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Chapter 3

<l`Aquila> Montressor stands stoically while Signore Loredan wiggles his fingers over the gathered wealth. "These coins . . . are not from anywhere in Europe. . . look at the faces on the side. These coins are from a long forgotten time." Cleaned up, holding spiced wine. . . the early morning seems easier after the hardships of the night. Verederosa had sewn Ulrich's finger back on without complication, and it doesn't even look like it will leave a scar.
* Rosalva_Solario is present veil over her pretty face she keeps her head down around Sir Montressor.
* l`Aquila sips from his glass thoughtfully, watching Loredan as he lifts the coins from the case and lets them fall back. Montressor says "They're cursed and tainted treasure, Loredan. . . you should not touch such tainted things." Loredan shouts back "Nonsense. . . gold is gold, wherever it is from Montressor. What would you have us do?" Montressor reopens the scroll from the book, then shakes his  head saying "The scrolls shall be placed in a library or burned. . . depending on what the Inquisitor says. This is dangerous knowledge that should be contained. Superstitious rantings, nothing more."
* Rosalva_Solario will hold her hands in front of herself waiting she will take her wine when she notices it is there and delicately lift her veil.
* l`Aquila The chest contained many things. Scrolls on demons and summoning, poultices for transformation. . . and several maps. Some scrolls on geometry seemed of great interest to Rosalva. l'Aquila says "I'd like to look over the maps, though. Perhaps it will lead an expedition to the source of the gold. . . since Magister Hastings is no longer about to tell us where he got such wonders from.
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien was a early Riser...and his exercise regimen was quite specific about starting early....he had been doing Calistenics...and then a brisk swim in the canal...followed by a Bath....the man made his way through the Lodge house....towards the Gathering...buckling his sword on for the day..and adjusting his Black high necked tunic.... "I'll be more gentle with the superstitonists next time captain..."
* l`Aquila smiles as he says "Ulrich, the safest superstitionist is a long dead superstitionist, and even then I only trust them when the body is burned, the bones cast into the sea and the ash scattered to the four winds.
<l`Aquila> I'd much prefer to get any information from the texts than from the man. The texts are less unpredictable and dangerous. I've heard tale that this Magister Hastings once immolated an entire Cohort of Pikemen.
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> more of that then..." he eyed the scrolls... "I did want to speak with you briefly about Pietro..."
* Rosalva_Solario will look up a little sipping her wine slightly. though she now seems like a nervous tiny women.
<l`Aquila> And of course the tales state that he has called the thunders down upon the earth from above, crooning to the winds to strike his foes in distant lands. . . he's safer dead, decapitated and turned to ash, his body blown to pieces by explosives. I will not mourn HIS death.
* l`Aquila Montressor raises an eyebrow towards Ulrich. Loredan's looking at the face on the gold, and then he lifts the necklace up, staring at it through the light.
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien nods to Loredan....and to Montressor...and bows slightly to the Navigator
* Rodney_Ianios walks his way in...
* Rosalva_Solario nods to Ulrich.
* Rodney_Ianios is carrying a bottle of something with him...
* Rodney_Ianios is dressed rather flamboyantly with little lucky charms tied here and there on his clothing...definitely a sailor type from the look of him...
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> Ianios......" gave the man a brief nod...the stoic German looked back at he looked at him...
<l`Aquila> Signora Solario, Rodney Ianios. . . our pilot. . .
<Rodney_Ianios> Von! How are you?
* Rodney_Ianios has definitely been drinking tonight
* Rodney_Ianios walks his way over towards Ulrich, remarkably strait
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien looks at he approaches him....
<Rodney_Ianios> You know it's quiet nice outside...Though I like it in here better I think...
* Rodney_Ianios considers that a moment...then turns to look to Rosalva...
<Rosalva_Solario> a Pleasure Signore.
<l`Aquila> We served during the Dalmatian uprising. Rodney, keep your mind together, there's dirty work afoot. . . You get a chance to sneak in and see the ship yet?
* Rosalva_Solario will stand to curtsey elegantly to him.
<Rodney_Ianios> Yes it is...*flashy grin*...what's your name luv?
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien goes back to his stoic observation
<Rosalva_Solario> Rossalva Solario.
* l`Aquila  Montressor sneers slightly at the Greek. The fat Signor Loredan frowns at the Greek. He doesn't forget easily, although he's been willing to forgive the infractions. "Ah, the Greek finally joins us."
<Rodney_Ianios> Oh no Captain...just from afar...
<Rodney_Ianios> And I assure you, my mind is quite together...
* Rodney_Ianios takes another drink...a smaller one
<Rodney_Ianios> Rodney Ianios at your service mum...You a friend of the captain's?
* Rosalva_Solario will settle back down and sip her wine she will look at Sir Montressor, before looking back at Rodney,.
<Rosalva_Solario> I am to be the Ship's Navigator.
<Rodney_Ianios> What do you know, I'm helm...I imagine we'll be seeing a lot of each other, eh?
<l`Aquila> Montressor shakes his head as he says "The point remains, the texts should be burned. . . they're full of dangerous knowledge." The captain stands tall looking to Montressor saying "I'll let you take the demonology texts, but the maps are mine." Loredan clears his throat. "And will remain a the Odyssean lodge for the use of those Captains and expeditions that wish to make use of them, including 2 Signore Loredan's quest for this . . . hidden treasure."
<Rosalva_Solario> It would seem so." *She will smile timidly.*
<Rodney_Ianios> Anything I need to know Captian? at yer disposal sir...
* Rodney_Ianios salutes a bit...though hardly cleanly...
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien and as if a silent counterpoint to The Odysseans statement the Germanic Mercenary shifted to move up as if to stand at the Captain shoulder...and look over the stuff
<l`Aquila> Herr von Riesen, catch Rodney up on the situation, prego.
<Rodney_Ianios> Herr Herr!
* Rodney_Ianios turns to look at Riesen
<Rodney_Ianios> Would you care for a nip Von?
* Rodney_Ianios offers him the bottle
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> "No.." the impassive German took Rodney into another room in order to explain the situation to him
<Rosalva_Solario> he seems to be... a ... character. Antonio.
* Rodney_Ianios looks back at Rosalva with a wink and a smile before following Ulrich into the other room
* Rosalva_Solario says that after Rodney is gone!
