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Welcome to Faerywytch Cottage Rattery

4075 Eaglecrest Road
Courtenay, BC
V9N 9P3
We are currently out of business due to unforseen circumstances. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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7pm May 4th, 2007

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in purchasing at Rat from Faerywytch Cottage Rattery, pick up may be required. Please Contact Us for Details.

General Rat Care:

Rats are social creatures and for that reason should always be kept in groups of two or more.

When thinking about getting a new lovable fuzzbutt to add to your home, make sure that you budget for the biggest cage that you can get, preferably one to which you can add multiple hammocks and levels. This provides the propor behavioral needs of climbing and hiding.

The rule of thumb to follow is two cubic feet per adult rat.

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