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The Essence Of Infinity - * * *

This is goth band from San Antonio Texas that sent me a 3 song sampler to review. Itís raining today so this is as good a time as any. The press kit was impressive and all the band members have extensive backgrounds in music. Also any band that thanks Danzig in their credits is at least worth a spin. Listening to this, itís not too hard to pick out their influences. It also helps that they list them in the press kit. The band names Cradle of Filth and Theatre of Tragedy as influences on their sound. The problem is that the dynamics of those bands are missing in this sound. The music is good but not extremely heavy and this is played against cleanly sung female goth vocals. The thing that sets Theatre of Tragedy and Cradle of Filth apart is the interplay between darkness and light, death vocals and operatic vocals, blastbeats and subtle acoustics. By comparison, this band sounds too one dimensional to really effect me either way. The music is good and the band is talented but there isnít much that I didnít expect to hear. Inevitably people are going to compare this band to Evanescence. It's obvious from their press kit that they are trying to avoid this comparison but the similarity in the vocals is defnitely strong. If this band wants to get airplay and yet avoid being packaged and marketed as a clone of a band they donít even like, then they need to add some heavier shit and start sounding like their influences. If you go back and listen to Turn Loose The Swans or Trinity by My Dying Bride, or pretty much anything by Theatre of Tragedy, itís not too hard to see where the influences lie and what kind of sound theyíre going for here. They just donít match the strength of their influences. This band has a ton of potential, given the talent of its members. The guitar solo on Shadow of a Lie is amazing, the keyboards are top notch throughout, and the vocals are solid. A band this good shouldnít be predictable. Of Infinity gets three stars. I donít know if I would buy the CD but I could listen to this once in a while when it rains.

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Reviewed: September, 2004

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