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Aquatic Team Spring 2007
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Links and References Used for the Environmental Assessment

Water Quality

Dissolved Oxygen
WY DEQ: Water Quality


EPA: Bioassessment
Biological Assessments (EPA Brochure)
Biological Opinion on the Platte River RecoveryImplementation Program

Fish Species

Fathead Minnow
Silvery Minnow
Native Fish of the Powder River
Rainbow Trout
Freshwater Fish Identification and their use as Indicators
Nature Serve
Distribution of Native U.S. Fishes by Watershed: Platte River
Nature Serve Explorer

Aquatic Insects

Aquatic Insects as Environmental Indicators


Casper Region Aquatic Habitat Priorities
Physical-Habitat Characteristics of the Platte River, Nebraska--Assessment Using Surveys and Spatial Analyses
The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's Instream Flow Recommendations for the Central Platte River

Agency Websites

BLM: Powder River Basin Coal
EPA: Surf Your Watershed: Middle North Platte-Casper
USGS: Platte River Ecosystem Resources and Management, with Emphasis on the Big Bend Reach in Nebraska
WORC: Powder RIver Basin Resource Council


Platte River Recovery Implementation Program
Powder River fish finders study species
Powder River EIS
Proposed Platte River Recovery Implementation Program

PDF Files

The Effects of Coalbed Natural Gas Activities on Fish Assemblages
Diel and seasonal abundance of fishes in the Platte River, Nebraska, USA
Potential habitat loss and population fragmentation for cold water fish in the North Platte River drainage of the Rocky Mountains: Response to climate warming