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07 - Tie (RP En El Cafe Del Foro).mp 19:24:10Rosa Pantop NTie2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Caf0:04:25128S44
01 - Lisa (RP En El Cafe Del Foro).m 3.702.09.26 20:17:18Rosa Pantop NLisa2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Caf0:03:56128S44
08 - He (RP En El Cafe Del Foro).mp3 20:15:58Rosa Pantop NHe2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Caf0:04:17128S44
02 - Big Black Mariah -Tom Waits (RP 2.302.09.26 20:17:52Rosa Pantop NBig Black Mariah -Tom Waits2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Caf0:02:29128S44
ROSAPANTOPON-Searching.mp3 19:01:28ROSA PANTOP NSearching2002Recorded live in Und0:02:19128S44
13 - Id Rather Go Blind - Blues Clas 20:19:20Rosa Pantop NId Rather Go Blind - Blues2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Rit0:07:30128S44
06 - Husband (RP En El Cafe Del Foro 4.302.09.26 19:29:46Rosa Pantop NHusband2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Caf0:04:32128S44
09 - Man Sized - PJ Harvey (RP En El 20:16:24Rosa Pantop NMan Sized - PJ Harvey2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Caf0:03:15128S44
15 - Hannah (RP En RyC).mp3 20:19:42Rosa Pantop NHannah2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Rit0:01:19128S44
10 - He Man (RP En El Cafe Del Foro) 4.902.09.26 19:23:00Rosa Pantop NHe Man2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Caf0:05:11128S44
ROSAPANTOPÓN-NightBoulevard.mp3 2.703.03.30 22:05:20ROSA PANTOP NNight Boulevard2002Sweet & Sour Rock0:02:54128S44
12 - Sera (RP En El Cafe Del Foro).m 3.302.09.26 20:16:48Rosa Pantop NSera2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Caf0:03:31128S44
16 - Gloria - Patti Smith (RP En RyC 5.702.09.26 20:19:50Rosa Pantop NGloria - Patti Smith2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Rit0:05:56128S44
ROSAPANTOPÓN-Perfume.mp3 22:11:58ROSA PANTOP NPerfume2002Sweet & Sour Rock0:04:21128S44
ROSAPANTOPON-NightBoulevard.mp3 2.302.09.26 19:00:50ROSA PANTOP NNight Boulevard2002Recorded live in Und0:02:28128S44
03 - Dress - PJ Harvey (RP En El Caf 19:24:32Rosa Pantop NDress - PJ Harvey2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Caf0:03:12128S44
ROSAPANTOPÓN-Searching.mp3 3.303.03.30 22:17:15ROSA PANTOP NSearching2002Sweet & Sour Rock0:03:27128S44
04 - Night Boulevard (RP En El Cafe 19:24:20Rosa Pantop NNight Boulevard2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Caf0:05:27128S44
17 - Eucodal (RP En RyC).mp3 2.402.09.26 20:19:34Rosa Pantop NEucodal2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Rit0:02:30128S44
ROSAPANTOPON-Eucodal.mp3 2.302.12.21 07:11:48ROSA PANTOP NEucodal2002EucodalGracias a Jes s y Os0:02:29128S44
05 - Worm Sugar (RP En El Cafe Del F 19:29:36Rosa Pantop NWorm Sugar2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Caf0:03:24128S44
11 - Perfume (RP En El Cafe Del Foro 20:16:32Rosa Pantop NPerfume2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Caf0:06:17128S44
14 - My Favourite (RP En RyC).mp3 5.802.09.26 20:19:02Rosa Pantop NMy Favourite...2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Rit0:06:03128S44

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