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Race , Religion and World Peace


The following views expressed in the articles written online do not necessarily represent or reflect our own opinions.

On the other hand however they may!


The 20th Century is now well behind us! And ever since the 1960's , Dr King's "Dream" has started to become a reality in America! But now that we are in the 21st Century , I believe now is the time that we start to work on having ,

" A NEW VISION !!! "

Civil Rights Leaders like Dr King had "Dreams" but folks we can have ,
" A NEW VISION !!! "

Because a lot of folks in America are really fed up with what they are stuck , " VIEWING " on American airwaves during the past century! Most folks watch , " Television " in America every day! And while it is true we may now have ,

"Color TV"
The sad truth is , It's still mostly in just
Black & White !!!
By that of course I mean race not color.

U.S. Television Networks still show a lot of signs of being some of the most discriminating TV broadcasters on Earth! That is why we should work together now to help create a better future in America for the New Millennium! And have,

" A NEW VISION !!! "

Because Folks Hollywood television is at an all time despicable low !!! There is an extreme lack of any " Traditional American Family Values " ever being broadcasted on the tv network airwaves anymore! Filth is at an all time high which has only lead the culture into a decline of further Moral Degeneracy! But folks we can help stop this this! We can help make a big difference! We Can Have ,

" A NEW VISION !!! "
Now Is The Time For Mankind To Stand Up For The Future !!!
Praise The Lord !!!
We Already Are Making A Big Difference !!!
But We Must Not Stop Now!
We Must Continue To Clean Up Broadcasting !!!
And Help Create ,
" A NEW VISION !!! "

Working together across the U.S. along with other good groups and organizations that respect our Traditional American Family Values we can help make a difference in our culture for generations to come! That is why some of our goals to fulfill our " New Vision " should include helping to ,


With the Internet ever growing , it won't be long before cable tv in any form can finally become obsolete !!! Now is the opportunity for more networks in foreign countries to finally start broadcasting and or making their programing available online! Hollywood needs much more competition in America! We need to work toward getting a lot more programs imported in the future! And help create ,



Imagine or envision if you will what the future shall one day be like going online on the Internet and being able to watch practically any television network in the world! No longer would you need to get cable or satellite tv of any kind !!! A thought that many companies are terrified of!!! They may try to fight it but in the long run they shall be defeated!!! No more monopolies controlling what you watch!!! No longer would any television network ever need 50+ tv station antennas to broadcast across America!!! Instead just go online and watch any station around the world!!! At last we could help to eliminate discrimination by American television networks , that has become so common!!!

One day in the not too distant future I believe we'll be able to watch any TV program in the world in any language and just have the computer translate the spoken voices for you and if need be we'll use some computer animation to adjust the mouth movements to match the language you have selected!!! No longer would there be as much of a need for English dubbing translations in the future ever again!!!

Because folks our friends in Asia are already on the verge of an even greater breakthrough!!! Many of you have heard by now about that new computer animated Bruce Lee film now in the works!!! So advanced will this new computer animation be , that they boast that you will not even be able to tell that the Bruce Lee character in this new film is just a computer animated image!!! The budget I recall is projected to be somewhere around $300,000,000.00 for this new film!!! But the point I'm getting to folks is that once this new level of computer animation is achieved , how hard will it be in the future to someday watch any program in the world and have the computer someday translate it for you and adjust the mouth movements if need be? Finally all races of the world can someday have an equal opportunity to have their programs watched in America or any other part of the world! No longer would viewers have to tolerate the racial discrimination that has become so commonly shown by the American tv networks!!!

Working together I believe we can help change our society for the better in the 21st Century and help replace the poor quality offensive junk that came out of Hollywood during the 20th Century instead with quality made family programming from the various cultures of the Earth during this New Millennium!


Folks we must let our concerns be heard and made known in America because it is still amazing how some people still do not see how discriminating Hollywood and the American television networks really are! But this folks is something that has started to become more and more obvious to many!!! Sadly in the past it was often an over looked fact!

Unlike many other countries where importing and exporting programing is much more normal and common , here in the United States all too often any series made in any other nation by members of any other race are much more commonly discriminated against by the Alphabet Networks and the Hollywood Entertainment Industry. While it is true that they may not show all out mindless "Nazi hatred" , it's still a clear discriminating prejudice by the entertainment industry by never giving the same opportunities to programs made outside of the U.S. an equal chance to be allowed on the broadcast airwaves of America.


Look at what the Alphabet Networks normally show during Prime-time hours today! How many programs are ever imported from other countries? Almost nothing! But if you travel around the world to other countries , what do the networks there generally show? A variety of programs both made in their own country as well as programs imported from others. In most other countries it is more common to exchange programs by importing and exporting with each other from other nations. Not in the U.S. however!

