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A Garage Dayz Night / Beatallica - * * * *

This band is responsible for taking Beatles songs and rewriting them with a James Hetfield impersonator singing about metal and dragons and shit. That shit with Jay Z rapping over the White Album was questionable at best, but this band sells the concept so thoroughly that it's hard to believe nobody's thought of this before. Any band that puts black metal worthy lines like "the rivers will run red with the blood of posers" to the tune of Hey Jude is worthy of respect. Add to that the fact that the fucking Hetfield impersonation is dead accurate. This guy even has Hetfield's hilarious vocal tics nailed, every single "oohhh" and "yeah-ah" is exactly where it should be and words are over-annunciated as much as possible. The transition between the Beatles songs and Metallica is surprisingly flawless and the lyrics are pure genuis. "When I find myself in times of trouble, hybrid children come to me, the thing that should not let it be." Choice song titles include A Garage Dayz Night , And Justice For All My Loving , Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band , and Eveybody's Got A Ticket To Ride Except For Me And My Lightning . These guys are apparantly a bunch of bored musicians from Wisconsin. You can't buy this shit anywhere, so go to the website and download all these songs. A band that simeltaneously rapes the entire back catalog of two incredibly prolific bands that take themselves way too fucking seriously is as good an argument for file sharing as I can find. "Na na na hey Jude, I hope we don't get sued". Pure fucking genius.

* * * *

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Reviewed: February 2005

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