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Forever Scorned - * * *

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Forever Scorned

It Dies Today are fucking pissed and they want you to know it. I’m guessing they’re pissed because they’re from Buffalo, NY, the worst fucking shithole I’ve ever been to. Imagine Schenectady but with about 300,000 more homeless crack addicts and unemployed steel workers. Awesome. Their location goes a long way toward explaining their sound which is a jagged dystopic brutal form of metalcore with lots of homicidal lyrics and screaming. On the verses the band employs a wicked double bass, which if anything is overutilized, and jagged harsh metal riffs which bludgeon the listener for a few bars and change up to the next discordant riff before the inevitable breakdown section. Oddly enough for a standard issue metalcore band, the breakdowns (the part where the audience beats the fuck out of each other during shows) are the weakest part of their sound. The slow plodding riff structures and tough guy growled vocals have been done before by just about every hardcore band for the last 15 years. No surprises there. What is surprising is when the band breaks out of this monotony and lets its thrash metal roots bleed through to the surface. The slow parts are boring as fuck but this band has a ferocity that is unmatched when they decide to speed things up (Bridges Left Burning, Sentiments Of You). The clean vocals could be used a lot more to augment the growling and screaming. They are unusually strong for a band in this genre and it helps to break up the tedium of the more unoriginal parts. Moments when acoustics are traded off with metal riffs and clean vocals are sung in tandem with screaming over the top of double bass riffs (Requiem For Broken Hearts, The Blood Stained Bedsheet Burden) add dimensions to their sound that take this band to the next level. These moments also make the band’s claim to be the “next generation of great metalcore” sound completely believable. These parts get five stars, the rest of the abum gets three. 15 year olds in wrestling t shirts who think that Slipknot invented metal 5 years ago will fucking love this. This record isn’t going to change my life. This is a solid album from a good band but it’s not going to change metalcore either. It already did that six years ago when it was called Stings Of Conciousness and it was written by Unearth. The fact that a band this obviously talented gets three stars can be taken as a sign that metalcore as a genre has generally outlived its usefullness. But if metalcore is your thing then by all means purchase this record, because you’re not going to find anything released in that genre in the last few years that can top this band on sheer brutality.

* * *

Reviewed: October, 2004

The Caitiff Choir

These motherfuckers must be huge fans of this site because they actually took my advice and improved on all the things I just fucking slammed them for in the above review. The breakdowns are faster and heavier, the vocals are more varied, and the overall sound of this band is confident, brutal, and 1000 times meaner than before. The metal growled vocals are truly fucking scary and they are complimented by strong melodies and clean vocals along the lines of Killswitch and Shadows Fall. The guitar parts are a lot heavier and the breakdowns take up less time overall and are much more effective for it. The band sounded aimless before, with a lot of potential but poor songwriting skills to back that up. Now they sound like a band that has their shit together and are fully confident in their ability to write great songs, which are in abundance here. There isn't a single weak track on the disc. Really, this band is that fucking good now, they make this style seem new again. They still have some problems to work out, but god damn what an improvement. Now that Unearth have finally broken big and released a truly great album, this band is set to take their place in the underground and become the standardbearers for good well thought out metalcore. This is the sound of that genre being born again.

* * * *

Reviewed: February, 2005

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