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Lefurgey / GOODALL / LAIR(D) Family Tree

Compiled by Ann McGivery Jan 1999 Revised June 2005

Janet (Lefurgey)   1886 -
died at 84 in Apr 1970 & buried at Ocean View Memorial
dau of John Wesley Lefurgey & Mary Jennet Lair
She was a nurse's aide/homemaker
married in Moncton to Frank Clayton Goodall
He came from England moved to Moncton, NB
family members lived in Apohaqui near Sussex
They lived in Erbb Settlement, outside Apohaqui, NB.
have family picture color
	4 children:
	Clayton H Goodall  born in Amherst died Dec 1936 at 24 from Brights Disease 
	buried at Sussex Corner / resided at South Branch
	William Goodall  called "Bill" lived in Erbb Settlement
	died from lung cancer at 73 in 1982
	Lottie (Goodall)   Jan 17, 1915-
	Ida May (Goodall)  born in Moncton, NB 1918-Jul 25 1923
	died at Long Settlement at age 5 yrs 9 mths from leukemia buried in Waterford
After her first husband died Janet remarried to James Hamilton Lair Sr
son of James Laird sr and Jane Elizabeth Bennett
h was born 1875 - Sept 3, 1975
James had stomach cancer at 84 but lived to be 100 years old.
	They had 4 more children
	James Lair   May 12, 1920 - 1960 called "Jr"
	died at 40 with lung cancer
	He was in the army
	He married Myra
	She remarried to Rudolf Lambert, BC
	Florence Lair  Apr 27, 1923 -
	m. Albert Robichaud  separated
	She worked in nursing home, now living in Latimer Lake
		adopted son Philip lives in Toronto
	Albenia Lair   May 5, 1928 - called "Bing"
	She married Bernard Doucette  1973 -
	She was in navy
	They live in Latimer Lake, Saint John
		5 children:  Janet, Anne Marie,
	Raymond Lair    Aug 24, 1925 or 26
	was in the army
	died of lung cancer  lived in Ont

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