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Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide - * * * *

Fuck You And Your Plan

- Vai Toma No Cu

The title of this record refers to the group's decision to disband immediately after playing the live show at the Dynamo festival in Holland which was recorded for this album. The logic behind this decision, as explained in the liner notes, was to keep Nailbomb pure and avert any commercial tendencies which would dilute the music beyond its original intended form. In short they wanted to keep Nailbomb underground. Given the band's tendency to write such obvious top 40 hits as World of Shit, Blind and Lost, and While You Sleep I Destroy Your World, the matter of commercial success may seem an unnecessary consideration. However, while it's unlikely that you would be seeing the Nailbomb coffee mugs that the band jokingly refers to in the liner notes, there is the very real fact that given the popularity of both Sepultura and industrial metal (Ministry, Fear Factory) in the underground at this time, Nailbomb could have made loads of cash if they had continued to put out albums. So the album title speaks volumes about what this band represented, an anarchistic and brutal response to commercialism and trend followers.

The band consists of Alex Newport from Fudge Tunnel and the angriest Brazilian on the planet Max Cavalera from Sepultura, along with a backing band and a revolving cast of drummers and bass players who showed up to jam with them that day. Making the rounds are Evan Seinfeld from Biohazard, Igor Cavalera from Sepultura, Scott Doom, oddly enough from Doom, Rhys Fulber of Front Line Assembly, and the guy from the Dead Kennedys (the wicked fast drummer not the guy with the annoying voice). Basically this sounds like Sepultura with two singers and a truckload of effects and sampling equipment. The guitar is fucking heavy and the music is most often played really fast and chaotic. There are a couple songs where the band slows down a lot and just fucking pounds a single riff over a lot of samples and screaming and shit. The dynamics are fairly simple and straightforward, basically Cavalera and Newport each have a guitar and a mic and they trade off parts of the songs. The vocal dynamic is especially good in this band because it contrasts Cavalera's death metal style with Newport's cleaner more hardcore punk vocals. Both styles add to the mix and are alternated off regularly during the songs. This especially works in Cavalera's favor because he is such an intense vocalist and frontman. The ferocious style of his vocals can get to be overbearing by the second side of just about any Sepultura album. Here they are used sparingly enough and at just the right moments to be very effective in bringing out the seething anger lurking just beneath these songs to the surface and transforming it to full out bloodlust rage in a single verse. When Cavalera fucking rocks the last verse of the Dead Kennedy's cover Police Truck, the raw fury in his voice provides stark contrast to Newport's sarcastic punk style and it brings out the dynamics at work in that song.

Live this band sounds intense and committed to what they are doing on stage. I saw Sepultura back around this time in 1994 and they were one of the first bands to really leave a lasting impression on me from a live show. They were absolutely relentless in full out brutality from the first note to the last. Nailbomb sounds like that intensity and passion for the material was carried through to this band as well. This is not a band collecting a paycheck. Nailbomb is fighting a fucking war with their music. If you still harbor any good feelings for either industrial metal or Sepultura then there is no excuse for not owning this album.

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Reviewed: April, 2003

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