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Lefurgey Lair Family Tree

Compiled by Ann McGivery Jan 1999 Revised June 2005

John Wesley Lefurgey Feb 5, 1858- Mar 12, 1933 age 77
born in Poodiac, NB
he lived in Moncton, NB then moved to Cherryfield
buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton
son of Issac and Charity Lefurgey
he was Baptist and a blacksmith in CNR Shops
John married on Oct 30, 1884 to Grace Mary Jennet (Lair) married as Grace in St Martins
she died before 1891
     Janet Isabel (Lefurgey) Oct 9, 1886 - Apr 1970 died at 84
     m Frank Clayton Goodall 1884-
     m James Hamilton Laird
John remarried on June 17, 1891 in Saint John, NB to his first wife's sister, Lottie
Charlotte (Lottie) Elizabeth (Lair) Feb 5, 1874-June 7 1953
lived in St. Martins, NB
buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton, NB
They lived in Erbb Settlement, outside Apohaqui, NB.      
     children born in Moncton
     Calvin Bulcher Lefurgey Mar 1, 1892-1958 age 65
     m Beatrice (Jolly)
     Grace Elizabeth Lefurgey Jul 3, 1895-1983 called Gracey
on 23 October 1911 m ROBERT W. LEAMAN
     Isaac Schurman Lefurgey Dec 17, 1897-June 27, 1974
     m. Dorothy (Horseman) Oct 28 1917-Sep 30 1973
     they lived Moncton buried Elmwood cem
     Lorena (Rena) Jane Lefurgey Dec 24, 1900-Mar 12, 1933 age 31
     m. Robert Wesley Laird born in Alma, NB Sep 25, 1880-Jul 29, 1941
     son of James Laird and Elizabeth Bennett
     John Wesley Lefurgey 21 February 1904- MONCTON, WE,
     Charity May Lefurgey May 26, 1905-Oct 21, 2000
     m George Albert Hines Jul 21 1880-Mar 29 1950
     Frank "Solomon" Lefurgey Apr 17, 1908-Feb 1968
     m Effie May (Schofield)
     Greta Agnes Lefurgey Mar 1, 1911-2001
     m James Wesley Laird
     Margaret Mary Lefurgey Jan 20, 1914-Aug 12, 1998
     m George "Leslie" Schofield Jul 1913-Feb 22 1991
     David Andrew Lefurgey Nov 15, 1916-Dec 7, 1995
     m Hazel Marie (Tucker) m Dorcas Cecila (Urquhart) Jan 13 1933

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