Chapter 4 - Prosapia Nostrum Robu

They both walked in compatible silence, arm in arm, much to Severus’ surprise. When they reached the apparition, point Severus went to apparate when Harry stopped him. “Do you mind if I apparate us?” Severus quirked an eyebrow. “I know you are more than able to do it yourself, however the place I want us to go first, only a few people are allowed entrance.” Severus nodded and reluctantly stepped into his husband’s arms. He wondered where Harry was taking him but when the sensation of apparition hit he thought no more about it.

When the world came back into focus Severus saw that he was in a room made of stone; if he didn’t know any better he would have thought that they had apparated into the school. “Where have you taken me?” He glared, stepping back from his husband.

Harry smiled, making sure he still had a hold of Severus’ hand. “Severus welcome to Gringotts apparition room.”

“Potter there is no way to apparate into Gringotts, the wards there are stronger then Hogwarts!”

Harry’s smile got brighter, “You can if you’re me.” He said cheekily. Before Severus could respond the large iron and oak door opened and a smartly dressed goblin walked in, smiling as only a goblin could.

“Mr. Potter what a pleasure.” The creature then turned to glared at Severus.

“Mr. Smyth, I would like you to meet my husband Severus Snape.” The goblin bowed. “A pleasure Mr. Snape.”

Harry put a hand on the small of Severus’ back and said, “He, of course, will need to be added to this room’s wards.” The goblin nodded.

“Certainly. Mr. Snape if you would place your hand on the far wall.” Severus nodded and turned. “It will take a minute; the wards are old.” Severus inclined his head but did not turn. He placed his hand on the wall and suddenly it felt as though he was being drawn into the past, a time when things were slower and peace was the way of the world. He was then released and placed back into the present.

When Severus turned around he saw that Harry was talking quietly to the banker who was nodding solemnly. They stopped their conversation and drew apart when he approached. Severus had a bad feeling. Harry smiled. “Now that is done I think we need to head down to the Potter vault.” Mr. Smyth gave a curt nod, spun on his heel and walked quickly out the door, not taking the time to see if his customers were following him.

When they reached the sleds, Harry got in and pulled Severus to sit between his legs, holding him tightly against him. Severus felt Harry’s breath ghost over his ear as he said, “I love this part.” Severus shivered, but before he could protest the closeness, they were off heading downwards at a breakneck pace, the force of which pushed him closer to the body behind him. They were heading further down then Severus had ever been before. ‘How deep was the vault?’ Severus knew that the deeper the vault the older and more secure it was. The Potter family was old but he did not know it was that old.

When they finally came to a stop, it was in front of a large stonewall that looked much like all the others they had passed. ‘Ok, where was the door to the vault?’ Before Severus could say anything, Harry was already out of the cart and pulling Severus out as well. The goblin held up a lamp revealing a small crack in the wall. No, it wasn’t a crack; it was a small round hole. Harry walked over to the impatient goblin and to Severus’
surprise Harry put his wand in the hole causing the wall to shake and groan then shift to reveal a doorway. Harry pulled his wand out and entered the vault leaving Severus to follow.

Severus gasped at the sight. The center of the room was piled high with what looked to be a dragon’s treasure --gold and jewels glittering in the torchlight. Harry walked past the impressive display as if it was nothing. Severus snorted and followed. The walls were covered with shelves displaying books, scrolls and other magical items he could not identify without closer inspection. These items did not seem to interest Potter either. ‘What was the boy after?’

Severus felt a tug on his sleeve. “Sir, I have been instructed to have you sign this form regarding your accounts.” Severus stiffened. Potter was of course entitled to all his savings as well as the pittance he was paid for teaching. Severus sighed; taking the form, he began to read it.

~ The signers of this form agree to merge all assets; lands, accounts, possessions of one Severus Potter-Snape ~ Severus’ heart sank. ~ and one Harold Potter-Snape. ~ He couldn’t breath. “Potter.” He whispered and started to move towards the man riffling through a trunk.

An insistent hand stopped him. “Sir, you must sign this.” Severus absently signed the document and walked over to his husband.

Harry looked up when the shadow fell on him and smiled. “Do you know what you have done?”

Harry stood chuckling. “I do believe you have asked me that before.” Severus glared. “Yes, I know what has happened. With the signing of that form you became an equal partner in this relationship. At least financially speaking.”

“The name.” Severus was so astounded he could barely speak.

Harry’s smile got brighter. “I thought that it would be a good idea, however, if you don’t agree…” Harry said offhandedly, but with a teasing air.