<l`Aquila> "He's a drunken madman, but a good pilot."
* Rosalva_Solario will cover her face with the veil again.
* Rosalva_Solario nods.
<l`Aquila> Good swordsman, and he's loyal, and he's got a spark to him. . . I've seen him stare down a storm until it went away, and I saw him laugh as he was gutted down the side before killing his foe.
<l`Aquila> Ironically, he's more stable when he's drunk. . .
<l`Aquila> Where were we gentlemen?
* l`Aquila Loredan is staring over the maps. . . "I don't recognize any of these."
<Rosalva_Solario> Do you wish me to look at them Signore Loredan?
* l`Aquila Loredan puts the maps down on the table. Montressor, glances at them, l'Aquila draws near and leaves a space for Rosalva
* Rosalva_Solario will lean over to look at them.
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien moves back into the room....the tall fellow dressed in Black...making his back in...and taking up his silent posutre...
<Rosalva_Solario> hmmm...
<Rosalva_Solario> some of these appear to be maps of heavenly realms.. I haven't seen these mathematical equations before... I may need them translated.
* Rosalva_Solario will pick one of them up and push her veil upwards to look closer.
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien eyes the equations...
* Rodney_Ianios follows along after...looking about the room as if he's forgotten it...then walking over to peer from behind Ulrich
* l`Aquila The equations are complicated, written in Arabic, you can see words in Greek. It's based on Aristotle, you can see that on the style. . .
<Rodney_Ianios> Well...isn't that interesting...
<Rosalva_Solario> I thought so...
<Rodney_Ianios> Rosa darling...can you make sense of that?
* l`Aquila looks at another map. "This one's the New World. . . southern continent. The Incan empire. . . you can see from the mountain ranges. I've never been there, but I heard traders speak of it. . . it is said they have a road network to surpass even that of the ancients. . . but no wagons or beasts of burden. The roads are vertical and the people must cling to follow them.
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> Its got roots in Aristotle's work....." the hulking mercenary said simply....
<Rosalva_Solario> yes of course I can make sense.
<Rodney_Ianios> How impractical...
* l`Aquila 4 3 2 Ulrich and Rodney still remember Old Macky. . . and Mario Pettigone. . . after they met the Jaguar Warriors. . . 3 4
* l`Aquila 4 3 2 They can remember his heart getting ripped from his still living body, and the screams probably follow them in their nightmares. 3 4
* l`Aquila 4 3 2 Then again, the tales of the local tribesman on the river seemed rather far fetched. . . and Ulrich had never trusted their guide. . . l'Aquila wishes sometimes that Ulrich had been wrong in his mistrust. 3 4
* Rodney_Ianios peers at the map closely...takes a swig of his bottle...and crouches down to eyelevel with one of the maps...
<Rosalva_Solario> these might be a form of passage way... maybe there is one i can study that will get us to our destination in the required period of time...
* Rosalva_Solario will start looking the maps over.
* Rodney_Ianios sighs a bit and sets the bottle someplace out of the way...gesturing for it to stay there...
* l`Aquila shakes his head as he looks at the equations, they seem cleaner. . .
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> The Moor was a subtle one I believe....they have any number of ways that can traverse distance... " he said simply....Antonio might recall a subtle one who walked a knife into Ulrich from across a room in Athens a few years back....
* l`Aquila Signore Loredan nods as he points to the New World Map. "there that's the one. You see that legend there in the corner? With that demonic face on it. . . with the bulging mouth. . . that's the style of the coins. . . doesn't match the necklace, though. That's definitely Italian. . . "
* l`Aquila nods to Ulrich as he says "Possibly went back home, then. . . that Djinn didn't help much. If I know how these things play, and unfortunately I do, despite reason. . . we'll probably not seen the last of him. . . especially since we'll be leaving for the holy land by the end of the week.
* Rosalva_Solario will go to speak again but then close her mouth.
* l`Aquila looks at Rosalva "Si Signora?"
<Rosalva_Solario> Nothing Antonio.
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> Indeed....and that could be the reason for his wanting of these charts andma..." the expert on the matter wishes to speak
<Rodney_Ianios> Penny for your thoughts Rosa?
<Rodney_Ianios> I'm sorry, I'm all out of pennys...
* Rodney_Ianios frowns thoughtfully
* l`Aquila Montressor raises an eyebrow listening, then looking down at the necklace. . .
<Rosalva_Solario> I have no need for your pennies Signore Ianios but thank you.
<Rosalva_Solario> It is nothing really.
* l`Aquila  Pietro Moro walks into the library with another young man. . . Where Pietro Moro is flashy and charming, and a young rake about the town, his friend has a reputation for a steady hand and a quiet tongue. Benneto Venier of the Great Venier House dressed in black and had a somber face to him. . . he suited Moro's qualities quite well.
<Rodney_Ianios> As you like it...
* Rodney_Ianios gives her a sidelong glance a moment...then looks back to the Captain
* l`Aquila Montressor looks up as he says "I'll leave the maps and the gold, but this necklace and the tainted tracts shall go to the Cardinal. . . I'll neglect to mention the Arabic texts to him. . . "
* l`Aquila Loredan stares at the necklace for a moment. . . then at Montressor. . . contemplating. . .
* Rodney_Ianios scoots over to Ulrich...
* l`Aquila Pietro Moro looks as if an arrow went through his heart. . . Benneto simply raises an eyebrow and says nothing.
* Rosalva_Solario will smile at Montessor for the first time since they have met she has a lovely smile.
* l`Aquila  Montressor smiles as he says "It would be a shame, to destroy such fine sources of ancient knowledge and science to preserve orthodoxy."
* Rodney_Ianios mutters something
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> "Remind me to make a donation to the church Monstressor....the templars always do strengthen my Faith" nods slightly
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien leans down...
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien whispers
<Rosalva_Solario> I will do my best to make the best use of them,
<Rosalva_Solario> Herr Von Riesen would you mind terribly translating the calculations and giving me a translation with each map?
* l`Aquila Montressor shakes his head as he says "To give into faith blinded from science, is to deny the natural philosophy that God has placed in the world. One truth, one world, one church. . . we stand against lies in preservation of the truth. Aristotle was a virtuous Pagan, and well versed in worldly knowledge.
