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Loosing Sleep?

Sleep, Infrasound and the Hum

Infrasonic sound is noise at and below normal hearing of around 40Hz. It is experienced in many ways and because you don’t recognise it like loud music, you put the experience down to some other cause. It is our experience in New Zealand and other places around the world that people do experience infrasonic sound which is sometimes called the Hum. Normal sleep may be disturbed in a range of ways from waking in the morning and not feeling as though you had a good sleep to where you wake up in the middle of the night and just cannot go back to sleep. You may lie in bed thinking of things that may or may not be important. This experience is not stress related! Often you will go to the bathroom and feel better and if the sound is not too intense will fall back to sleep. Other experiences of it can be feeling a vibration; hearing a very faint whirring or buzzing similar to a fridge; an itchy or tingling inner ear which cannot be scratched; a slight feeling of tenseness, all these and others stop when you stand up or go outside. The experience of it may be regular on a nightly basis to once a week, Friday and Saturday nights may be worse. The experience of it depends on how loud or intense it is, and this varies both in location and between people. When experienced regularly it will deprive you of sleep and make you lethargic and lacking of energy. It may cause back problems, muscle discomfort, dulled thinking and when extreme and coupled with pushing yourself may be related to bleeding, causing strokes and heart problems. The effects are not age dependent so a child may be affected just as the adults in the family are. The research that has been done has evolved from personal experiences over a 15 year period and has got to a point where other people’s experiences are needed. We are hoping through this site wider circulation is found and more people can start to think about it. There appears to be very little research but what is documented speaks of some of the above affects.

Can you help? Tell us of your experience, times, dates, and street name. Email to “Experiences” at address below.

How to improve your sleep and reduce the Hum

We have developed a prototype device which for the male developer has reduced the sound and its effect by 95%. This reduction may also work for you. The device is external to you and is attached to your bed. It is a passive device requiring no power or input from the user.

When using this device we have found that the sound, and the lethargy and fatigue caused by the infrasound are reduced.

By example, if we consider the average person rate their energy level at 90-100% over a period of time, someone who is suffering infrasound may state their energy levels at 20%, where by example they get up in the morning and by 10am want to go back to bed. Others may say 80%, where they remain energetic to 3pm and then need a big rest. The developers’ experience has seen a move from 20% to 100% where endless energy is available and recuperation in rest periods during the day is quick of between 5-10minutes. Even if you do not recognise yourself as a infrasound sufferer we believe that where it is present the device may help and you may benefit from a daily productivity increase.

If you would like help or information send an email addressed to “Device”

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