Victory Style
Volume 3

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Victory Style Volume 3 - * * * *

Hatebreed - Before Dishonor

* * * * *

This guy is fucking pissed.

Catch 22 - Keasby Nights

* * * *

Being a Victory band, I keep waiting for the heavy guitars to kick in and the guy to start screaming. It's good that it never happens. Ska punk done simple and done right. I'm wondering how Victory ever signed these guys.

Thumb - Sell Myself

* * * * *

Good god it's an alternative metal band on Victory that actually knows how to use a DJ. Probably the most trendy sounding band on Victory, but these guys know how to play their instruments and they sound fucking great.

Bad Brains - Attitude

* * * 1/2

Loud fast punk rock played old school style with a lot of screaming. The perfect soundtrack for destroying things.

Earth Crisis - Smash Or Be Smashed

* * *

Looks like Earth Crisis updated their sound again but at least the guy's not rapping this time, and the band sounds tight and focused. I like their bass player and drummer but honestly Buechner's vocals are starting to work my last fucking nerve. Pay attention kids, this is what not taking drugs will do to your career.

Cause For Alarm - Birth After Birth

* *

Hardcore by the numbers. Nothing to get too excited about here and the song goes on for about a minute and a half after it stopped being interesting. Why the fuck don't hardcore bands just stop playing when the song is done. Why do they feel the need to drag that shit out to three minutes when the actual song only takes one and a half. If I want to listen to the same thing again and again I'll fucking hit repeat on the cd player.

Hi Fi And The Roadburners - What The Hell

* * * *

The roadburners basically describe the decline and fall of western civilization to happy 50's music A line like "Walking down main street USA, winos and junkies all over the place" sounds strange put to a goddamn rockabilly soundtrack. It strikes me as subversive and anarchistic. The lyrics are intelligent and well-written social criticism and the music doesn't fit what they are saying at all. This band is pretty fucking strange but I like it. They don't have many fans in Albany and this definitely doesn't sound like a standard Victory band, but you have to give them credit for doing something different than most other bands on the label.

Integrity - Rise

* * * *

Integrity have to be the angriest group of white guys on the planet. Metal and hardcore served up with a kick to the fucking teeth.

OS101 - 315

* * *

I was starting to wonder about this band until the chorus kicked in about old hardcore matinees at CBGBs. It doesn't save the whole song but that shit alone is worth at least two and a half stars.

Skarhead - Snickers

* * * * 1/2

"Fighting and drinking on a Saturday night". That's what fucking hardcore is all about. These guys sound like a bunch of bald pissed off factory workers with scully caps and lots of really bad tattoos. They should go on tour with Blood For Blood and watch the audience kill each other. Tough guy hardcore with lots of influence taken from late seventies oi bands. Nothing wrong with that shit, more hardcore should sound like this.

Out of Order - Survival of The Fittest

* * *

What the fuck? I feel dizzy.

In Cold Blood - Lost in Doubt

* * *

The song wasn't doing much for me before the minute and a half of guitar solo. These guys can actually play their fucking instruments, they should be in an Iron Maiden cover band not a tough guy hardcore band.

Warzone - Brother and Sisterhood

* * *

Goddamn this band is into the positivity. I'll give it three stars just because it's a warzone song and they rock, but honestly the people in my town aren't going to a grimy fucking bar down by the polluted river to find brother and sisterhood. They're going there to drink heavily and beat the fuck out of each other, that's what Albany hardcore is about.

Strife - Waiting

* * * *

And there goes Strife breaking the land speed record for hardcore. I'm still convinced these guys are Integrity in different outfits. Quality band though.

Bloodlet - Dogman With Horns

* * 1/2

I think Crowbar is missing one of their fat guys. I liked that heavy power chord Black Sabbath shit at the end though.

By The Grace Of God - Cole

* * * 1/2

I'd give it two years before Victory is strictly an emo label. It's gonna happen.

Blood For Blood - Wasted Youth Crew

* * * * *

Blood For Blood won't hesitate to tell you that A) they're pissed off B) they're poor and C) they like to drink beer and fight. When you think about it, that's really the true meaning of hardcore, pissed off ugly white people beating the shit out of each other. Blood For Blood fucking rules your scene. This is how hardcore should be done, start taking notes bitches.

Electric Frankenstein - Right On Target

* *

This is the type of loud abrasive indie guitar rock that the guys at probably get real excited just fucking thinking about. Personally if I want to listen to the classic shit with big guitars I'll start listening to the Stooges or MC5, not a band with a name like Electric Frankenstein.

Shutdown - We Won't Forget

* * * *

Rest in peace dead guy from Warzone.

Snapcase - Harrison Bergeron

* * * *

I've seen Snapcase twice now and they don't sound anything like this. What the fuck guys, take your producer and your sound mixer out on the tour with you.

Average :

* * * *

Reviewed: February, 2003

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