“No! That is not what I meant and you know it Potter!”

Harry’s expression did not change. “I want to bear your name, and I like the idea of you bearing mine.” He said with a shrug turning back to the trunk. Severus just stared at him. ‘Did the boy not know what he had done giving him his name? With one parchment, he not only made him an equal, he had also made it practically impossible for anyone to slander him without slandering The-Boy-Who-Lived as well. His past was now totally off limits to all not wanting to incur the wrath of the greatest wizard in the world. How could he not know?’ Severus just shook his head. His life was surreal.

“Here it is.” Harry said triumphantly as he pulled a small velvet pouch out of the trunk and emptied it contents into his hand. Severus looked at what fell out.


“Yes, my family’s seals. I was thinking that our next stop should be to a jeweler to get new ones made that represent our new family.

“Yes I do believe that is a good idea Potter.” Harry could hear the pride in his voice as would any wizard or witch at the idea of starting a new family line, especially one as powerful as theirs would be.

Severus then felt another tug on his sleeve. “Mr. Potter-Snape, your new keys.” The sharply dressed goblin handed him a large ring of keys.

“I thought this was our vault?”

“Yes sir, these are for your joint spending accounts, your accounts in other countries and also a few keys for your properties. Also sir, here is an automatic withdrawal pouch that will only work to your magical signature.” Severus took the keys and the pouch all the while glaring at his husband.

“How rich are you Potter?”

Harry smiled evilly. “I do believe Severus that the question should be ‘How rich are we?’” Severus was gob smacked.


As they walked out of the bank, Severus was still a bit out of it and was absently playing with the ring of keys in his pocket. Then he noticed that Harry was talking to him. “You said something.” Harry nodded, giving him a bright smile.

“Yes, I was wondering if there was a special jeweler that you would like to go to.”

Severus thought a moment. “The only jeweler that I know of is Jerkin and Quartz. My mother always bought my brother and sister birthday presents from there saying that they were the best in country.” Harry could see by the look on his husband’s face that he never received that type of birthday present. “She also said that they were expensive but worth every knut.”

“Ok, let’s go there.” Harry said taking Severus’ arm and leading him down the alley. Severus was glad for his long legs as Harry walked quickly.

Entering the store Harry gave a sigh of relief. He hoped that it would take a while before the vultures would arrive.

A small round man stepped out of the back and greeted them warmly. “Hello Sirs, how may I help you today?” Harry stepped forward and dropped the seals on the counter.

“My husband and I were just married and in honor of that we would like to have new seals made.” The man’s eyebrows went up.

“That is something that I haven’t done in a while. Not many are willing to try to form their own line, none powerful enough anyway.”

Severus smirked. “You haven’t met my husband then.”

The jeweler looked at the young man in front of him skeptically. Harry held out his hand. “Harry Potter-Snape, pleased to meet you Mr…”

The jeweler’s eyes went wide. “Jerkin…Jerkin. A pleasure Mr. Potter-Snape. I am sorry about my earlier behavior but we get a lot of people in here wanting to start their own lines and they don’t have enough magic to fill a thimble. Just one moment and I will bring what’s necessary.” He then disappeared into the back room, leaving Severus and Harry to browse in his absence.

Something in a case caught Severus’ eye. A set of bond rings, platinum if he wasn’t mistaken. Old and infused with a multitude of ancient spells and protections. They were beautiful, with inlayed diamonds encircled the rings.

Severus looked up when he heard the man emerge from the back. He was carrying a small cauldron and a basket of herbs. He walked over to see what the incompetent was going to make. He did not see Harry take his place in front of the case.

Severus watched the man’s every move, twice catching him mid catastrophe. Finally, when the man was done and the potion was brewed to Severus’ specifications, he called Harry over. “You weren’t giving the man a hard time were you Severus?” Harry chuckled at seeing Mr. Jerkin’s sweaty and nervous expression. “Sorry about that Mr. Jerkin but as a Potions Master my husband demands perfection.” The jeweler nodded, smiling in what he hoped was a reassuring manner.

“I totally understand Mr. Potter-Snape. When it comes to my craft perfection is also demanded.”

“However your craft won’t maim you if you place a stone in the wrong setting.” Severus grumbled causing Harry to bite his cheek to keep from laughing.

The jeweler did not respond to the comment. “Now gentlemen would you together please place one of your hands in the cauldron.” Both rolled up their sleeves and Severus allowed Harry to hold his hand as they submerged them into the vat of bubbling liquid. Then Mr. Jerkin slid the Potter seals into the cauldron being careful not to splash his customers. The thick liquid started to glow a bright gold and then settled.