In America to get a program shown here on the Networks it generally has to be made in this country or else! Even PBS is rather strict about this. So why aren't there ever any programs imported from other countries and translated for American audiences here? Why does it generally have to be made in the U.S. only? Many Americans are fed up with the racist bigotry so commonly displayed by the extreme prejudice of the Alphabet Networks! And we want to start having better choices for programing!


With the new technological breakthroughs now being made , we can finally start putting an end to the old problem of having to be stuck with only being able to watch the Hollywood junk the Alphabet Networks allowed you to see!

No longer would a company that makes programs have to deal with trying to sell their pilots to the network to have their series aired. Why do that when they can eventually just offer their new programs online instead? Think of how much money that could be saved and how much greater the profits would be. The only ones who may lose out will be some of the television networks in the long run.

Many Otakus for decades now have wanted to see more Asian programs shown on the American Alphabet Networks during Prime-time. This may have seemed like only " A Dream! "

But folks I tell you " the dream " of ever having the option of someday watching prime-time Asian television regularly in America can soon become a reality! Already many states in America are blessed with having Asian run tv stations like in Hawaii, New York , California and more!!! Best of all many of these networks have gone to the all to the trouble and extra cost of providing English subtitles for the American public for over 30 years now! God Bless Them!!! They truly have helped a lot of Otakus for decades now with getting many quality made Japanese programs in to the states!

What a shame the average Hollywood Alphabet TV Network never tried importing some of their quality made programs for American audiences over these past several decades. Australia has tried this and it worked rather well back during the 1960's and 70's. Perhaps it could have been better. But it is true that some of the programs they did import back then have created quite a following with some fan groups. Programs such as ,


and others were a welcome relief when compared to U.S. TV Network's American made idea of supporting Asian culture with their notorious KUNG FU series. Sadly the few times in American TV Network history that Asians ever had any of their programs allowed on prime-time here was often done in a demeaning fashion. As many Otakus will agree, normally any translated and dubbed program shown on an American TV network in the past was only something directed at children. Usually actually only on a low powered independent UHF station. Such as with,

and others.


About the only time the Alphabet Networks ever took some big steps in what some hoped would be the right direction was of course with Fox and their attempts during the 1990's with POWER RANGERS and other Saban programs. Sadly however this again was another example of how American tv networks would now begin to import quality made Asian programing in the coming decade by totally replacing the Asian actors! It's sad. What other country on Earth has had television networks that show such extreme prejudice in such a manner? Does any other country on Earth ever censor our programs any time we have a black actor in an American made series? Not that I know of. Why then must broadcasters here in the U.S. censor programs that are made with Asian actors? Some would say it's partly because dubbing such shows does not work well, although this never seems to be a problem in most other countries. But imagine what if the voice over was perfected by using computer animation to match the mouth movements perfectly? This eventually can become a reality!


If terrorists ever did someday strike at Hollywood and wiped it off the face of the map. It would be interesting to see where Americans would begin to get their programs from then. Such a tragedy could be turned around for good by importing more programs into America from then on. What the terrorists might try to do to scare the people could actually backfire on them and instead help to unify the people by helping to stop discrimination finally on the airwaves! After all the Bible does teach us in Romans 8:28 that ,

"God causes ALL things to work together for good, for those who love Him
and are called according to His purpose."

Hopefully such a tragedy like 9/11 will never happen again in America but if it ever does we have seen how the Church and fellow Christians really seem to come together after such disasters , including also natural disasters as well like we saw after Katrina. It is always best for people to turn towards God for help and give thanks to Him and not be totally dependent on man and government alone , you know? Who knows maybe that next terrible worst earthquake in history will strike Hollywood! It could happen! Such a situation could help lead many more souls to Christ and bring about more opportunities to help get more programs imported into the U.S. in the future!


In Asia , Europe and almost anywhere else in America for example it is not unusual to see programs imported from Hollywood or other countries or to hear English music broadcasted on the radio there as well. But why don't we hear more music from other countries on our radio stations? Do America listeners really think that English music is somehow better than all other languages? I don't think so. But the corporations and networks that have been calling the shots for too long apparently seem to think so.


In the case with television programs some would argue that some think Hollywood is in some way better than all other sources of entertainment in the world. But is it really? That in itself seems like a somewhat racist attitude. To act like your country is somehow superior to all other nations around the world in some way. Where is the equality in that way of running things? But folks we can help change this!


We do see more imported programs now than like we did 20 or more years ago but like I said before , often whenever this rarely ever does happen, the programs are marketed for mainly just our children. That in itself can be a kind of another derogatory way of handling things as well one could say. To consider Asian programing to be only good enough to ever marketed for only American children?

Many otakus would much rather see more anime and other foreign made programing imported and shown during prime-time on the Alphabet Networks in the future instead of the trash they show now. And together I believe we can help make that happen in the future!


