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Demo Tape - * * 1/2

Ask and you shall recieve. Destined To Fail is sending out free demos and the price couldn't be better. DTF is a hardcore band out of Virgina Beach and that is pretty much all I know about them so this review will be short and to the point. The demo tape is only three songs, but for the price I paid there is no complaining. The band plays a spastic brutal and chaotic form of emotional metalcore. Musically I would compare them to Deadguy, Brutal Truth, and Download Of Aggression. The guitars churn the ground with bottom heavy angular riffs which trade off with some misplaced atmospherics and damn good hardcore progressions. The music changes speed like a drunk crack addict on a bicycle. Most of it however is sludgy brutal stomp riffing with heavy drums and simple chords. A lot of metal influence can be heard in the faster parts, but these aren't really sustained long enough to have much effect outside of jarring the listener. I have to give them credit for the change ups on Voices Within . The speed part at the end is a welcome progression from the rest of the song. The bass is a key instrument in their sound and many times it carries the weight of the riffs farther than they were meant to go. I guess the biggest complaint I would have with DTF is the vocals. I'm not sure whether there are actually two vocalists or just one guy using different styles. The screams are traded off on verses so I think it actually is a backup singer offering the better vocals. The foremost vocals are too high pitched and screechy for my tastes. They are screamed, but the style is just too weak and doesn't flow with the bottom heavy sound of the music. The second vocals however are earth shaking by comparison. Bass infused death growls delivered with precision time in the trade offs and more often than not saving the faltering mix of the dominant vocals. I guess it is a lesson in how to use death vocals in a hardcore format, don't go too high or it will fuck up the sound, but if used properly the effect can be devestating. The backing vocals sound like a pissed off bear. And they are rythmic and spastic at the same time much like the music itself. Destined To Fail are definitely operating with some talent, but they need to devlop their sound further. This is impressive for a demo. Much respect to them for sending me a free tape. I liked the name too, very catchy and optimistic. The email is below for anyone interested in a copy.

* * 1/2

Reviewed: April, 2000

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