The jeweler sighed. “Ok gentleman, you may remove your hands but slowly.” He handed them both a towel then rolled up his sleeve reaching in and pulling out the new seals, wrapping them in cloth before they could see them. “I will take these into the back to finish them.” He said before he disappeared again.

Severus was drawn back to the case where he saw the rings. He couldn’t help himself. It was as they were calling to him. He then felt his hand being clasped and a warm body settling beside him. “Beautiful, aren’t they?” Severus could but nod.

“They must be very expensive, I can feel the power radiating off of them.” Harry didn’t respond, he just started gently caressing the palm of the hand he held with his thumb.

“Is there something I may help you with gentlemen?” They turned to see a tall, older man emerge from the back room. “My partner Mr. Jerkin will be done with your seals momentarily.” Harry nodded.

“Mr. Quartz, I presume.” The man nodded. “I would like these rings.” He pointed to the set in the case. Severus began to protest. “Severus, you are my husband and thus deserve nothing but the best. Also, we are starting a new line we must have bonding rings to pass on.” Severus reluctantly nodded, unable to argue with what his husband said.

The older jeweler removed the rings and presented them to the pair. “These are very old, gentlemen and have at last count over 100 protective charms on each and some not so light ones too, if you get my meaning.” They did. “Also they have been infused with the ability to connect the wearers to each other.”

“What do you mean connect?” Harry asked.

“When first put on, I am told that they allow the couple to know what the other is feeling, but if the couple is strong they will allow them to communicate telepathically. As powerful as you both are that should be no problem.” Harry was worried. Would Severus still want them? He knew how the man felt about his privacy.

“So whatever one is thinking the other will know it?” Harry asked looking briefly at his husband.

“Oh no, they don’t allow people to read minds, just send thoughts.” Severus visibly relaxed and gave Harry a curt nod.

“We’ll take them.” It looked like Mr. Quartz was going to start jumping for joy. These two purchases were enough to make the store’s year.

Harry took one ring out of the ornate box and as he knelt, he took with him the hand that he held. Severus quirked an eyebrow at such a romantic gesture, especially since they were already married and the specifics of their marriage being what they were it was totally unnecessary. “Severus, I have cared for you for longer than I currently would like to admit. To have you as my husband is a dream I did not dare to have. But now that I have you, I will do everything in my power to keep you.” Harry slipped the ring on Severus’ finger and kissed where it settled. He smiled. “That is better. This morning I knew something was missing,” He said as he stood.

Severus hid his emotions behind a smirk. “I hope you don’t expect me to go to one knee Potter. My knees are far too old for it.” He picked up the other ring. “Harry, I am not one for declarations of feelings, nor do I know if I could make any. I do know that I will be with you always and not just because I was forced to be. I will be what you asked of me this morn. I will be that and more. Just give me time.” The statement decreased in volume as he said it. He placed the ring on his husband’s hand and would forever deny that his hand shook as he raised Harry’s hand to his lips. Onyx eyes met emerald in an endless emotion-filled moment, both basking in the other’s statement of devotion.

The moment was broken when Mr. Jerkin arrived with their seals. He held them over his arm like a waiter with a bottle of fine wine. “These gentlemen, I would say are my finest work.” They were platinum like their rings, precious stones decorating them tastefully. Harry picked one up to examine their new family crest. To his surprise he found not a snake or a lion as he suspected but a book being held open in the claws of a dragon, wings spread wide. On the book was written; Prosapia Nostrum Robu.

“Family is our strength.” Harry said in awe rubbing the words with his thumb. He looked up at Severus who was holding one as well.

Severus nodded. “It suits.” Harry could tell he was impressed as well. He also felt something that was not his own; the rings must be starting to work. Harry placed the seal in the new bag that the jeweler had held out for him, along with the one Severus had. Taking the bag, Harry placed it in his pocket.

Mr. Quartz stepped forward holding the box that once held their marriage bands, but Harry waved him off. “Have that sent to Gringotts and placed in the Potter-Snape vaults. Our rings will stay on until we are laid to rest.” The man nodded solemnly.

“It will be done.” Harry settled the bill, never once releasing Severus’ now ringed hand. Occasionally he would caress the ring affirming to himself that it was indeed there.

As they walked out of the store, the flashing of bulbs and the din of shouting questions assaulted them. Harry sighed. “The vultures have landed.”