Chapter One: A Slytherin Plan

Harry Potter watched as his students screamed and ran when the Hogwarts Potions Master stormed past. None dare to cross his path. Harry scowled. Something had to be done; this could not continue. He turned and headed straight for the Headmaster’s office.

Albus was anything but surprised when an irate Harry Potter entered his office “Harry my boy, what can I do for you?” He twinkled in greeting. Harry dropped into a chair. “Headmaster you have to do something about him. He’s out of control!”

Albus got up and poured himself a cup of tea. “Who’s that my boy? Care for a cup of tea?” Harry waved him off. “Professor Snape. He’s taken 200 points from Gryffindor, 70 from Ravenclaw, 50 from Hufflepuff; he even took 25 points from Slytherin!” Albus quirked an eyebrow, but said nothing. “He’s sent10 people to Poppy with panic attacks.”

“Well, Harry that sounds like any other month…”

“Month!” Harry jumped up and began to pace. “That was just this morning!” Albus stood and sighed and looked sadder then Harry had ever seen him.

“Severus is having family trouble you could say. Although calling those people family is stretching the word a bit thin.” Harry sat down slowly.

~ What could have Albus so upset? ~

“He received an owl from his parents yesterday. It informed him that they were having a bit of financial trouble and were in need of money.” Harry leaned forward listening intently.

“So they were hitting him up for money?”

“No. This letter was a formal one stating that his parents were invoking their right to betroth their unwed child to whomever they deem fit and collecting the so-called bride price in payment.”

“WHAT?? They’re going to auction him off to the highest bidder? He has rights!”

Albus held up his hand to stop Harry’s rant. “Well, Harry, I know how you feel. If I could do anything about it, I would, you know I would. However, his parents are legally within their rights. As a third son and unmarried, he is theirs to betroth.” The twinkle was quickly replaced by a look of frustration. “I would offer for him myself if I could, but my age won’t allow for it.”

Then suddenly the twinkle was back at full force and directed at Harry. “What?” The twinkling was brighter then he had ever seen it before. Harry had a sinking feeling. “Oh no! You are not thinking what I know your thinking.”

The Headmaster took a seat beside him. “Harry, do you remember coming to talk to me about a certain infatuation….” Harry was up and outraged. “I can’t believe you are bringing that up! I was a child.” Albus grabbed him and pulled him back down. “Harry, that was two years ago. Now tell me what your real objection is.” Harry sighed. “He’ll hate me Albus. I mean, really hate me. I couldn’t live the rest of my life with him hating me.” Albus patted his hand then got up and started shuffling papers on his desk.

Harry was confused. “Why is Severus allowing this? Why hasn’t he done something?” Albus looked up from his shuffling. “He is a pureblood Harry. He was raised knowing that as a third son he is but property; not worthy of anything. He has no choice but to do what they tell him. Ah here…” Albus scanned a scroll.

“This is a copy of the notice Severus received. It says that the public announcement for prospective suitors is being posted on Monday. That gives us three days to come up with and execute a plan to get those people to betroth Severus to you.” Albus looked at him over the rim of his glasses. “You will need a good plan…dare I say, a Slytherin plan.”

Harry laughed, his mind was racing with the barest belief that maybe this could all work out and that he might have a chance. “I hope you know that as Severus’ surrogate father it is my duty to help you.” The twinkling was positively evil. It was definitely going to be an interesting few days.

Severus’ parents didn’t stand a chance!