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien nodded to Monstressor...and then looked at Rosa.. "I'll translate what I can for you of course"
* l`Aquila Montressor places the necklace into his pouch. Pietro Moro clears his throat as he asks "What interest do you have in the necklace, Templar?" Benneto is silent, watching quietly. . . Montressor raises an eyebrow saying "It is for the Cardinal. The style and the quality and the text are of theological significance. I trust that will satisfy." He glares at Pietro, who wisely backs away.
* Rosalva_Solario will nod to Montressor.
* l`Aquila Signore Loredan nods as he says "Giani di Firenze is looking for a voyage out of this town. Perhaps he would be willing to visit this Inca. . . and see what trade might be established. . . "
* Rosalva_Solario willl frown at the exchange and pulls down her veil hiding her face.
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien mutters something unkind about new world jungles
<Rodney_Ianios> Captian...beggin' your pardon...but what is the significance of said ruby pendant thing?
* l`Aquila looks at Loredan as he says "Are there enough men for two such voyages?" Loredan smiles as he says "Most of the sailors in Venice will be of better stock for it. We'll take some of your crew, replace them with Paduans. . ."
* l`Aquila lifts up his hand as he says "It's a matter for the Cardinal now, Rodney. It was in a chest, though. . . used to pay for a powerful artifact last night. . . along with these scrolls, and this gold. . ."
<l`Aquila> Since we lost the artifact with the moor. . . I felt we should at least get these spoils to the Lodge. . . seeing as we lost a man out there.
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien looked at Rodney...the scar faced German's message couldn't be more clear....
* l`Aquila shrugs as he says "And as the noble knight wishes it for the Cardinal, I part with it with no remorse. I've what I want. . . "
<Rodney_Ianios> Pardon my curiosity Captain...
* Rodney_Ianios bows his head slightly
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> Indeed...that reminds me I will be going to his Mass....any who wish to accompany me should say so....
* Rosalva_Solario blinks a bit.
* l`Aquila Loredan nods as he says "While the necklace is an artifact of beauty, the gold and the voyage is worth more to me. I say it's a fair split. . . " Montressor hears Ulrich and nods saying "I shall join you." l'Aquila nods as he says "As should I. I would not offend the Good Lord before a voyage."
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien nods slightly
* Rodney_Ianios 's eyes are very sharp...taking everything in...
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> You lads should attend too...." speaking directly to Pietro and his friend "In this business you -will- loose friends and should get accustomed to such matters
* l`Aquila Pietro crosses himself as Benetto says "I've just been shrived, sir. . . however I will see you to the church."
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien grunts affirmative
* l`Aquila Mass will start within the hour, the sun is already starting to rise after the long night. . .
* Rodney_Ianios glances to the boys...looking at them very pointedly...
* l`Aquila nods as he says "I'll wash and change. . . if I could use one of the spare rooms, Signore Loredan." Signore Loredan nods and waves his hand saying "Make use of our full facilities, as you are members of the Lodge."
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien notes he was already prepared to will go about looking over the if to translate....or at least get a idea how much work is involved
* l`Aquila goes into the other room for a time to clean up
* l`Aquila Signore Loredan considers the map to the Incan empire, squinting. Montressor, leaves the room .
* Rosalva_Solario will stand.
<Rosalva_Solario> I will return I must get properly dressed.
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> "Of course.." eyed the maps.....
<Rodney_Ianios> Captian...Can you think of anything you'd like me to acquire before we shove off?
<Rosalva_Solario> Pietro?
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> Signore Loredan....I assume the library has the standard ciphers for translations?
* l`Aquila Signore Loredan says "It does."
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien nods slightly
* l`Aquila looks to Rodney as he says "Nothing comes to mind. Make certain we have equipment, and pack light clothing. We go to Jerusalem."
* l`Aquila A bell rings, it rings in an echoing way as the incense fills your nostrils. Like a gilded cage, the interior of St. Marks Cathedral shines in stolen gold. . .
<Rodney_Ianios> Ahh...good seas that...sounds like fun...
* Rodney_Ianios grins a bit
* Rosalva_Solario will head off. to hurry to get ready.

* l`Aquila The priest walks down the aisles, waving the incense burner as the service stars. The singing in Latin is comfortable, the ritual millennia old, connecting the One True Church together. The Bishop stands before the congregation, and crosses himself. . .
* Rosalva_Solario will find a place to seat herself she is dress in a long elegant black dress she has a small stone rosemary she wears around her wrist. her veil is down.
* Rodney_Ianios is sitting where he was directed to sit...and is looking over the various stained glass religious things about with some attention
* l`Aquila St. Marks' Cathedral, Chisea d'Oro. . . the basilica of Gold. the cathedral of Venice, is the most famous of the city's churches and one of the best known examples of Byzantine architecture. . .
<l`Aquila> The church is based on a Greek cross inscribed in a square with each arm of the cross emphasized by a dome of its own. This is based on Justinian's Basilica of the Apostles in Constantinople. It has a raised choir with a crypt beneath. The plan of the interior consists of three longitudinal and three transverse naves. Over the high altar is a baldacchino on columns decorated with eleventh-century reliefs; the altarpiece is the famous Pala d'Oro (Golden Pall) [1], Byzantine metal-work of the year 1105, originally designed for an antependium. Behind the high altar is another altar with alabaster columns. The choir stalls are embellished with inlaying by Fra Sebastiano Schiavone, and above them on both sides are three reliefs by Sansovino. On the two marble pulpits ambo are statuettes by the Massegne brothers (1394). Also in the choir are Sansovino's bronze statues of the Evangelists and Caliari's of the Four Doctors.
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien is kneeled at the Vestibule and the one....and then retreats to a place where he can kneel in one of the pews
<l`Aquila> seldom did a Venetian vessel return from the Orient without bringing a column, capitals, or friezes, taken from some ancient building, to add to the fabric of the basilica. Gradually, the exterior brickwork became covered with various marbles and carvings, some much older than the building itself
<l`Aquila> Inside, the walls were covered with mosaics, in a mixture of Byzantine and Gothic styles, while the floor is a twelfth century mixture of mosaic and marble in geometric patterns and animal designs. The mosaic contains gold, bronze, and the greatest variety of stones. The mosaics of the narthex show Old Testament narratives including a fine series showing the creation, on the right hand dome; inside the basilica, New Testament themes are shown, with marked Byzantine influence - the main domes show Pentecost, the Ascension, and the Pantocrator.
