5 Cent Deposit

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Cassete Sampler - * * *

Stop your fucking bitching, I'm okay
I'm just on drugs

- Pisshead

Some street team fucks gave me this tape outside of the Warped Tour a couple years back. Good lord I had a great fucking time at Warped Tour because I was really drunk and Dillinger Escape Plan was playing on the second stage. Good times for everybody involved. It took me a few years to actually remember that I have this tape in the box with the rest of my free samplers and cassette singles from the 80's that have been collecting dust since the first Bush administration. There's nothing here that's too shocking for a band handing out tapes at the Warped Tour. Basically this is a great second stage act and probably a good band to skate to. If your looking for a good soundtrack for you and your suburban friends to bust 360 aerial front flips and all that shit to then you could do a lot worse than this band. They pretty much just play straight ahead punk rock. There aren't any latent hardcore or metal elements and no fruity emo whining, although allmusic.com inexplicably classifies them as "emo core". They are just a regular punk band that plays fast and sounds like they have a lot of questionable piercings and bad tattoos. For whatever that is worth these days I find it refreshing that they don't have any pretenses of being anything but a punk rock band. The lyrics are juvenile and antisocial and pretty much fucking hilarious. They do have some pop punk elements which are more obvious when the music is slowed down on the last couple of songs. Here they sound like a slightly harder version of Green Day or maybe Rancid if they took a shower. All in all, this band should stick to the faster songs though because they get boring as hell when they slow down. I don't know why bands like this feel the need to write slower songs because it just shows off the fact that most of them can't play their instruments. You're in a punk band not fucking Foreigner. Write fast songs so I can break things while listening to them. Overall I have to say 5 Cent Deposit is a quality band and this tape was worth every cent I paid for it. The cover shows a nice illustration of a naked stripper crushing a beer can with her huge fake boobs. I bet they have a t-shirt of that too. The actual album is called Your Mother Likes Us When We're Drunk. Pick that shit up if you liked the Warped Tour and want something to listen to while playing Tony Hawk 4.

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Reviewed: March, 2003

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