sighed he knew this was hard for his husband. Surprisingly Severus spoke.

“We have to do this to make the marriage final.” He sighed. “Take me if you want Harry, I will not fight you.”

“No Severus, not today. Today is just for this.” He leaned in again, this time pressing his lips firmly against non-responsive ones. “Did you enjoy that kiss we shared in the alley?”

“Yes.” The word was barely audible.

“Is what I am doing to you any less enjoyable?” Severus’ brows knitted.

“No. Why ask me this I just gave you my permission to have me and yet you refuse why?”

“Oh, Severus.” Harry ran his hand through Severus’ hair. “I want you to enjoy this--being with me, holding me, me holding you. Enjoy every aspect of this relationship. Will you let me show you how good this could be? Will you let me?”

Severus closed his eyes. He had to think. What Harry was offering wasn’t so bad. To have a loving relationship. The worst that could happen if he tried would be that he would gain Harry’s favor and maybe, just maybe he might enjoy it.

“Alright.” Harry couldn’t believe it when he heard the word. He had to restrain himself from pouncing on the man in his excitement, but he knew that was what he was expecting.

Harry pulled Severus closer, drawing his arms around him and aligning their bodies to the waist, not wanting his husband to know how aroused he was. Severus did not protest the new position.

Harry leaned in again, this time he had a hand in Severus’ hair and pulled his head in gently to meet his.

He started slowly; first kissing gently and briefly, and then increasing to long pressing of lips. He could feel Severus’ breath speeding up and his heart racing along with his own. Feeling daring, he ran his tongue over Severus’ lips. The older man gasped at the unexpected feeling.

Harry pulled back to gauge Severus’ reaction. He was happy to see the man was not panicking. He leaned in again, running his tongue over his husband’s kiss-swollen lips. “Open for me, Severus.” To his delight his husband complied.

Harry explored the moist offering, running his tongue over every surface. He delighted in his dream come true, for how long he did not know. He then ran his tongue over his love’s; coaxing it out of its bed and into what Harry hoped would be it’s second home. It moved cautiously like it expected to be bitten instead of given admittance.

To Harry’s surprise Severus moaned as he ran his tongue over the roof of his mouth, gripping Harry tighter. Harry allowed Severus to explore his mouth as he had done, moaning his delight.

The two were lost in each other not caring about the rest of the world for they had one another.

Severus, in his pleasure-induced haze tried to pull Harry closer but that wasn’t enough--he had to have more. His hand reached lower to his husband’s waist and then pulled again causing their erections to meet.

He wrenched his mouth away and moaned, arching into the contact. Harry pulled him close. “You’re so responsive.” Harry whispered gruffly into his lover’s ear. Severus moaned again, arching into Harry, burrowing his head into the hollow of Harry’s throat.

Harry grinned evilly remembering Severus’ response from earlier that morning. “You love me talking dirty to you, don’t you?” Harry heard a whimper and continued while inserting a leg between Severus’.

“I have dreamed of this, you moaning for me, grinding against me.” He pressed his leg up against his husband’s impressive erection. Severus began to rock against the offered leg groaning at the delicious friction then moaning as Harry began to rock against one of his own.

“How sensitive are your nipples Severus? I bet they are very sensitive. Would you scream for me if I bit them?” Severus ground harder. “Oh yes, you will like it no matter what I do to them won’t you? What if I lick downwards Severus? What if I took that large cock of yours into my mouth all the way down to its root?” Severus started to lick the part of Harry’s collarbone that was bared. Harry rewarded the attention by nibbling on the delicate skin below Severus’ ear.

Harry could feel their pleasure mounting and could not bear the thought of cumming without touching Severus’ skin at least once. He freed a hand and began pulling at Severus’ tucked in shirt. He could not wait to feel what he knew would be creamy smooth skin and the taut, lithe muscle beneath.

