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A to B Life - * * * *

All fevered and blistered, with nothing at stake
I feel the warmth of her whisper, and the cold of my mistakes
Her soul in the balance, my heart in her hands
I made her a widow, she made me a man.

- I Never Said I Was Brave

I tried to love you and I failed
But I have another plan

- Silencer

Mewithoutyou is a band recently signed to Tooth & Nail records. Musically they play extremely edgy and aggressive hardcore mixed with ambient instrumentals and alternative sounding heavy guitar riffs. Itís at least as much alternative emo as it is straight out hardcore. Similar in a lot of ways to bands like At The Drive In, Quicksand, and Clutch. Quality stuff but nothing that hasnít been done before. The thing that sets this band apart is the fact that the singer just fucking yells over the top of every song. Thereís very little actual singing and not much of the standard nu metal hardcore ďangryĒ vocals. No this guy just fucking screams at the top of his lungs about emotional torment and the women who did him wrong. Itís not pretty to listen to but itís honest and you really canít ask for much more from a band playing in a genre saturated by TRL clones and posturing by ďangryĒ emo bands in eyeliner that were rapping about bitches, blunts, and nookie 3 years ago. Itís completely over the top and sometimes ridiculous, but Iím going to fucking back this band. The guy sounds like heís in agony on every single song and itís real enough to sell the concept. Thereís a quote from Grant Alden posted on the main page of this site. He was talking about Nirvana, another band that wasnít fucking fronting when it comes to emotional pain. He wrote ďSome emotions are so deeply rooted that only the hideous abuse of an electric guitar and an untutored scream will do to express themĒ. That quote pretty much says it all for this band.

* * * *

Reviewed: September, 2004

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