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Paperduck - Better Off Alone (remix) 2.503.02.12 09:28:270:02:37128S44
Paperduck - Event Horizon.mp3 19:42:32PaperduckEvent Horizon2002The Event HorizonThe event horizon sure is a pecu0:05:15128S44
Paperduck - Euphoria.mp3 4.702.05.07 19:45:22PaperduckEuphoria2002The Event HorizonIn this song there's0:04:56128S44
Paperduck - World Of Wonder.mp3 3.503.03.19 09:38:190:03:40128S44
Paperduck - AIo2.mp3 17:42:260:04:12128S44
Paperduck - Welcome.mp3 3.702.05.07 19:48:18PaperduckWelcome2001The Event HorizonKinda weird sounding. Futuristi0:03:53128S44
Paperduck - One.mp3 2.602.05.07 19:50:42PaperduckOne2001The Event HorizonSynth instruments used to produc0:02:44128S44
Paperduck - Time.mp3 2.603.03.03 23:25:340:02:47128S44
Paperduck - Gravity.mp3 3.402.05.07 19:57:46PapaerduckGravity2002The Event HorizonI was bored today0:03:38128S44
Paperduck - Dreaming.mp3 4.802.05.24 16:03:24PaperduckDreaming20020:05:01128S44
Paperduck - Life.mp3 6.903.04.21 03:33:400:04:50192S44
Paperduck - NpComplete.mp3 2.402.05.07 19:53:02PaperduckNpComplete2002The Event HorizonNice use of strings and light in0:02:32128S44
Paperduck - Golden Mean.mp3 00:14:150:04:14128S44
Paperduck - ManyakDarbuka.mp3 1.303.03.19 09:36:100:01:27128S44
Paperduck - Interference.mp3 21:11:350:05:03192S44
Paperduck - Autumn.mp3 3.303.06.20 21:07:54
Paperduck - Electric Ambitions.mp3 2.703.03.09 16:19:350:02:50128S44
Paperduck - Lost.mp3 3.302.05.07 19:54:02PaperduckLost2001The Event HorizonOne of the earliest mp3s I made.0:03:30128S44
Paperduck - Far.mp3 19:59:42PaperduckFar2001The Event HorizonAnother one of the earlier mp3s0:03:25128S44
Paperduck - Proxima Centauri.mp3 19:48:42PaperduckProxima Centauri2001The Event HorizonSpacey trance song. Experimenti0:01:37256M44
Paperduck - GecmisiKontroleden.mp3 2.403.03.09 23:46:170:02:33128S44
Paperduck - Hypercube.mp3 3.402.05.07 19:57:54PaperduckHypercube2002The Event HorizonA psychodelic rave song.0:03:34128S44

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