With one final tug Harry pulled the shirt loose, Severus arched slightly but only to give Harry enough room to get his hand between them. Yes, this is what he wanted, needed. To feel the body of the man he had loved for so long.

Harry slipped his hand beneath the loose shirt. He groaned as Severus began to suck on his neck. No, he would not be distracted, Severus’ skin was just a breath away from his hand, oh yes, he needed…


They both froze as the voice cut through their pleasure like a knife. Harry was pulled out of his shock when Severus began to pull away. He pulled him back wrapping his arms and legs around the taller man. “No, no, no it’s alright, ignore her, she’ll go away.” Harry nibbled and sucked on Severus’ neck determined to not let the moment break. Severus reluctantly moaned and arched into the touch, falling back into the delicious euphoria.


Harry buried his head into his husband’s strong shoulder and whimpered, “Go away.” Then he turned his head and yelled. “Go away!”


Harry wanted to cry when Severus extracted himself from his embrace. “Get up Potter--your family seems to be demanding attention.”

Harry growled and rolled off the bed storming towards the door. “Potter, it might be best if you straightened yourself first.” Harry looked down and sighed. His clothes were a mess; turning to the mirror, he saw his flushed appearance and to his delight, a bruise was forming on his neck.

Harry cast a wrinkle removing charm on his clothes and donned his new robes but left the collar open. “Potter you might want to close your collar.” Harry turned to Severus and smiled.

“Not on your life, I greatly enjoyed getting that mark and I don’t care who sees it.” Severus blushed and stormed out of the room, his immaculate robes billowing behind him. Harry followed going straight to the fireplace where three impatient Weasley’s were waiting for him.

“Yes, what can I do for you?” Ron thrust a newspaper out of the floo. Harry took it.

“Shit!” Severus turned to look at him with his eyebrow raised. Harry showed him the paper. Severus sighed and then began transfiguring chairs for the guests he knew they would be having soon. Seeing what he was doing Harry stepped aside to let the flow of hostile people through the floo. As it turned out the whole Weasley clan came through, all except Percy.

Harry commandeered the couch, refusing to let anyone else beside Severus sit beside him. “So it is true then.” Ron said coldly.

Harry glared at the paper in his hands. “Damn papers. I didn’t know they were going to print a special edition because of this.” Severus snorted as he stood and headed towards the tea service that was just delivered, for two, of course.

“Potter didn’t you know that you are headline news wherever you go. Hell, you go to the loo and it’s news.” Severus said flippantly while making two cups of tea.

“Why you…” Ron was up and out of his seat heading toward Severus.

“Ron!” Harry moved in a blur claiming the seat the other man had just vacated. He pressed his wand tightly against his best friend’s temple.

“Harry, what are you doing?” the matriarch of the Weasley family gasped. But Harry ignored her and everyone else in the room, eyes never leaving the other man.

“How do you feel Ron? How do you feel knowing that the most powerful wizard in the world has his wand to your wife’s head?”

Ron stared at him mouth unbelieving. “You won’t hurt her, you love Hermione.”

“Whether I won’t hurt her or not is not an issue here. I asked you a question Ron.” He pressed his wand tighter against her and tightened the arm that was around her holding her in place.

His friend slumped defeated. “Terrified.”

Harry smirked pulling away and whispering a spell to remove the bruise that would have formed on her temple. He kissed her and then reclaimed his seat as did Ron.

Hermione smoothed out the wrinkles in her dress, as if nothing had happened, then turned to the newlyweds and asked. “So when did this happen?”

“’Mione, he just had his wand to your head and you act like nothing’s happened!” Ron said outraged.

Hermione sniffed. “Oh please Ron, I knew he was going to do that. Besides, like you said, he loves me, why would he hurt me when you were the one threatening his husband?”

