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03072004.mp3 6.704.03.15 22:21:47Michael Palandro03072004Who Killed Jesus0:37:19
04182004.mp3 8.804.04.23 14:36:11Michael Palandro04182004041820040:49:19
03282004.mp3 7.804.04.23 14:49:32Michael PalandroJesus From The Garden To The CJesus From The Garden To The Cro0:43:49
07202003.mp3 16:15:01Michael Palandro/Carlos David QuStaying On Course, Matthew ConAlbum
01112004.mp3 7.704.01.12 18:28:09Michael PalandroRemember What You Are DoingRemember What You Are Doing0:42:54
01042004.mp3 14:58:24Michael Palandro01042004Remember Who You Are0:04:11192M44
01252004.mp3 8.804.03.01 17:03:14Michael PalandroChoosing The Path To LifeTitle0:48:54
03212004.mp3 20:37:35Michael Palandro03212004Authentic Spirituality0:44:38
04112044.mp3 7.704.04.23 14:40:32Michael Palandro04112044Easter Message0:16:08 64M44
02012004.mp3 7.304.03.01 16:58:20Michael PalandroJesus And The Power To HealTitle0:40:39
02152004.mp3 8.404.03.01 17:07:59Michael PalandroJesus Delivers Us From EvilAlbum0:46:46
02292004.mp3 7.704.03.15 22:26:09Michael Palandro02292004The Mission Of The Followers0:43:15
08312003.mp3 8.903.09.19 16:02:53Michael PalandroThe Law And The KingdomTitle
12082002.mp3 8.803.02.25 19:50:39Michael PalandroWhen Did Christianity Begin 12Title0:21:03 56M22
05162004.mp3 15:52:56Michael Palandro05162004The Good Way To God0:45:57
05022004.mp3 6.304.05.14 15:26:24Michael Palandro05022004Witnessing In A World At War Par0:35:22
02232003.mp3 9.503.05.02 16:34:32Michael PalandroMichael Palandro - Ministry OfAlbum0:53:16
03162003.mp3 8.603.05.02 16:21:36Michael PalandroThe Power Of The PeopleTitle0:08:57128M44
11302003.mp3 9.703.12.02 15:58:59Michael PalandroPrayerPrayer0:54:17
02092003.mp3 19:25:34Michael PalandroThe Shape Of Your Ministry - 0Title
01052003.mp3 7.303.02.25 19:54:45Michael PalandroSalvation History 01-05-2003Title
08032003.mp3 5.703.08.22 15:58:28Michael PalandroThe Call Of The KingdomThe Call Of The Kingdom
07062003.mp3 7.603.07.25 16:04:19Michael PalandroWho Is Jesus (Matthew 1-2)Title
11092003.mp3 7.303.12.02 16:49:44Michael PalandroSpiritual Practice & The HeartSpiritual Practice & The Heart
02022003.mp3 5.903.02.25 19:28:52Michael PalandroEveryone Receives A Call - 02-Title
03022003.mp3 6.603.05.02 16:25:20Michael PalandroEntering The Life And MinistryAlbum
08102003.mp3 8.703.08.22 15:50:01Michael PalandroThe Gift Of The KingdomThe Gift Of The Kingdom
03092003.mp3 6.903.05.02 16:29:13Michael PalandroPraying In TonguesTitle
10052003.mp3 18:15:12Michael PalandroThe Problem Of LustThe Problem Of Lust0:39:17
08172003.mp3 9.603.08.22 15:43:54Michael PalandroThe BeatitudesThe Beatitudes
01192003.mp3 6.903.02.25 19:41:18Michael PalandroUnleashing The Church 01-19-20:16:28 56M44
12212003.mp3 16:29:03Michael PalandroDeliver Us From EvilDeliver Us From Evil0:51:12
04202003.mp3 6.703.05.07 20:16:52Michael PalandroThe New WayAlbum
04062003.mp3 7.403.05.07 20:25:30Michael PalandroThe Presence Of The FutureTitle0:10:18 96M22
05102003.mp310.203.05.12 19:00:41Michael PalandroJesus And The Value Of WomenAlbum
05042003.mp3 8.803.05.12 18:56:50Michael PalandroDrawing People To LifeTitle0:09:15128M44
09072003.mp3 6.603.09.19 16:06:39Michael PalandroThou Shalt Not Be Angry - PartAlbum
03232003.mp3 20:30:40Michael PalandroWhen The Spirit Comes With PowTitle
10192003.mp3 9.503.10.29 21:44:09Michael PalandroDivorce & RemarriageAlbum
07132003.mp3 8.903.07.25 16:09:38Michael PalandroStudy In Matthew, ContinuedAlbum
09212003.mp3 18:55:43Michael PalandroReconciliation In The KingdomTitle
12222003.mp3 6.903.02.25 19:37:29Michael PalandroResponding To The Birth Of JesTitle
12072003.mp3 15:10:43Michael PalandroAdvent Prayer: Kingdom ProvisiAlbum0:40:09
10262003.mp3 19:41:03Michael PalandroA Light In The DarknessA Light In The Darkness0:50:02
06152003.mp3 7.303.07.10 19:41:03Michael PalandroKnowing What God Wants To GiveTitle
06272004.mp3 8.604.07.29 21:25:04Michael PalandroCultivating Life In The VineyaAlbum0:47:47
06132004.mp3 21:34:24Michael PalandroWhy Are We HereTitle0:45:15
07182004.mp3 9.404.07.29 21:11:55Michael PalandroExtravagant MercyTitle0:52:36
07252004.mp3 8.804.07.29 21:06:44Michael PalandroServing Builds The CommunityAlbum0:48:57
07042004.mp3 6.404.07.29 21:20:15Michael PalandroThe Value Of OneTitle0:35:53

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