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Eurotrip '06


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We all can't wait for our trek across the European continent this summer- wine and cheese in an age old square, absinthe shooting, hooker fucking, top-quality weed smoking, black eyes, and midget fighting, but the question is WHEN? The latest on the street is a departure for early June. A few of the members of Eurotour '06 have opted for a late departure in order to complete a summer session at their respective colleges. Eventhough, this will probably send Interpol to ruthlessly search through the continent to destroy Mario Palmisano(because his time as a tourist will be up June 30); the potential date has still been pushed back. Let's hope the delay is worth it, and a good luck on your finals boys.

Into Barcelona on the 3rd leaving....??(posted Feb. 6)
A Barcelonian Beginning!

Well atleast something got done...That's right the final verdict to begin Eurotrip '06 is the beautiful Barcelona, Spain. Mario Palmisano says "It's an optimal decision!, and here is why: we hit the bastard off with a bang, talking good party life, hotel is easily found, narcotics easily stockable, and when the partying looks about done we retire in a beachside villa". Well I don't think I have ever heard it better put, that Mario is a GENIUS. Keep in mind that if we want to go anywhere else on the Iberian peninsula (ie: Madrid,Lisbon) we do it after, so this way we can keep from going back to the bottom left corner when in central europe. Until then Bienvendido Mother Fuckers!

World Cup or a Squirrl Nut?

9 days til we have to sign up hurry bitches!!(posted Feb. 6)
Doesn't exactly rhyme, but a conversation stirrer nonetheless. We all hold the World Cup high in our expectations for this year's Eurotour '06, but are we finding ourselves on a goose chase? In a recent interview I found that we have already missed the first drawing of tickets. This of course means our dreams of seeing and 5 star Latin American/European team play is near impossible. But I think the verdict is we are good as long as we get in a stadium on game day. Low and behold, hope is still near- the next drawing is in February, and we are standing by. A few things you need to know about tickets: the most we can book is 4 at a time (meaning we have to split into 2 groups), in order to apply we will need certain information from each ET06TM (Eurotour '06 Team Member)-[ie: Passport #] ,so they can run a criminal background on us. And even after all of this it will still be a slim chance for a spot. But hopes are still high, and if we don't get one we are still going to have a hell of a time.

Rolling Champiņones!

Rolling Stones!

That's right champiņones (mushrooms), and it ain't got nothing to do with trippin' LOVE(it might)...The Fucking Rolling Stones will be touring the European continent at the same time as us. We couldn't have had better timing boys. Now, what needs to happen is a vote on where to go- (all during month of June) 8th Horsens, Danmark; 10th Gothenburg, Sweden; 20th in Wein; and 22nd in Milan ("How quickly can you have your bags packed?")- Keep in mind you will be arriving on the 3rd of June so after Barcelona we will have to travel quite a ways for the Scandanavian countries, but if we do go with this I would suggest the later date so we can hit up another city on the way(i.e: Paris, Brussels, and Hamburg). In general I would suggest the later dates ,that way if we feel rushed- it's because the extascy we took was laced with speed.