Harry smirked and nodded in Ron’s direction before accepting his tea cup from Severus. “Thank you Severus.” His husband grunted and sat. “As for when this happened I am assuming you are asking when we were married. The answer would be just yesterday. But if you meant when I became romantically involved with Severus, it happened quite quickly as the article probably said. I don’t know if they quoted me or not but like I told them it was quite a whirlwind romance.” Harry turned to smirk at Severus, who pointedly ignored him.

Mrs. Weasley was about to make an angry comment, but Hermione interrupted.

“I call twenty!” Everyone focused on her. “Harry since you are the focus party here you will go last. Mrs. Weasley you go first.”

Arthur interrupted his wife in a clear bid to keep the peace. “Why did you not invite us to the wedding Harry? That I think is the biggest rub here.”

Harry smiled at the older man, grateful that he was at least trying, but Harry knew that this was going to get ugly. “Nobody was told of our wedding. We did not want it to leak out.” Harry reached out to hold Severus’ hand. “We are private people and I just couldn’t risk the press or anyone else crashing such a great day.”

“But we would never tell anyone.” Ginny protested from her seat on the floor.

“You might not have, but what would be the first thing you did after being invited? I’ll tell you; you’d go to get new clothes and when people asked why you would think nothing of telling them that you were going to a wedding. Because you have many friends that could be getting married, you wouldn’t think it was a big deal. Unfortunately, on it would go with all of you and someone would figure it out and find us.” Ginny blushed because she knew it was true.

“So you let us find out from the paper instead!” Ron fumed.

“I didn’t mean for that to happen Ron. I was going to floo everybody tomorrow morning before the paper arrived.”

“Why couldn’t you tell us right after it happened!!?” Ron yelled.

“Well Ron, it was my wedding night and I was thinking more about getting lucky with my husband then about flooing the entire world to tell them about it.”

Severus turned red and glared at Harry. Harry’s eyes went wide. {You know that’s not the truth, I am just trying to get a rise out of him.} Harry didn’t get a response--just anger drifting down their link.

{I am sorry, Severus.} Still no answer.

Harry gave an exasperated sigh and stood up heading for Severus’ crystal decanter. He set his cup down and filled it to brimming with the powerful brew. He then swore as the cup flew off the table. He glared at Severus as the man grabbed the cup out of the air and banished its contents.

Harry turned back to the decanter picked it up along with a tumbler intent on filling it. “Potter, don’t make me banish my brandy it is expensive and I won’t be happy.” Harry sighed.

{What would be the difference? You’re mad at me now.}

{Potter, I do not like my personal life shared with the general populous.}

{Agreed.} Harry walked back over to the couch making sure his body was touching his husband’s when he sat down.

Harry looked up as Molly and Ron stood. “Come on Harry, we’re going.” Harry was puzzled.

“Going where?”

“To St. Mungo’s to get what he’s done to you fixed.” Ron moved to grab Harry’s arm. Harry pulled free.

“Is that why you brought a curse breaker and a dragon tamer? To take us by force if we won’t go!”

The entire room began to shake. Harry’s eyes turned black. The Weasley’s gasped as the books on the shelves started to fall to the floor, along with the tea set that was on the table.

Through his anger Harry felt himself being roughly shaken and his name being called. “Potter! I will not be bound to another wizard who can not control his own power!” Harry’s eyes came back into focus. He threw himself at the other man.

Severus looked up as his main door opened and Albus walked in, eyes twinkling and smiling like there was nothing wrong in the world. “Just let yourself in, Albus.” Harry looked up when he heard the name and gave him a watery smile.

“Thank you my boy, I will.” Behind the Headmaster came Minerva and Remus. Harry moved over to give the Headmaster a place to sit. Minerva transfigured herself a chair. Remus came over to them, placing a hand on Harry’s shoulder.

“Werewolf.” Severus said in greeting along with a curt nod which was received in return. Remus moved to stand behind his adopted godson.

“Now what’s the cause of all this fuss?” asked Albus, gesturing to Harry’s state.