Already Thank God there are more and more groups and organizations like the AFA complaining to the FCC about the frequent violations that the Alphabet Networks have committed. If you would like to help with this just let us know! Only recently did they have to pay fines of over ,

Hitting them in their wallets will help make a positive difference!

Perhaps what would also help is if American tv networks were required to start having a certain percentage of programs be imported from other countries as well. But I have to question if this would be the best way to really help change things. More competition is what it will likely take in the future.


The best thing tv networks in other countries could do to compete with American broadcasters in the future would be for them to start offering more of their programs online with perhaps " streaming ". After all if you were wanting to advertise on a TV network , you would likely want to choose the one that reaches the most people at the cheapest cost , right? Streaming probably would be one of the best ways to start competing with more American tv networks. Already some stations offer this but not as many as many viewers or advertisers would like.

TBN is one network known for broadcasting online and helping to get Christian programming into Arab Muslim countries. Even now many people in communist China are able to watch their Christian programs. Praise The Lord for that!


If only more American TV networks really tried to show that they cared about our soldiers that are defending peace in Iraq. I thought it would be great if a soldier who was stuck in Iraq could still watch TV back home online and so on. How much effort would it take to help make something like this happen? TBN seems to be one of the few TV Networks in America that cares enough to help do something like this.

I have heard some say that with regular Network TV that it could never be done because of some copyright nonsense. I wonder if that is the case , are people really that greedy that they would be more concerned about losing a few bucks than trying to help show our troops over in Iraq that they care? If that's the only thing really blocking progress in regard to what I am talking about doing in the future then that is pitiful. We should be trying a lot harder with supporting the solders over in Iraq and making their stay there as comfortable as possible! Even if the reason more U.S. TV networks can't broadcast online was because of certain programs having legal technicalities, I'm sure that some TV programs must not have such restrictions for being broadcasted online. Maybe the TV networks if need be could just block the signal of the few programs that have legal mumbo jumbo restrictions.

I doubt that very seriously in the long run that broadcasting online would really be considered any different from how they broadcast on cable or for other ways? Besides it's the networks that usually call the shots , not the TV show makers. Getting a TV show on TV is a hard business. If someone wants their show to get on tv, they'd better support the network's rules for broadcasting and not try to interfere with rules of their own. In business making money is what usually is most important. And if a station can make more money from businesses advertising on them by broadcasting online then why not? I see no problem with any existing copyright laws that would not allow this anyway. I would think it would be in the station's best financial interest to adjust to the times and modernize their formats for broadcasting. Even if the picture quality is not yet perfected , it would still benefit the station to accommodate to the viewers and advertisers best interest rather than cater to a few that may disagree.

Besides , if some stations cannot broadcast online for copyright reasons why then do many offer message boards for folk to talk about trading those same programs online? Aren't some folk going to trade in the very same way that they would say they cannot broadcast online sort of then? Like if a friend sends you a file with a TV program to watch online then how is that really a whole lot different than sending a broadcast signal online? What would stop someone then by their set of rules of doing almost the same thing that one might say they can't? Like what if a friend tapes a program and sent it to a soldier in Iraq to watch right away? Then he would be watching the station almost live. Or suppose someone had a video camera device on their computer and their buddy in Iraq saw the TV behind them. Would that be wrong? Please don't misunderstand me. I am not trying to create trouble but rather I think in the very near future we could all benefit and really start doing a lot more. TV Network stations like those in other countries could really prosper and become something much greater. But it may be up to those who start doing it first as to who will become the most successful later on.


I have heard some suggest that instead of broadcasting online that instead tv networks could have all their shows available for download at any time for anyone upon demand but that could be more complicated. Perhaps in about a decade it could be done more easily. After all the technology is there for the most part is it not? Even if it's not perfect without Broadband or whatever it would still be better than nothing in the meantime and eventually any bugs would get worked out I'm sure. Especially when video phones start catching on and so on. After all folk can talk online and see each other now if we have the right equipment, so why not do the same with accessing all TV stations too? Already now you can listen to many radio stations far away online too. For someone who owns just one independent uhf tv station in America , he could start his own online tv network over night if he really wanted to. It would be a cheap way for them and others to become big and more successful. Why must a tv network have to have a giant TV station antennae in every town like CBS , NBC , ABC , FOX and so on? Why not just start broadcasting online and be available to everywhere? It's a lot cheaper. And would help eliminate much undesired " sky pollution " as some have been known to call it.


The American soldiers that are still stuck in Iraq probably have very few choices for what they can watch on TV over there now. Last I heard it was mostly old video tapes friends and family have sent to them. I am sure some would love TV programs online if offered by more stations in the future. Besides for folk that live in far away places like those other Islands around Hawaii , it may help with getting more stations available to people like that who normally can't get signals of any tv networks in some cases.

