Brutal Truth

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Kill Trend Suicide - * * *

Bless my soul so I can see
Life beyond the crooked clouds, Life beyond illegalities
Restrictive thoughts
Choking conservatism, Insert your restrictions
Become a number, Searching for your reason

- Hypocrite Invasion

New York's resident deathcore band Brutal Truth is known for pushing the limits. On this record, Brutal Truth not only pushes the limits, but goes far beyond them. I'm not even sure what kind of music this is. It could be described as grindcore, noisecore or a host of other labels. However, the truth of the matter is that Brutal Truth's style is really hard to label. They are extreme in politics, music, and attitude. They will never be on MTV. Kill Trend Suicide brings up memories of an A.C. record I once heard, but played with a lot more musical coherence and talent. The lyrics are hyper-depressive, anti-society, and pro pot. The album features a cover song entitled I Killed My Family , promoting it as the "feel good hit of the nineties". In this contradiction lies the essence of Brutal Truth. They are extreme, but have a sense of humor. The topics are bleak, but Kevin Sharp never misses a chance to take a satirical stance toward the subject matter. The music is so extreme, that it verges on pure noise at times. The band doesn't always play coherently, and their extremity sacrifices a bit of their talent. There are moments however when Brutal Truth locks into a groove and that is when the sheer power of their sound becomes most obvious. The first track Blind Leading The Blind is a good example of Brutal Truth at its finest, finding a groove and beating it mercilessly into the senses of the audience. The lyrics take a view of society which is as honest as it is bleak. They single out political targets and hypocritical corporate trends most often. Humanity in general gets a well deserved kick in the teeth as well. The cover art pictures a man in a rundown apartment watching fuzz on the T.V. with a gun to his head and empty beer bottles at his feet. This is a bleak visual and it sets the tone perfectly for what is to come. The losing struggle of the individual against the collective influence of conformist society. I think that is the point. Regardless of concepts, Brutal Truth proves to be a talented if very fucking chaotic band. Kevin Sharp especially is ferocious in his vocal delivery with a guttural roar which walks a fine line between hardcore rhythm and deathcore aggression. Danny Lilker is also featured in the lineup, a veteran of such classic bands as S.O.D., Anthrax, and Nuclear Assault. As I said, the extremity of it all makes listening extremely hard. This is a brutal distorted fucking mess. However, some people will understand what Brutal Truth is trying to do. They are a band that is pushing the limits of what people consider music. While this is respectable, it is not always enjoyable. Kill Trend Suicide is an extreme record for fans of extreme music, but most people will not understand the record. This is possibly the heaviest band to exist on planet earth right now. Consider yourself warned.

* * *

Reviewed: March, 1998

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