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The Kansas City Chiefs and New York Knicks

allen kcchickens Right Hand
If the Chiefs aren’t going to use Bell as a pass rusher, Fox may be the better option. He has made more preseason plays than Bell. “He was doing well last year before he got hurt,” middle linebacker Kawika Mitchell said of Fox. “I knew he had some talent. He’s coming on strong, had a good camp. He’s got a chance to be a real good player.” Fox returned in the offseason uncertain where he might fit in under a new head coach or what he might have lost with the injury. He was pleasantly surprised at both. “I didn’t lose too much with the injury as far as mobility,” Fox said. “Now I feel like I’m a smarter player because I got to sit back and study the game for a year. So I’m in better shape than last year.” The Chiefs may wind up using a lot of four-linebacker formations using both Fox and Bell. They used four linebackers some last year before Fox’s injury. “We have an array of people,” Bell said. “We should use all of the talent we have.” Will the No. 2 quarterback please stand up? Coach Herm Edwards alluded to the fact that some offensive starters might not play at all tonight. If that list includes quarterback Trent Green, then prepare yourself for a long night for the offense. Rookie Brodie Croyle struggled in his debut last week against the Rams, and Casey Printers (below) also had his share of problems. Maybe veteran Damon Huard will finally get some playing time. That may not mean the Chiefs will have any more success in moving the chains. Will it be Hannon, Webb or some other guy? Edwards made a rather surprising move this week when he cut Craphonso Thorpe, who was seemingly a lock as the Chiefs’ No. 4 receiver this spring. Thorpe ran into more injury problems, and now that job is a race between rookies Jeff Webb (right) and Chris Hannon. Unless, of course, Kansas City finds a veteran to its liking on the waiver wire. Can Junior make up for lost time? This is obviously a game for the backups and roster hopefuls, and maybe nobody needs to impress more than defensive tackle Junior Siavii. The second-round draft pick in 2004 has been out because of a knee injury, and he is in serious danger of being cut this weekend. Siavii may need a monster night to stay alive. Any other veterans sweating it out? Defensive end Carlos Hall (right) might be counted in that list. The coaches love his playmaking ability, but they’ve rarely seen it because he’s been hurt so much since he came to Kansas City last year. Is he good enough for the Chiefs to hold a spot for him? Does anybody really want to be here tonight? You do because you plunked down $30 for a ticket. But with the starters on the sideline, and the backups sweating out their fate, it won’t be the most enjoyable of nights. The stands were more than half-empty in the fourth quarter of last weekend’s Rams game. The mass exodus will probably start long before that tonight. “You’ve got to play it for a lot of reasons,” Edwards said. “You owe it to the fans and the players who have been here since the (offseason). For me, it’s a fun game to watch the young guys. Some are sitting on the fence.”

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Keys to the upcomming sesons for Kansas City:
ToolThe offensive lines pass protection (Kyle Turley).
ToolThe defensive lines ability to pressure the qb with only the front four.
ToolThe saftey's ability to cover ground in their zone in cover 2.