* Rodney_Ianios looks slightly awkward in here...
<l`Aquila> The Horses of Saint Mark were installed on the basilica in about 1254. They date to Classical Antiquity; by some accounts they once adorned the Arch of Trajan. The horses were long displayed at the Hippodrome of Constantinople, and in 1204 Doge Enrico Dandolo sent them back to Venice as part of the loot sacked from Constantinople in the Fourth Crusade. As the Roman Empire began the process of disintegration, Emperor Diocletian imposed a new Imperial office structure: a four co-emperor ruling plan called "The Tetrarchy". This porphyry (purple marble) statue represents the inter-dependence of the four rulers. It was taken from Constantinople, during the Fourth Crusade in 1204, and set into the south-west corner of the basilica at the level of the Piazza San Marco. .
* l`Aquila "Pax Vobiscum." recites the priest, "E Tecum. . . " the congregation responds. . .
<Rodney_Ianios> Eh Teach'em
<l`Aquila> In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Introibo ad altare Dei
* Rodney_Ianios says this because this seems to be what everyone else is doing
* l`Aquila responds "Amen, Ad Deum qui laetificat juventutem meam.
    * l`Aquila If you're interested in the script of the mass, it's the part marked "S"
    * l`Aquila "P" is the priest

* Ulrich-Von`Rissien stays quiet....and he prays for the man's soul
* l`Aquila There's a shadow in the balcony. Staring down, a dark shape. . . Rodney sees the movement out of the corner of his eye. . .
* Rodney_Ianios makes as if he hasn't...but certainly has...
* Rodney_Ianios 's hand slips to one of the trinkets tied to his clothing
* l`Aquila A woman? In the balcony. . . her face is hidden behind a veil. . . her clothing dark. . . the rose she holds, black as night. She drops it from the balcony, and then steps away. The petals shower down upon the priest. . . who stares up in mid prayer in terror. . . then he swallows and tries to continue. "Judica me, Deus, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta: ab homine iniquo et doloso erue me.
* l`Aquila He seems to really mean it
* Rodney_Ianios considers this...
* l`Aquila says along with the congregation "Quia tu es, Deus, fortitudo mea: quare me repulisti, et quare tristis incedo, dum affligit me inimicus? "
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien raises a eye at the woman who would insult his comrades Mass....
* Rodney_Ianios would do something that requires a sheet to get a better look at the woman
* l`Aquila The woman is veiled, in dark clothing. . . slipped away into the shadows. . .
* Rodney_Ianios glances to the Captain once the woman vanishes...seeing if he's to be instructed...
* Rosalva_Solario will frown as this happens what colour is the Rose?
* l`Aquila 4 3 2 Black 3 4
* l`Aquila nods once to Rodney,
* l`Aquila crosses himself
* Rodney_Ianios nods at the woman...indicating if L wants her followed...
* Rosalva_Solario will look over at her companions from behind her veil.
* l`Aquila nods once to Rodney. . .
* Rodney_Ianios slips his way out of the pew and moves his way for the rectory...
* Rodney_Ianios pokes his head out...looking left, then right...
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien is not about to let him go alone..and moves with Rodney...
* Rodney_Ianios pops out into the Rectory and leans in to Ulrich...
* l`Aquila The bishop coughs once. . . " Emitte lucem tuam et veritatem tuam: ipsa me " cough cough cough "deduxerunt et adduxerunt in montem" cough. . . cough "montem . . . sanctum tuum, et in tabernacula tua. " he turns from the altar. The bishop turns from the altar. Another priest walks behind him, wrapping his arms around the bishops back, while the second priest, crosses himself and continues with the mass
<Rodney_Ianios> <q> If anyone asks, we're looking for the facilities...
* l`Aquila nods once to Rodney. . . then looks at Rosalva.
* Rodney_Ianios nods once and goes in search of a set of stairs up to where he estimates the woman would be
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien says quietly... "<q> Very few people ever question me rodney..have no fear..." the giant scar faced grim fellow moved with him
* l`Aquila stands up quietly and goes to seek the back to speak with the Bishop
<Rodney_Ianios> <q> Quite right mate...
* l`Aquila the set of stone stairs sit by the front gates of the cathedral. . . the gold lined walls are opulent.
* Rosalva_Solario grown deeply as the priest appears to be getting ill.
* l`Aquila No guards back here, but a mass of beggars waiting outside the cathedral, awaiting the charity of the church. Several beggars sit on the stairs and in this entrance hall, praying quietly. Some hold their hands out to Ulrich and Rodney.
* l`Aquila Their quiet moans echo slightly "Signore, mercy on a sick man. . . Mercy signore. . . "
* Rodney_Ianios says the equivalent of "I gave at the office" for the time
* Rodney_Ianios stops once he's passed the fellow...and backs up to the beggar
* Rodney_Ianios pulls out a silver coin...
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien removes three coins from his purse... "All three to the man who tells me where a woman in Black as if in mourning went when she came out of the church....Be aware however....I will repay well as I pay for truth..."
* l`Aquila  A quiet sound of footsteps from upstairs, echoing. . . someone's running beyond the mass of beggars. . . upstairs. . . you can hear it."
* Rodney_Ianios sees Ulrich has had the same idea...
* l`Aquila You can see movement on the top of the stairs, in the shadows.
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien tosses the coins the opposite way...and made for the stairs.....
* Rodney_Ianios leaves Ulrich to deal with the beggars...and heads for the stairs
<Rodney_Ianios> Maybe the bathroom's up here then?
* l`Aquila The beggars scramble for the coins, fighting each other as you see the source of the movement at the top of the stairs. . . snakes. . . a writhing mass of asps and cobras. . . twisting up the side of the railing, moving over the floor. . . poisonous snakes.
* Rodney_Ianios moves quite quickly up the stairs...and onto the banister once the snakes start flowing...he's a dexterous guy...almost to the point of ridiculousness
* Rodney_Ianios takes great pains to avoid the snakes...
* l`Aquila One snake lunges at Rodney, but he leaps out of the way in time, walking slowly and carefully among the snakes. . . he sees a shadowy figure in the distance. . . moving on the balcony, 30 feet above the crowd below where the mass is still taking place.
