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Chapter 2, part 3: Diplomacy On The Isle of the Dead.

* l`Aquila The stars shone down over the crypts of the cemetery as Piero Moro stood calmly, illuminated by the bright light of the full moon. He said quietly: "Clouds would be better, it is hard to hide in this. . . The tomb of the craftsman" Enricio Morricone did not respond or shake as Moro leaned against it, brushing a bit of dust from the name. "Finding them will be difficult, Ulrich. Where do we even look?"
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen the hulking German...frowned...and thought to himself...moving as little as possible..his mail shirt...and multitude of weaponry...would be a give away once he started moving quickly... "We search for a Item of power...perhaps it is that we should attempt to locate and not the men themselves....."
* Rosalva_Solario will play with some paper she was nervous she doesn't want to be here nor does she think she will be very good
<Rosalva_Solario> <Softly> they will not appear until Midnight it is not midnight yet I can try to narrow things down...
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen looked twords Rosa... "within how close can you predict a locale....feet...yards..?"
* l`Aquila Pietro Moro puts his hand on the sword at his belt, saying "What will you need. I will protect you while you consult your charts, m'lady!" The 18 year old boy speaks with a voice that doesn't quite match the tenor of his words, or the intensity.
* Rosalva_Solario will looks for a flat surface.
<Rosalva_Solario> I am not sure I need to check my calculation and consult the stars.
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen frowned slightly...." I may have a idea...does anyone have a piece of glass...or a crystal...a refractive substance?"
* Rosalva_Solario will go through her bag and takes out some charts and her paper and offer Ulrich a reading glass.
* Rosalva_Solario will push up her veil so she can see without candle light.
* l`Aquila reaches to his belt and pulls out a spyglass. "Will this do, Ulrich?"
* l`Aquila looks over the crypts carefully, glancing over the shadows among them, and considering. Men watching the natural landings on this island. . . but that wouldn't be helpful if they came to the island in unnatural ways.
* Rosalva_Solario will take out a map of the island and start to go over it along with one of the star charts looking up at the sky ever so often to confirm.
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen looked between the two..and chose the spyglass..better for looking "Keep your reading lense Mi''ll need it if this doesn't work..." bending down...jingling a tad as he did...he removed three vials from a small pouch on his hip...and looked them over...choosing one..he opened it..and dabbed the spyglasses lens with some of the chemical...using his cloak to wipe it on..and avoid finger prints...
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen tucked away his other Alchemical implements... and raised the spyglass...and began surveying the area....
* Rosalva_Solario will look over the maps and look over her notes then starts packing things up.
<Rosalva_Solario> they will be somewhere near the center..
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen in a hushed Whisper... "The moor...I have him..."
* Rosalva_Solario will be quiet she won't look around she will just put her equipment away.
* l`Aquila reaches over for the spyglass as Moro draws his sword. Moro speaks with an intensity "I'll get him. . . " l'Aquila puts a hand on Moro's chest and shakes his head once.
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen handed the Captain the spyglass.. "there..between the crypts..." points
* Verederosa picks her way through the crypts towards the group, her silhouette changed from before - the practicality of hose and doublet replacing the long gown, her height and build making her look more like a boy than a grown woman. A cloak wraps round her shoulders, covering a lump that may prove to be a heavy satchel. Her voice, however, is the same, pitched low to carry only to her companions. "Good evening. I apologize for my delay."
* l`Aquila took the spyglass and stared out, then nodded. "There's the four of us. . . Maccini is with the crossbow is by the statue of St. Mary. . . Firenzi is waiting with the pistols should things go awry. Ah, and here's Rosa. . ."
* Rosalva_Solario will look up at the sky.
* l`Aquila The stars are clear. . . shining down. A bright star stands next to the Full Moon. . . the morningstar. . .
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen waited....hand on the head of his blade...he simple waited....cloaked draped around up...hopefully appearing as little more than another Gargoyle...
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen whispered to Pietro...
* Rosalva_Solario will look over to another star to see if it is visible haunted like she looks at a lover she cannot be with.
* l`Aquila Arcturus shines down. . . clear in the triangle.