What a positive example some good TV Networks could make to the rest of the country if they decided to help make a change like what we are suggesting. And like I said , they'll also get noticed too by more advertisers for their new ratings as well you could say. Why advertise on a tv network that broadcasts in only one country when you could advertise instead on a station that broadcasts around the world? It would seem hard to believe that someone who makes the program would want laws enforced to limit the availability of their program in any way.

If a show's creators really wants good ratings then why create obstacles for getting itself broadcasted , right? If you were making a TV show , aren't you concerned about keeping it on the air? Why do something to hurt potential rating then?

I think its only a matter of time until watching TV online may even become the norm for the future. Just type in the station's address anywhere in the world and watch them online almost anywhere. Anyone not willing to modernize will eventually only be hurting themselves as their competition gets the higher ratings first and so on.


Yes obviously facts like this scare the heck out of the multicorporate TV network giants like CBS , NBC, ABC and so on. I mean just think about it. If you spent the past 50+ years filling the whole U.S. with Giant antennae towers in every major city and so on across America only to become obsolete and be replaced eventually by pretty much just one source broadcasting online from a computer , then yeah some of the old networks may try to fight the changes with broadcasting online that will start to happen more often in the future. Although ironically already a lot of local news programs are already offering their programs available for download online.


Just think of how much money the new " Internet Broadcaster " can save. The new guy then has the power to start their own TV network for a tiny fraction of the cost. All those giant antennae towers that cost millions and millions of dollars , Heck I easily venture to say Trillions and Trillions of dollars , would become all obsolete and replaced by just little more than a computer.

The ol' Cable TV monopolies are already pretty much broken up now in most places. Eventually it may come to a choice for a TV station or even a cable channel to decide , will they continue to do the old outdated method of broadcasting or will they conform and allow viewers around the world to watch them online? If they don't then competition may. And if their competition says , "hey viewers! watch us online for free! No fees attached!" , Who then do you think the advertisers will turn to first? Which would you prefer? To advertise on a station in just one town or across the entire world? And as a fellow viewer , which would you rather do? Keep paying for cable TV and get maybe only a few hundred channels, or have access to thousands of broadcasters online for free?


It may not happen overnight but theoretically this all sounds very possible in the coming decade or so. Perhaps it will be stations in other countries that will start doing this first and which will eventually come encourage one station after another in America to change as well for those who haven't yet changed. After all, how is our tv networks really supporting our troops who are off fighting the war if they don't even broadcast online their programs for our boys to even watch them? Surely the TV networks can do more. How much would it really take to change things on a larger scale like what I am suggesting? We have men and women as well as our children who are off fighting the war. Loved ones risking their lives every second over there. But there are TV stations in America that are not even willing to let them watch our TV shows online while they are over there? This is very insensitive. And very unpatriotic.


I know a lot of the cable TV companies and so on don't want anyone breaking apart their old monopolies. But they cannot get away with their schemes forever. More folk are getting wise to them and some tv networks. After all , wouldn't it be great if you could go home and sit back on the couch and go online and have access to over a thousand channels someday though the Internet? No more cable fees except maybe for the movie channels. Which will likely be replaced by then by that other new technology where you can rent a movie at home anytime and so on without leaving home. It wouldn't surprise me if regular TV eventually does get to be like that too in the next 10 to 20 years. But in the meantime just getting a station's broadcast online would be good enough for me. If more foreign stations would start to do this without any legal problems I think they'd be a lot more successful as would other TV Stations that are willing to do this. After all the next time you go on a trip to somewhere in Europe then when you get there you could go online and watch TV back home etc.


It is sad that some who are in such positions of power in the U.S. would do so very little to help with the troops situation over there at the moment. It seems like more could be done in regard to this matter , don't you think? If the TV stations in America really want to support our soldiers then let them at least have access to TV programs from back home online then.

Many soldiers over there are already furious with the U.S. TV network news for their inaccurate reports made about them. Those networks aren't exactly helping with getting more dedicated viewers by not even letting folk over there watch them online. If our soldiers have a chance to have a choice to watch more programing while they are stuck there , I dare say they really could get a lot of new viewers when our soldiers return home. And that could really get a lot of positive attention I would think.

Besides helping our soldiers over in Iraq, It would be great if some of us could watch stations when we are out of town , like on business trips , etc across the country you know?

If the rest of the population of the world has a better opportunity to be exposed to more of the American culture with its entertainment then this could help spread democracy throughout all the Earth someday if handled correctly. After all if you can just sit at home and watch tv , who really wants to fight a war with their neighboring country then? Maybe there still would be some extremist trouble makers but by large hostility could eventually be reduced in theory. People that have nothing better to do than to go around hating their neighbors and starting a war often show an obvious lack of self discipline and must have nothing better to do. Maybe if they had more sources for entertainment with Internet Television , more of those people would be kept occupied with at least something better to do than killing each other.

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