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien halts at the dancing snakes..he is not as dexterous as Old Rodney....however....he is rather Strong...and he calls upon that strength.. and his natural athletic ability to make a leap -over- the snakes.....
* Rodney_Ianios dances up the railing...really not slowed down much by the snakes as he's walking on parts of the stairs he shouldn't be able to easily do...
<Rodney_Ianios> I'll have to speak to the manager about is infested with reptiles!
* l`Aquila The woman's on the run. . .
* Rodney_Ianios is quite fast...and unless she is too, he will likely be right behind her...
<Rodney_Ianios> Miss! Miss! Can you tell me where the bathroom is? Pardon, miss?
* l`Aquila The woman moves out of sight, behind the mosaic of St. Paul preaching to the Gentiles.
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien as he lands in a crouch over the snakes....he...moves after the Pair..not so quick as them....the hulking man moving after them like a unstoppable wagon loaded with rocks....and then...he draws a Loadstone from pocket...and eyes it..and then....points it at the woman.....
* Rodney_Ianios 's right hand does not stray far from where he's concealed a stiletto...
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> Damn..." tucks his loadstone away as he has lost sight of her....and moves up to back Rodney....drawing his short Italian stabbing sword...
<Rodney_Ianios> I've got literature I'd like you to look at...
* Rodney_Ianios moves his way after her
* l`Aquila There's the sound of screaming from outside. . . she runs upstairs once more, into the sunlight. . .
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien follows along
* Rodney_Ianios moves with alarming speed after her...taking corners quite fast...
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien lumbers along behind need to wind himself keeping up with the man......he had the eye on the woman
<Rodney_Ianios> Oh now don't be like that've...Oh do stop running...
<l`Aquila> The roof of the building is largely empty. There's a balcony, and four large statues of horses. . . the four horses. . . The Horses of Saint Mark were installed on the basilica in about 1254. They date to Classical Antiquity; by some accounts they once adorned the Arch of Trajan. The horses were long displayed at the Hippodrome of Constantinople, and in 1204 Doge Enrico Dandolo sent them back to Venice as part of the loot sacked from Constantinople in the Fourth Crusade. . . the woman is nowhere to be seen. The day outside is overcast, the beginnings of rain. . . ominous thunder rolls in the distance. . .
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien scans the rooftop
* l`Aquila You can see down into St. Marks square. . . the local marketeers starting to cover up the booths for the rain. . . There's a sound of screaming downstairs "Armageddon! The signs! Madre de dios!"
* Rodney_Ianios looks for signs of her passage...
* l`Aquila The doors slam shut and there's the sound of locking behind Rodney and Ulrich. . .
<Rodney_Ianios> Oh well that isn't polite...
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien grunts
* l`Aquila  Meanwhile, as in pause scene
* l`Aquila l'Aquila stands with the Bishop and the priest, waiting for the rosas to return
* Rosalva_Solario will come back at a hurry holding her skirt of her dress up Verederrosa close behind her.
* Verederosa is slightly breathless, skirts held out of her way and her bag of medicines bouncing along on her side, incongruous to the gown of fine cloth. She all but bounces in offering a brief curtsey, dropping the skirt now she's no longer navigating obstacles.
* l`Aquila looks up and nods to Rosalva and Verederosa. He turns to look at the bishop saying "Your eminence, please, do go on. . . " The priest remains in the background while the bishop continues "That all changed that night. . . " He wheezes, lungs constricted. . . his eyes covered in mucus and bright red.
* Rosalva_Solario will clasp her hands together looking concerned though she is also out a breath a noblewoman's clothes where not made for such running.
* l`Aquila The Bishop speaks "She was beautiful. . . and came to my quarters. . . and offered . . . a solution to my problem. . . how could it be . . . evil? I had prayed. . . to God. . . to guide me through . .. my harsh night. . . but she. . . offered a loving hand. . . and a kind word. . . and a clear solution. And just asked. . . a small favor . . . " he coughs. . .
* Rosalva_Solario will frown concerned for the poor man. she will stand aside to allow the other Rose to see to him.
* l`Aquila backs away so that Rosa can work on the Bishop. "The doctor is here, your eminence. . . but go on. . . I promise that this is in the strictest confidence. . . we have experience in such matters."
* Rosalva_Solario will move over to stand beside Antonio.
* l`Aquila The Bishop coughs and then tries to breathe. . . "the favor. . . was small. Just . . . to castigate a man from the pulpit. . . then to excommunicate another. . . and then. . . there was the child. . . and . . . I refused. . . she did not take kindly to me . . . reneging on my debt. . . I prayed. . . " His throat seizes up as the mucus and tears from his eyes are slowly turning red. . . blood flo
* Rosalva_Solario will cover her face with her hand but say nothing.
* Verederosa slips forward, eyeing the priest briefly, then turning her full attention on the ill bishop. Offering him a kind smile she takes his right wrist, checking his pulse. She blinks at the flow of blood and reaches to her bag, without releasing his wrist.
* l`Aquila looks up at Verederosa. "How is he?"
* l`Aquila The Bishop's throat is constricting upon itself. . .
* l`Aquila The Priest is just praying.
<Rosalva_Solario> Please say you can help him..
<Verederosa> "He is starting to choke, just a moment." releasing the wrist she digs in the bag, coming up with a small vial, shaking it gently ((is he lying down?))
* l`Aquila The Bishop reaches out a hand towards the priest, The priest comes close to take the Bishops hand. . .
* l`Aquila The bishop is lying down
* Rosalva_Solario keeps her hands clasped trying to stay out of the way full of concern.
* Verederosa leans over him and smiles reassuringly - expecting a bit of resistance but trying to smooth it over with a pleasant and efficient manner, and she says, "Please open your mouth your Grace. Just a few drops, but this should help right now." She had to keep him breathing, and this might do the job - if she didn't give him too much.
* l`Aquila The bishop croaks out. "I did . . . what I could for you. . . " he swallows. . . "My son. . . Benito." He swallows once, unable to breathe, his face is turning blue.
* l`Aquila The priest says "Father. . . you are an honorable man. . . and no one shall know of your. . . transgression. Your name will be remembered as honorable."
* Rosalva_Solario will bite her lip behind her veil.
