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"Counterpoint" in Romance Upon a Midnight Clear, from Highland Press.

Eve Martin never thought she'd spend Christmas Eve at the hospital, watching her husband, and the life that she knew, slowly slip away. Her marriage is in a shambles, her heart broken beyond repair. But then a handsome stranger wanders into the room, and offers her a chance at happiness she thought was gone forever.


"Where the Sea Meets Skye" in Blue Moon Magic, from Highland Press.

Marine Biologist Celine takes a backpacking trip to Scotland to study the seals. She's heard of the selkies before -- mysterious beings who can transform at will from seals to people. She dismissed the stories, until she met a stranger on a Scottish beach who may be more than he seems.

Praise for "Where the Sea Meets Skye":

"Erin Hatton offers more than the beauty and intensity of the Isle of Skye, she captures its very essence."
Aysel Arwen, Author of A Clan Chief, A Dragon, and Evelyn

"Her enchanting and sensual delivery of this story is not to be missed!"
Diane Davis White, Award-Winning Author

"Mrs. Hatton skillfully weaves a romantic tale of loss and renewal that you won’t want to miss!"
Jacquie Rogers, Author of Faery Special Romances

"Erin Hatton sweeps the reader into a love story of underwater adventure and stellar characterization. A must read ... I for one look forward to many more stories from this delightful writer."
Patty Howell, author of "No Laughing Matter" in No Law Against Love

"Wow! Mrs. Hatton's tale holds the reader spellbound from beginning to end."
Ann Marie Bradley, Author of "Blue Moon Magic" in Blue Moon Enchantment


Blue Moon Magic (ISBN 0974624942)