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FileSizeDate/timeArtistTitleYearAlbumCommentLengthBi..C..S.. [Jawad Ahmed]sochoon Ka 6.803.07.04 00:59:15Pakmusic [Jawad Ahmed]Sochoon Kabhi Tu Mil Jaey Gee2003[Dholna]ripped by asn2005@myorange.dk0:05:44160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]banto Di J 5.803.08.23 - Jawad AhBanto Di Jaan Haan (Cheetah)0:04:50160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]banto Di J 5.803.07.04 00:45:10Pakmusic [Jawad Ahmed]Banto Di Jaan Haan Main2003[Dholna]ripped by asn2005@myorange.dk0:04:50160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]e Hawa Kay - Jawad AhE Hawa Kay (Cheetah)0:05:09160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]mehndi.mp3 6.703.07.04 00:55:31Pakmusic [Jawad Ahmed]Mehndi2003[Dholna]ripped by asn2005@myorange.dk0:05:39160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]woh Hay Te 01:07:06Pakmusic [Jawad Ahmed]Woh Hay Tera Khuda2003[Dholna]ripped by asn2005@myorange.dk0:05:06160S44 [Jawad Ahmed] 00:47:02Pakmusic [Jawad Ahmed]Deewane2003[Dholna]ripped by asn2005@myorange.dk0:05:02160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]dosti.mp3 6.903.07.04 00:51:31Pakmusic [Jawad Ahmed]Dosti2003[Dholna]ripped by asn2005@myorange.dk0:05:47160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]e Hawa Kay 00:53:26Pakmusic [Jawad Ahmed]E Hawa Kay Saathiyo2003[Dholna]ripped by asn2005@myorange.dk0:05:09160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]dosti.mp3 6.903.08.23 - Jawad (Cheetah)0:05:47160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]samaan Hey 00:57:08Pakmusic [Jawad Ahmed]Samaan Hey Yeh Mastaana2003[Dholna]ripped by asn2005@myorange.dk0:04:21160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]dholna.mp3 7.603.08.23 - Jawad (Cheetah)0:06:23160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]too Meri K 6.603.07.04 01:01:18Pakmusic [Jawad Ahmed]Too Meri Ki Lagdi2003[Dholna]ripped by asn2005@myorange.dk0:05:30160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]walikhi Te 6.503.07.04 01:05:13Pakmusic [Jawad Ahmed]Walikhi Tere Jai Na Koyi Mutya2003[Dholna]ripped by asn2005@myorange.dk0:05:25160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]dholna.mp3 7.603.07.04 00:49:23Pakmusic [Jawad Ahmed]Dholna2003[Dholna]ripped by asn2005@myorange.dk0:06:23160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]too Meri K 6.603.08.23 - Jawad AhToo Meri Ki (Cheetah)0:05:30160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]Uchiyan Ma - Jawad AhUchiyan Majajan (Cheetah)0:05:13160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]sochoon Ka 6.803.08.23 - Jawad AhSochoon Kabhi Tu Mil Jaey (Cheetah)0:05:44160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]mehndi.mp3 6.703.08.23 - Jawad (Cheetah)0:05:39160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]woh Hay Te - Jawad AhWoh Hay Tera (Cheetah)0:05:06160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]Uchiyan Ma 01:03:13Pakmusic [Jawad Ahmed]Uchiyan Majajan Aali2003[Dholna]ripped by asn2005@myorange.dk0:05:12160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]samaan Hey - Jawad AhSamaan Hey Yeh (Cheetah)0:04:21160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]walikhi Te 6.503.08.23 - Jawad AhWalikhi Tere Jai Na Koyi (Cheetah)0:05:25160S44 [Jawad Ahmed] - Jawad (Cheetah)0:05:02160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]woh Hay Te 01:07:06Pakmusic [Jawad Ahmed]Woh Hay Tera Khuda2003[Dholna]ripped by asn2005@myorange.dk0:05:06160S44 [Jawad Ahmed]woh Hay Te - Jawad AhWoh Hay Tera (Cheetah)0:05:06160S44

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