* l`Aquila The Priest looks up at l'Aquila and Rosalva and Verederosa. . . it is in that moment, that Rosalva realizes, live or die, the Bishop would be an enemy of these three for knowing his secrets. . .
* Rosalva_Solario will look at Antonio at this moment.
* l`Aquila The bishop chokes out "She is . . . most beautiful. . . but she is . . . the devil in . . . pleasing flesh."
* l`Aquila Meanwhile on the roof, the thunder flashed closer as the rain started to fall outside
* l`Aquila CRASHCRASH, the lightning flashes in the distance as Rodney and Ulrich stand there on the roof.
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien eyes the door....critically...and hauls a Boot Back.....and kicks
* l`Aquila The door sits solidly. . .
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien frowns....lowers his shoulder into it....hitting it...grunting with effort
<Rodney_Ianios> have your way at that...keep her thinking we're going that way...I'll cut her off at the pass and see if I can follow her...
* Rodney_Ianios dashes to the edge and starts falling/climbing down the face of the church...
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien grunts something about overtly Nimble gnomes....and attempts to batter the door down
* Rodney_Ianios wedges himself out of sight behind one of the pillars by the opening...and waits in the shadows for the woman in black...intending to track her...
* Rodney_Ianios figures his way down was most certainly faster than hers winding through the cathedral
* l`Aquila The door unlatches after he hits it. . . and a man with two swords stands on the roof. Montressor hands a blade to Ulrich.
* l`Aquila Rodney feels a stone on the side of the cathedral give way. . . slip and fall to earth, where below the milling people are gathering, screaming as they stare at something on the door of the cathedral.
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien takes said Blade.... "Witch...."
* l`Aquila Montressor nods as he says "Infernalist?"
<Rodney_Ianios> ((So wait, Rodney is falling?))
* l`Aquila 4 3 2 He is... luckily... there seems to be a rope to grab. . . hanging off the side of the building. 3 4
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> "Serpents aid her...and I believe she struck down with Bishop with maleficent arts..." said simply....and he eyed Montressor...
* Rodney_Ianios does indeed grab it...taking advantage of luck as he finds it...making note of what it's tied to as he does...
* l`Aquila Montressor glares with anger and hatred. "Then we must kill her. . . "
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> And forgive Sir knight..your appearance is -most- convenient.." he said simply... "At the Lodge today who's work were the calculations based off of?"
* l`Aquila It seems tied to a dead man, hung upside-down, his stomach sliced open, the flesh of his skin pinned to the side of his chest, revealing his ribs and inner organs. His intestines hang down . . . his arms are nailed to the wall in an inverse cross. . . his face carved with the pentagram.
* Rodney_Ianios makes an a face like he's just seen a large rodent...and remembers that he needs to get to the bottom before she does...and finds his way down, hopefully without finding any other bodies...
* l`Aquila Montressor stares at Ulrich for a moment. . . glaring at him. "You question me?"
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien glared back "As would you me in the same answer please"
<Rodney_Ianios> <q> Well, on the bright side, once you're right side up, that's just going to be a star looking thing...the ladies will love it...
* Rodney_Ianios climbs his way past the body after telling it this...
* l`Aquila Montressor, snarls as he says "Then strike me, Teuton." The sword in Ulrich's hand grows soft and and moves in his hand. . . it's not a sword at all, but a serpent. . . Montressor throws his sword at Ulrich and turns and runs, his cloak turning dark, as he puts the veil over his face. . .
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien tossed the snake the same moment....his other hand came low.....a trigger hit down near the base of his a spike of steel springs out.....and he bring it up towards the mid section of the Superstitionist
* l`Aquila The sword pierces the cloak through the midsection, although the cloth catches on it . . . tearing as the woman continues to run away. . .
* l`Aquila Rodney gets to the ground finally, amongst the crowd of shocked onlookers, watching the doors of the cathedral with terror. . . when Rodney sees what they're looking at. . . he understands entirely.
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien levels the spike at the retreating form....and pulls up his sleeve....a powder the spike it launched....towards the Back of the retreating woman
* l`Aquila Meanwhile, with the Bishop
* Rosalva_Solario will cover her face as if over come with anxiety, the poor women will leave the room looking horribly distressed.
* l`Aquila The bishop exhales. . . as Verederosa ministers to his needs. . . l'Aquila nods as he looks at the Priest, then the Bishop
* l`Aquila asks "Did the woman give you a way to contact her? Or did she offer any clues as to her identity?"
* l`Aquila The Bishop coughs and says "None. . . she moved silently. . . once. . . I set a man to follow her. . . he was found dead. . . in the canal. . . I once saw her slip into . . . the shadow. . . in a solid room. . . and where stood, only . . . the Pieta. . . remained. . . and she was . . . gone.
* l`Aquila looks to Verederosa "How is he?"
* Rosalva_Solario will get herself taken to the lodge. She will move quickly and with purpose.
* Verederosa is busy right now, and hardly even pays attention to the bishop's comments - busy instead with trying to keep him alive. She lets three drops from the vial fall on his tongue while he speaks then caps the bottle immediately. Turning back to the bag she paws through it, frowning as she finds the leather pouch from the other night, that she had put the glass fragments into. putting it aside she continues to dig, finally coming out with a rolled pack of several small vials.
* Verederosa putting it aside she continues to dig, finally coming out with a rolled pack of several small vials.
* Rosalva_Solario will get there and find a place where she can sit and write she will scribe quickly writing down everything she has just heard.
<Verederosa> "You have been poisoned, your Grace. I have to find out which poison it was to be most effective in countering it if at all possible." she says almost absently while she unrolls the pack, pulling out one vial and uncapping it, then pulling out a wad of linen and pouring some of the liquid on it, wiping the bishop's forehead with the cloth, then examining the linen closely.
* l`Aquila The spike pierces the cloak as the woman falls to the ground with a scream and an "oof"
* l`Aquila Ulrich watches her fall. . . she's not breathing. . .
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien grunts....and takes a moment to gather himself....discipline his mind against her trickery and the lies of superstition...and he drew a dagger from his belt... incase...and kicked her body over with a foot
* l`Aquila The body is soft, Ulrich's foot sinks into it easily. . . as it starts to wriggle. . . a serpent crawls from the black fabric. . . and then another. . . a mess of serpents. . . crawling on the ground. . .
