United We Stand Divided We Fall
Upstate NY Compilation

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United We Stand - * * * *

Stigmata- Civilization Breakdown / Can't Bring Me Down

* * * 1/2

For those of you who haven't heard Stigmata they sound pretty much like Merauder. Simple hard edged punk with a lot of heavy guitar. This sounds a bit dated compared to what a lot of other bands are doing today, but Stigmata has been playing hardcore since you were in fucking kindergarten. Seriously they have been doing this for something like 15 years now. So give them their credit for not breaking up like everyone else, and buy a fucking copy of Troy Blood Unbeaten.

Withstand- Peter's III / Into My Own

* * * * 1/2

Progressive hardcore that sounds years ahead of its time. Hard breakdowns are thrown together with harmonic guitar melodies and a rythym section that switches speed and direction more often than a drunk crackhead in a car chase on COPS. Unique vocals and intelligent lyrics as well. These two songs are better than anything on Anger Was A Warm Place To Hide. You still need to pick that album up though.

Disciples Of Berkowitz - Mr. Johnson / I Hate

* * * * *

Kasey Dorr from Section 8 has decided to go death metal in the fucking extreme sense of the word. "I want to kill your family and mutilate your pets". Nothing that a good prescription for Thorazine and a 5-7 day psychiatric "vacation" won't help you with. This band is fucking evil. See the review of their album elsewhere on this site if you like music that will scare your parents.

Last Call- Conspiracy / Temp Service

* * * * *

Last Call is a band that literally sounds like they are trying to achieve the audio equivalent of tearing your fucking head off with a blunt instrument. Relentless hardcore played faster and louder than most other bands would dream of doing. See the review of their demo on this site, and definitely pick that shit up if you can still find a copy anywhere.

Skinless - Tampon Lollipops / Bobbing For Heads

* * * * *

Skinless fucking rules. That's all I'm writing because you should already know the rest. If you don't, then educate yourself bitch. Buy Progression Toward Evil and turn it up loud when grandma comes to visit.

Three Knockdown Rule - Life's Blood / Detonate

* *

Standard tough guy hardcore with lots of mosh sections and bass. That heavy part at the end of Life's Blood was pretty impressive though. I bet the bald kids beat the shit out of each other when they play that song at shows.

Strychnine - I Choose Your Fate / Land Of Evil

* * * 1/2

Strychnine is a sludgy angry sounding metal band from Schenectady. Don't fuck with bands from Schenectady, they probably know some crackheads that would kill you for a dollar. Good lord that's a scary fucking town.

Sour - We Face The Future / Refuge In Grief

* * *

This band sounds like they have 6 singers and I like one or two of them. One very pissed off band that can't decide whether it wants to be industrial metal or tough guy hardcore. Ultimately they go in too many directions for their own good and the songs don't really go anywhere because they switch up styles every ten seconds. The one dude sounds like fucking Burning Human though so I have to give him credit for some sick vocals on these songs even though there's a truckload of effects on that shit.

Dying Breed - Can't Trust Em / Pawn Of Shame

* * * *

Listen up kids if you like to mosh then go see Dying Breed. The good news is they will probably still be together when your kids are going to shows, so you can make it a family night out. These guys were one of the first hardcore bands I ever saw and you can bet the fucking bank that they will be playing somewhere around town this week. They also really don't like cops or the justice system apparently. So go to the show and tell them the cops beat you up and they will probably give you free beer.

Pushbutton Warfare - Drain / Bloodbath

* 1/2

Really cool name. Really shitty band.

Burning Human - Life Support / Self Inflicted Crucifixion

* * * * *

Original and innovative death metal from a band that pushes the limits of that genre's conformist mentality. I don't understand how those vocals can come from a human. Holy shit this fucking band is great. My deck ate all my Burning Human tapes and it's impossible to find this shit anywhere. If anybody owns anything by Burning Human send me an e mail and you can make yourself some extra drug money.

Straight Jacket - Promise / When Time Leaves

* * * *

I'm not going to say anything bad about Straight Jacket because their singer is a big scary guy who could probably kill me. Luckily I don't have to say anything bad because this band fucking rules.

Bloodwar - The Flag / T.A.S

* * *

Pissed off hardcore played with a lot of distortion and quality vocals. I like the movie samples of gang members too, that shit was tight.

Dissent - Schroon Lake Stomp / Deosle

* * * * *

Jonah Randaelli from Burning Human sings for this band, so right off you know they're going to rule. Atmospheric and dark death metal/hardcore hybrid that puts your fucking band to shame. Possibly even better than Burning Human. Schroon Lake is a pretty scary place too if you drop acid there at night. Don't do drugs kids.

Download Of Aggression - You Spoke / Wasteland

* * * 1/2

Well played hardcore with aggro/death vocals. Too slow in some places but the lyrics are fucking quality. Sounds like Wartime Manner in places. You can't really go wrong with that shit.

All Means Necessary - Murder In The First / Seek-Kill

* *

I feel tired and this is boring. Fuck that.

Average :

* * * *

Reviewed: February, 2003

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