* l`Aquila  Pietro Moro nods as he picks up his dagger and lets one end glint in the moonlight towards the statue. The Moor does not seem to see. . .
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen gave Pietro a...harsh look....
* l`Aquila starts to hunch forward, moving quietly towards the Moor, sword and pistol drawn. . . his sword has been blackened slightly, it does not shine. . .
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen moved after the Captain.....moving as quickly and possible
* Rosalva_Solario will crouch down herself and wait .
* l`Aquila Pietro sheathes his blade and bows to Rosalva, following Ulrich and l'Aquila. .
* Verederosa finds herself a welcoming home in the shadow of a stone angel, and stands quietly - waiting for a time when she might be useful, but lips moving in slow, silent prayers that she would have no wounded to tend this night.
* Rosalva_Solario will mouth to him to be careful.
* l`Aquila The moor walks into a clear space before a shrine. . . And there he stands, bedecked in the robes from earlier. He's not even wet, nor does he seem at any unease. . . he stands waiting. . .
* l`Aquila A man without teeth moves next to Verederosa. You recognize him from the lodge. One of the gondoliers, he's packing the muzzle of a pistol, waiting for trouble and watching below. "The signoris give the signal yet, Signora Medico?"
* Verederosa blinks and stiffens until she recognizes her new companion, then whispers softly in reply, "They have begun to advance upon the target."
* l`Aquila The Moor raises his hands into the air as a man walks from between the crypts into view. Robed in an anachronistic fashion, he spoke to the Moor in Arabic. <<Do you have what I requested, alQidafi?>> A firm aristocratic accent, the man leans on a staff, his long hair and beard mingling in with the cloak.
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen tried to catch the Captain's eye...and made a quick gesture as though he'd go for the Aristocrat....
* l`Aquila The moor nods as he says <<Magister Hargrave, do you have my payment.>>
* l`Aquila nods once to Ulrich, pointing his pistol forward. . .
* l`Aquila Magister Hargrave pounds the staff on the ground once, and a large man steps from the shadows carrying a large chest. . . the chest is placed on the ground, and opened. The moor stares into the chest thoughtfully. . . then nods once.
* l`Aquila The large man has a scarred face, hair on his arms, and is dressed in furs. He sniffs the air once, and lifts his head.
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen and the bitter tang of adrenaline....what was in a science...the human body is capable of great things when it is pushed into stressful situations....thousands of years of Germanic infighting had bred a man like Ulrich...and he knew that the breeding..and the stress of the situation..he could push his body...and so he did...moving forth at a blinding rate of speed...and willing himself to strike true..a foe like killed quickly....and he drove for the man
* l`Aquila stands up and takes a shot at the Moor as soon as Ulrich gets close enough to surprise the Magister. . . He fires once at the Moor, the loud BLAST of his pistol ringing out. That is the signal of the attack

[16:26] <l`Aquila> #Crossroad_Dice
06[16:26] * l`Aquila 4 3 2 Ulrich roll Dex + Brawl 3 4
[16:26] <l`Aquila> Take surprise
06[16:28] * l`Aquila 4 3 2 Whatcha want to do? Tackle him or strike with the sword? 3 4
[16:29] <Ulrich-Von`Riessen> sword strike
06[16:30] * l`Aquila 4 3 2 Anywhere in particular? 3 4
[16:31] <Ulrich-Von`Riessen> (Lets go with a solid stab into his mid section)
06[16:31] * l`Aquila 4 3 2 The moor is shot in the arm, reaching up and clutching his arm he falls to one knee in surprise. . . the lamp drops to the ground as he clutches his own arm...He then reaches down to take the lamp calling out "Ambush!" 3 4
06[16:31] * l`Aquila 4 3 2 Roll Dex + Melee diff 8 3 4
06[16:39] * l`Aquila 4 3 2 Ulrich charges pounding the broadsword directly into the chest of the Master Magus. . . Blood bursts from his mouth over his beard onto the face of Ulrich as he stares in surprise. He coughs, letting his staff fall to the ground as his eyes glaze over. . . straight through the heart his hands shaky, he collapses onto the sword. 3 4
* l`Aquila The large man screams out "MAGISTER! NO!" drawing his sword from the sheathe on his back and moving to swing towards Ulrich. Pietro Moro charges forward to try to intercept the sword, however he is one turn away from reaching the area. The Moor picks up the lamp. . .