* l`Aquila Hissing loudly. . . one leaps towards Ulrich's foot.
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien jumps back.....the man may not be as fast as Rodney...but a lifetime as a mercenary does hone ones reflexes for danger.....
<l`Aquila> On the ground floor of the church, Rodney sees the defaced image. . . a half eaten baby, cut into pieces. . . snakes crawl under its flesh and over its body. . . it's skull cut open, its eyes wide open as if in an image of parody, smeared with feces, an inverted cross carved onto its stomach. . . women cry at the sight. . . the snakes hiss over the child, as written on the doors of the church in blood, the words "Il mio dio, perche lo avete abbandonato?"
* l`Aquila Screams outside, the snakes continue to spread on the floor. . . the cloak is empty. . .
* l`Aquila The body gone
l`Aquila Only the cloak and snakes remain
* Rodney_Ianios winces at the baby
<Rodney_Ianios> <q> Bloody melodramatic if you ask me...
* l`Aquila The words are clear "My God! Why have you forsaken me?"
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien frowns....and nods...he could respect a cunning foe.....he'd wait for the snakes to spread out.....and then try and collect the cloak and his spike...
* l`Aquila A scream of "Blasphemy." Another calls out "It's a sign! A sign from God!" "From the devil!"
* Rodney_Ianios slips out of sight...
* l`Aquila The snakes remain near the cloak, some moving towards Ulrich. . .
* l`Aquila They seem to have direction and focus in their action.
* l`Aquila A shout from downstairs, one of the beggars "It's the woman! The one the nobles paid us to find! We stop her!"
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien would frown....and rummage into his pocket....and take out a vial....stopped with Wax of all things....and throws it on the snakes...a Manganese and sulfide unguent....and he's try and edge around the snakes.. hoping the ensuing fire would...slow them down enough for him to get to the door
* Rodney_Ianios peers in covertly at the attention
* l`Aquila The fire and fumes burn as Ulrich moves around the cloak to the staircase. The snakes slow down, and do not follow.
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien moves down the stars towards where he heard the beggars
* l`Aquila Ulrich feels his feet give way under him, as he trips suddenly, someone must have laid a trap! A tripwire!
* Rodney_Ianios does try and warn Von as he sees him coming down the stairs
<Rodney_Ianios> Von wait I...Oooo...
* l`Aquila Downstairs the beggars are silent, holding out their hands to Rodney "Mercy, Signore. . . mercy! Charity"
<Rodney_Ianios> Yes a minute...
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien attempts to roll with the fall...tumbling with a blow a skill he learned years back....he will attempt to right himself as soon as he Can.....
* l`Aquila Ulrich's fall is cushoned by a leper
* l`Aquila Well, maybe not a leper. They've been thrown out of town. But certainly someone missing a leg with horrible boils.
<Rodney_Ianios> Oh...very nice recovery...
<Rodney_Ianios> Look, did you lot say you caught someone?
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien thumps onto said....sickly type...and grunts..standing..he was grinning slightly....and tossed the man a coin for his trouble...
* l`Aquila The beggar says "Thank you signore. I serve you, my master!"
<Rodney_Ianios> Yes yes...the woman...try and focus, eh?
* l`Aquila The church has been emptied, the mass disrupted to such a degree, people are shouting "Doomsday! Terror!"
* Rosalva_Solario will carefully finish some letter and then leave them with the lodge each with careful instruction for messengers.
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> Serve me telling me where you saw the woman go" he said....Ulrich..almost looked....engaged...and...amused..he never looked that way...unless he had worthy prey
* l`Aquila The Beggar looks confused. . .
* l`Aquila The beggar says "I saw no woman. . . "
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien frowned... "Oh...she's good..."
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> Rodney....we need find the Captain...this rabbit is requires many hounds to harry her..." nodded slightly
<Rodney_Ianios> Well yes...but she's left an awful mess about here...
<Rodney_Ianios> I mean, you should see the outside of the place...gone completely to seed
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> I'd be surprised if any of it was -real- she is -very- good with illusions..." nodded and turns on his heel and made for the Capitano... "Pay her witchery no mind...discipline yourself to her madness Man....her superstition has no hold on you unless you allow it"
[23:58] <Rodney_Ianios> Well no, I suppose not...but it's just disrespectful is all...
06[23:58] * Rodney_Ianios scratches his head a bit
06[23:58] * l`Aquila 4 3 2 Verederosa finished up her work. 3 4
06[23:58] * l`Aquila 4 3 2 The bishop's face started to turn pink 3 4
06[23:59] * l`Aquila looks at The Priest holding the Bishop's hand. . . He looked at Verederosa. "How is he, Rosa? What caused it?"
* l`Aquila Outside the people are starting to calm themselves as a man in full armor. . . talks to them in Italian. With definition in his voice and clarity, he can be heard rallying the Venetians. . . 3 4
* Rosalva_Solario will walk into the room her veil is down and she is still dressed in the black of mourning she has returned form her errand.
* Verederosa sighs and says, "The dosage I gave him should ease his breathing long enough to let me prepare this tisane, which should counter the toxin within his body."
* l`Aquila nods as Rosalva comes into the room. "We will find your demon, your Grace. . . and we have saved your life. The favor we ask will be of less questionable nature. Go with God, and listen kindly upon those who show you this symbol. . . " l'Aquila hands a coin to the Priest. . . he looks at Rosalva and nods once. The priest says "But . . . you can't go, you know too much."
* Rosalva_Solario looks to the others.
* l`Aquila raises an eyebrow at the priest as the priest calls out "MURDERERS! CUTTHROATS! BLASPHEMERS AND WITCHES!"
<Rosalva_Solario> You have been through much your Grace you should rest.
<Rosalva_Solario> hold on here!
<Rosalva_Solario> these are not accusations you wish to make.
* l`Aquila raises a hand saying "Calm yourself, and allow the Signora to explain your predicament, young man."
* l`Aquila smiles to Rosalva saying "If you please. . . before the guards enter the room.
<Rosalva_Solario> I have sent out some letters.
<l`Aquila> To rather trustworthy sources. You have no idea where we have friends, young man. Your father does. . .
* l`Aquila The bishop's eyes are wide at the coin. . . he holds it close.
