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Welcome to the Online Home of Planet Farbfinger

Who are we? We are your friends, your neighbors, the people you see on the street. We are the girl standing beside you at the concert, the guy on the skateboard, the parents in the History section at Borders. We are just like you, in many respects. In others, we are wildly different.

We're the ones who complain about the uniforms in Gettysburg and refuse to watch Gods and Generals (unless we're trying to pick out our friends). We're the ones who write papers in college about the history of frock coats... for fun. We're the ones who asked our parents for copies of the OR's or Echoes of Glory for our birthdays, the ones who make our own clothing to save on expenses while keeping it authentic, the ones who have read more drill manuals, diaries, and letters than fashion magazines or newspapers. We're period correct while looking good.

Our nemeses are legion. They wear inappropriate amounts of polyester, garments with zippers, old prom dresses, and "sn" belt buckles. They are obviously incapable of marching with the amount of weight they carry (and we are not just talking about gear, here). They use trucks to do their heavy work, their horses are always being "held in the rear," they have enough pistols to arm Los Angeles and enough gold braid to give a miser a migrane. They wear kilts at barn dances, sneakers on the battlefield, and sunglasses during dress parades. And most damning of all, they have a blatant disregard for the history they are supposed to be representing.

They are the Farbs. We are Team Farbfinger. It is our mission to document the Farbs through any means necessary (usually hunting them with cameras) and to expose them for the history frauds that they are.

Also, we're not huge jerks about it. Most of the time, anyway.

Enjoy, learn, and contribute to the Cause. BLACK POWDER.


Team Farbfinger

Unless otherwise noted, all farb pictures are by Team Farbfinger (Joker and Homespun the Frock Coat Twins, Shiv, Squibob, Douchebag, and Mouse).

Don't be shy. Send us your pictures, definitions, stories, comments, or vitriolic hatred! We may or may not pay attention to the hatred, though.

Email Team Farbfinger.

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