“They wanted to force us to go to St. Mungo’s to fix whatever is wrong with me.” Harry turned and sat upright. Severus, seeing that Harry wanted nothing more than to be held at that moment placed a hand on Harry’s neck and began gently massaging it. He couldn’t bring himself to give Harry what he needed in front of people so he hoped that this would do.

Bill spoke up. “We had no idea that they were planning this Harry.” Charlie agreed.

“None at all. If we did, we wouldn’t have come.”

The twins spoke up. “We wouldn’t have let it happen anyway mate.” Harry turned to look at the twins who up till now had been uncharacteristically quiet.

“What are you two doing here anyway?” They laughed.

“We are here to meet our new partner and to see if he is interested in joining our inventions committee. We would be honored to have the best Potions Master in the country on our team.” Severus snorted and smirked.

“We will speak of this later gentleman, along with what is in it for me.” The twin’s nodded and bowed with respect.

“Well, I do believe from the look of things that the matter is moot either way. For I do believe that our Mr. Potter-Snape won’t be going anywhere he doesn’t want to go.” With a wave of Albus’ wand, the scattered books and broken dishware were picked up and placed back where they belonged.

Harry turned to Severus. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to lose control. It’ll never happen again.” Severus smirked.

{Of course it will Potter, but I will be there to help you deal with it and to stop you before anyone gets hurt.} Harry nodded and sent his love down their link.

Harry then addressed Ron and Molly. “I have loved Severus for over seven years. The only person I felt I could trust was Albus and I only told him two years ago. He asked me why I hadn’t told you and I said that they would send me to St. Mungo’s. How right I was!” Harry stood up glaring down at the now blushing pair.

“What was the first thing you do when you find out that I had gotten married? Send a letter, hell, a howler asking me why I didn’t invite you? No you demand DEMAND entrance to our home during our HONEYMOON!” Harry was yelling, but Severus was sending him his approval, so he continued venting his feelings.

“Who in the HELL do you two think you are? You are my friends, you call yourselves my family, but that does not give you the right to dictate how I live my life!” Ron and his mother slumped in their seats, finally realizing what they had done.

Molly was about to speak, but Hermione stopped her then stood up. “Ok Harry, we’ll be going now. When will your honeymoon be over?” Harry looked at her with gratitude.

“We will be back to teaching Monday.” Hermione nodded.

“We will be expecting you both for dinner.” Harry sighed.

“Shall we be expecting the Spanish Inquisition?” Hermione looked quickly at the sea of redheads.

“I believe so Harry.” He nodded and with that, they all left.

Harry sighed again. “Well my boys, I think it is also time we left.” Albus stood up with a groan. Minerva turned and smiled at them.

“Should we expect you for breakfast on Monday?” Severus gave her a curt nod.

“Thanks for you support Minerva and yours too, Moony we really appreciate it.”

Remus gave him a hug. “Of course Harry. If he makes you happy, then I am as well. Oh and Severus not to sound cliché or anything but…”

“I get the point Lupin; I have no desire to be a werewolf.” Severus interrupted. Remus nodded and turned to leave, following Albus and Minerva out.

Harry threw himself back against the far arm of the couch with a relieved sigh and rubbed his eyes roughly with his knuckles. He then sat up and looked apologetically at his husband. “I am sorry to put you through that.” Severus shook his head.

“Nothing I did not expect Potter. I knew what their reaction would be.”

“You knew that they would try to take us to St. Mungo’s?!” Severus snorted, taking a drink from his cup.

“Like Albus said, I do not believe they could make you go anywhere and it would take more than a pack of Weasley’s to remove me from my quarters.” Harry smiled and moved closer to him. He then delicately removed the cup from Severus’ hands and took a drink.

“HEY! That’s not tea!” Severus chuckled.

“What do you think kept me from killing those annoying people who dared come into my rooms and threaten me and mine?” Severus took back his cup and took another sip before setting it down.