<Rosalva_Solario> these letters contain instructions. that my account of what has happened here is to be taken and read should foul play befall myself or my colleagues.
* Verederosa sighs "I take it no one is going to get me hot water so that I can make this tisane"
<l`Aquila> The Cardinal is a friend . . . and we have voices in many places. . . If you think that demon woman can make your life difficult, you have no idea what those who hunt the demons are like, Father. . .
<Rosalva_Solario> they will know within the hour if something befalls us.
* l`Aquila The Priest blinks as the guards enter the room. . . he swallows once. . . and says "Fetch the doctor some hot water, so she can save my father from this treachery the demon woman has performed..."
* l`Aquila The Guards nod and walk out of the room.
* l`Aquila pats the Father on the shoulder and then makes the sign of the cross. "A fine choice, Father."
* Rosalva_Solario waits for them to leave.
* l`Aquila Ulrich and Rodney enter the room a moment later.
<Rosalva_Solario> Yes you should pray for our well being.
<Rodney_Ianios> You would not believe how difficult it is to find a bathroom in this place!
* l`Aquila looks to Ulrich and Rodney, raising an eyebrow. "Don't be anachronistic, Rodney. Bathrooms haven't been invented yet."
* Rosalva_Solario will look at Rodney oddly.
<Rodney_Ianios> ((Insert place where people take a leak))
<l`Aquila> "Go in the canal like a good Venetian"
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> She's quite good...." is all he said... "She escaped me..."
<Rodney_Ianios> She's quite fond of snakes though...we know that much...
* l`Aquila nods once to Ulrich saying "Okay, we'll give it to the Lodge, put Benneto and Moro on it. . . try a few places before we leave. . . "
<Rodney_Ianios> Snakes everywhere...
* l`Aquila nods as he says "Is someone taking care of the crowd outside? Calming their fears?
<Rodney_Ianios> Some Italian fellow
<Rosalva_Solario> can we leave soon...?
* l`Aquila The sounds of a crowd of people saying benediction can be heard inside.
<Rodney_Ianios> Big armored bloke...
* l`Aquila nods as he says "Yes, I'd say this is a good time. . . Verederosa, how much more would you require to heal him? Or have you purged the poison from his wounds?"
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> If needed I'll stay with the doctor...." he he fitted the spike back into the mechanism on his fore arm..
* l`Aquila nods as he says "Do so. . . I'll meet you later. . . you know where."
* Verederosa lifts the bowl, saying, "I have forestalled the effects, but until he takes the tisane, it will continue to do its work upon him. Then..." She looks at the Bishop apologetically, saying, "You will cough quite a bit, but it will no longer be fatal."
* l`Aquila The guard walks in with boiling water for Verederosa. . .
* l`Aquila nods to Rodney as he says "Could you and Ulrich escort Ms. Solario out? And perhaps find her a change of clothing, before you leave. . . "
<l`Aquila> I'll remain with the doctor.
<Rodney_Ianios> Certainly captain...
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien nodded slightly....
* Rodney_Ianios salutes a bit...
<Rosalva_Solario> change of clothes?
* Rosalva_Solario seems a bit confused and will head out with the two men.
<Rodney_Ianios> Don't worry Rosa...we'll find you something pretty to wear...
* Rodney_Ianios grins at her
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> Your dressed in Black..and are a woman...
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien said Plainly
<Rodney_Ianios> We'll have nun of that...heheh...bit if a pun there...
* Rodney_Ianios clears his throat softly
<Rodney_Ianios> Sorry...
* Rosalva_Solario will walk closer to Ulrich.
<Rosalva_Solario> I do not understand.
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> For Jokes that bad Rodney.. our lord Christ is whom you should apologize to....not we" as he paid a beggar for his outer was dirty...but it wasn't Black
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> We don't want you mistaken for her
<Rodney_Ianios> Quite right...
<Rosalva_Solario> You would rather I be seen in public in that?
<Rodney_Ianios> Well yes actually...
* Rosalva_Solario sounds scandalized.
<Rodney_Ianios> Would you rather be stoned to death?
* l`Aquila smiles at the Bishop saying "My associates will be in touch, your grace. God bless you, and may Christ in heaven keep your soul safely where it belongs. . . "
<Verederosa> The guards the priest sent for water return and Verederosa sets to work, mixing up the tisane and letting it steep for a moment before offering it to the bishop.
<Rosalva_Solario> I would rather one of you give me your coat.
* l`Aquila Outside, in full armor, Montressor has rallied the crowd into mass prayer. ..
<Ulrich-Von`Rissien> Yes...." held the cloak out to her....with that steel eyed scar faced no nonsense stare
<Rosalva_Solario> rather then put me in something filthy that is liable to get me ill.
<Rodney_Ianios> Oh, well you can have my coat luv...I washed it only last month...
* l`Aquila He has slain the snakes, and blessed the side of the church, cleaning the blood. His armor gleams with a dread presence. . . full Titans armor is something to behold. . . but at least the crowd isn't shouting about Armageddon
* Rosalva_Solario will take off her veil. She is actually truly lovely. she will then then take Ulrich's Cloak and put it on over her dress passing her veil to him.
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien tucks it away..
<Rodney_Ianios> Really now Rosa darling...what is with that veil?
<Rosalva_Solario> Shall we? Where is Pietro didn't he come with us?
<Rodney_Ianios> Oh!
<Rosalva_Solario> Some one died Signore Ianios...
* Rodney_Ianios goes over to the stairs and collects his tripwire
* Rodney_Ianios coils it back up and tucks it in a pocket
* Ulrich-Von`Rissien grunts...and shoulders his way through the crowd...generally seeming to be the woman's protector
* Rosalva_Solario will walk with Ulrich keeping to him and away from Rodney.
* Rodney_Ianios follows close behind in Ulrich's wake, behind Rosa
<Rodney_Ianios> Well, I suppose that's alright then...
* Rosalva_Solario touches the cross around her neck it is a silver cross with a start in the center 6 points 4 long 4 short. brilliant stones shines on each end of the trips of the cross itself and three diamonds dangle like starts one on each cross piece and one from the bottom.
* l`Aquila As the group leaves the church, a figure watches from the roof. . . dark and stern, it limps away from the edge, behind the horseman. . . and disappears from sight

End of Chapter 3