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House Of Pain - * * *

I never eat a pig cause a pig is a cop

-Jump Around

House Of Pain is fucking hilarious. Basically this is the musical equivalent of a bunch of drunken Irish wiggers talking shit after having a few too many pints of Guinness. These are the bald kids who used to play stick ball in the streets of Boston and spend their days beating the crap out of people in their neighborhood who weren't as ugly as them. Much like a drunken Irish wigger talking shit, House of Pain is fun to listen to once in a while but nothing to take too seriously. Being drunk and Irish myself, I still can't understand the mentality here. Alright, you're Irish, you're a tough guy, you like beer; we get the point, now shut up and write a song about something else. Thus said, the CD does have its moments. I have to give credit to DJ Lethal for the mix on House of Pain. He has a lot of talent for sampling and sound effects, and more often than not this is the album's saving grace. The agressive attitude and vocal style come off as very hardcore, but after 3 or 4 songs it begins to wear thin. After 5 or 6 songs, it begins to get irritating. For a rap group in 92, this really isn't bad, they were better than most. Now however it sounds dated listening to 3 white guys trying to master ebonics without a clue. "Yo I'm not a black man (no shit), but every time I grab the mic, I rock a phat jam". Really, I'm sure you do tough guy. It's obvious from later developments that House Of Pain did actually posses a good amount of talent, the format wasn't enough however to carry the full weight of this talent. Thus, House Of Pain comes off as shallow, fun but still shallow. This CD will come in handy if you are drunk off your ass at a frat party, or if you are indeed a wigger trying to get pumped up for a fight. If you're into rap, it is worth at least getting a tape. But don't spend money on the CD unless smoking blunts and drinking Guinness are your main interests in life.

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Reviewed: December, 1997

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