Harry scooted to the other end of the couch and held out his arms. “Come here.” Severus frowned deeply. “Come on Severus.” Severus rolled his eyes but kicked off his shoes, moved between Harry’s legs and leaned back against his chest. “Mmmm…This is so nice.” Harry encircled Severus with his arms. Severus shifted a bit, and then settled in.

“I am sorry about your stuff Severus. I’ll replace it if any of the broken dishes are unfixable.” Severus dismissed his offer with a wave of his hand. Harry squeezed him tighter.

“Potter?” The tone of his voice caught Harry’s attention. It was light and uncertain.


“Did you mean what you said about being in love with me? I know you said it for the reporters, but I thought it was just adding to the con.”

Harry smiled into his husband’s fine hair. “Yes I meant it. I have known I loved you since the war. I don’t know exactly when it was, but all I know is that when you would go out on a mission, I would be hell to live with and when you came back you couldn’t get me away with an expelliarmus hex.” Severus chuckled.

“I remember. I think I tried that once. I could never figure out why though. I thought it had something to do with your loss of other people during the war or more likely your mistrust of me.” Harry set his chin on Severus’ shoulder.

“No, nothing so simple.” Harry thought of something. “Does it bother you?”

Severus hesitantly placed his hand over Harry’s clasped ones. “No. It confuses me, but it does not bother me.” Harry turned his head to whisper in his husband’s ear.

“I will make you believe me one day Severus. I do love you very much.” Severus squeezed his hands but said nothing.

“I am sorry Severus…” Severus gave an annoyed sigh and turned to glare at him.

“I told you Potter; it is all right that you lost your temper.” Harry chuckled.

“I am sorry about that but that’s not what I was going to say. I am truly sorry we were interrupted earlier.” Severus turned a wondrous shade of red. Harry leaned down and brushed his lips against his love’s, then settled back into the couch just enjoying holding his husband.

“Potter?” Severus was really in a pensive mood.

“Yes love.” Harry could see that Severus was turning red again at the endearment but he did not comment on it.

“We only have three days for us to … consummate this relationship.”

Harry nodded. “Yes, I know. Are you asking what I have planned?”

Severus played with his robe. “Yes, I need to know how you are going to progress this relationship, so I will be comfortable with the outcome.” Harry freed a hand and began running it through Severus’ hair.

“Well I was thinking that we would continue on the way we have been. You seem to have enjoyed what we’ve done so far.” Severus nodded but did not comment. “I will also try to get you comfortable enough with this relationship to talk about it, about what you like, if not before, then certainly during. I like to know what you enjoy and what you don’t. We’ll work on it. I will go as slow as I can given the circumstances and if at any point you are uncomfortable, tell me and we’ll stop.” Another nod.

Harry turned and looked at the clock. “It’s late, Severus. I can’t believe they took up so much of the day. Let’s get ready for bed.” Severus rose and to Harry’s surprise he helped him up as well.

Severus collected his sleepwear and walked into the bathroom and started the shower. Harry looked longingly at the door. Taking a shower with his husband was definitely one of the things high on his list to do. Maybe he could work it in this week. Harry shrugged; it all depended on Severus.

When Severus came out, he was towel drying his hair. He threw the towel into the basket and went to climb into bed beside Harry. Harry stopped him.

“I think Severus that you should take off your night shirt and just sleep in you bottoms. You have to get used to me seeing you and touching you at some point.” Severus hesitated, and then nodded, removing his shirt. Then quick as he could, he climbed into bed and pulled the covers up.

Harry got a fast look at Severus before he covered up and was angered to see the amount of scars on his love. “Tell me that I killed everyone that gave you these.” Harry dusted a hand over the scarred chest.

“Not all, but a good portion.” That would not do.

“I want a list tomorrow of who I missed.” Severus rolled his eyes then settled against Harry.

“Go to sleep Potter.” Harry growled but let the warmth of the other body lull him to sleep.