Tall Tales

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Files_files\Oracle Shack 2-5-03 -- T17.103.04.17 00:41:210:17:53128S44
MatchTheHatch.MP3 1.402.01.05 00:49:43Ross Taggart & Bob MurphyMatch The HatchMysteries And Tall Tales0:01:14160S44
Artist - Tall Tales And Short Engage 18:49:31ArtistTall Tales And Short EngagemenAlbum
MysteriesAndTallTales.MP3 1.302.01.05 00:50:26Ross Taggart & Bob MurphyMysteries And Tall TalesMysteries And Tall Tales0:01:07160S44
Tall_tales.mp3 16:13:280:03:20128S44
Thankfully.MP3 1.502.01.05 00:53:28Ross Taggart & Bob MurphyThankfullyMysteries And Tall Tales0:01:15160S44
Tall_Tales.mp3 0.502.10.26 22:17:02Franklin BankTall Tales2001Franklin Bank
Talltales.mp3 1.502.12.18 20:23:29Spiritual BeggarsTall Tales2002ON FIRESample
OpenBook.MP3 00:51:37Ross Taggart & Bob MurphyOpen BookMysteries And Tall Tales0:01:52160S44
SheWaits.MP3 1.902.01.05 00:52:41Ross Taggart & Bob MurphyShe WaitsMysteries And Tall Tales0:01:39160S44
Hot_club_of_cowntown__polkadots_and_ 1.802.11.04 02:21:35The Hot Club Of CowtownPolkadots And MoonbeamsTall Tales0:03:05 80S22
Oracle Shack 2-5-03 -- Tall Tales.mp17.103.04.17 00:41:210:17:53128S44
Tyler_n_clark_-_short_n_tall_tales_- 01:52:34Don TylerThreads (2001-03)2001Short And Tall TalesStretched, filtered, and tweaked0:02:16128S44
Belfry_Bats,_The_-_A.P.E.,_Inc..mp3 3.802.10.09 14:43:05The Belfry BatsA.P.E., Inc.Tall Tales Of The Future World PExcellent
Jeffro Bodeen-Ten Tall Tales-So Much 3.503.07.01 01:01:53Jeffro BodeenSo Much Love0Ten Tall Tales!/mp3.com.au/track.a0:03:42128S44
GRAIG-MARKEL__Wings.mp3 4.504.05.02 20:25:14Graig MarkelWings2004Tall Tales On Tape0:04:44128S44
Belfry_Bats,_The_-_A.P.E.,_Inc..mp3 3.804.04.27 00:10:52The Belfry BatsA.P.E., Inc.Tall Tales Of The Future World PExcellent
Jeffro Bodeen-Ten Tall Tales-Gone Is 3.503.07.01 01:35:04Jeffro BodeenGone Is The DayTen Tall Tales0:03:40128S44
Tall Tales About Selling Coupon Book 21:28:480:02:09256S44
Tall_Tales.mp3 0.504.06.24 14:58:36Franklin BankTall Tales2001Franklin Bank
Files_files\oracleshack = Tall Tales11.304.10.06 02:18:130:11:51128S44

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