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen looks towards the roaring servant...intent on his death....with a free hand...drew up the swiss Landersken Hand pistol he had prepared....and fired on the advancing brute
<l`Aquila> The brute screams as he brings down the sword hard, however he misses most of the important arteries, hitting the gun as it rises up to shoot at him. . . Ulrich loses his forefinger, the gun is sliced out of his hand, lying on the ground as blood spurts from his finger. The brute goes to lift the sword again, however l'Aquila is able to bash the side of the sword with his own cutlass, kicking at the Brute's ankle to bring him to his knee. . .
* Rosalva_Solario will watch from her vantage point looking forward but not cringing she knew it would come to something like this.
* Rosalva_Solario will let out a small shriek when Ulrich is wounded but put her hand up to muffle it.
* l`Aquila Pietro jabs his dagger into the back of the Brute, directly into his lung. The brute seems angered by it, but knocked off balance he falls to the ground. . .
* l`Aquila The moor rubs the lamp. . . and mutters something quietly. . . repeating it quietly.
* Rosalva_Solario will look at the moor get up her dagger drawn and try to get to him before he finishes what ever he is doing.
* Verederosa watches with relative impassiveness during the combat, but she winces slightly at the blood coming from Ulrich's hand. She makes no noise, however - staying silent and patient in the shadow of the statue. The sight of the moor rubbing the lamp is troubling, however, and she reaches to her feet to try to find a small stone - even one well-placed pebble could stop whatever he's planning...
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen even with his bloody stumped finger...the german..grasped his blade...and the body attached...and heaved it...directly at the moor.....
* l`Aquila The moor is struck with the body, however smoke is already spewing from the lamp. . . the Moor keeps repeating his command in Arabic "Save my life. . . Save my life. . . Save my life." the lamp drops from his hand as he smoke spews from it. . . lifting into the air. . . l'Aquila turns to the moor. . . sword drawn. . . he then draws his dagger.
* Rosalva_Solario will start to walk backwards away from the rising smoke.
* l`Aquila A face forms in the smoke saying "DONE. YOUR LIFE WILL BE SAVED!" The smoke descends on the moor, obscuring him from sight.
* Rosalva_Solario will move back away from what is going on trying to get back from what ever it is.
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen frowns and circles as his good hand draws the warhammer/pick from his belt loop.....and places himself between the smoke and the Navigator....
* l`Aquila The Smoke elevates into the air, laughing as he shouts out "DONE! YOUR ENEMIES WILL BE DESTROYED!" The smoke congeals at a higher level, flames rising from the depths of the dark cloud. . . large arms form from the smoke, fingers extend outwards as the sound of laughter echoes over the Island of the Dead...
* l`Aquila The Djinn holds its hands like a puppetmaster, wiggling its fingers over the island, standing 40 feet high. . . l'Aquila starts to walk backwards from the Djinn, looking over the area, looking at the crypts, looking at the assembled. The gondolier fires a shot at the Djinn, but the bullet goes straight through the smoke. . .
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen looks at he moves to get his finger "Run Girl!"
* Rosalva_Solario will run back towards the crypts trying to get out of sight.
* Verederosa is further back than the rest and she does not retreat at first - eyes locked upon her companions more than the billowing smoke. The booming words, however, are worrying, and she scans the churned ground at everyone's feet.
* l`Aquila One of the crypts open, as a skeletal hand pops from it. . . waterlogged hands rise from beneath the ground. . . as slowly the dead of the island begin to lift themselves. The Djinn laughs maniacally. . .
* Rosalva_Solario will actually scream at this point and try to find safe ground to stand on.
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> Antonio! We should go!" grasping up his finger....shouting to the Captain..however not retreating himself until ordered
* l`Aquila shouts out. "You are a devil to desecrate these Christian bodies with your magic." Leaping atop the crypt, l'Aquila slashes at one of the corpses, deflecting the skeletal grasps of another with his dagger, kicking out and breaking the leg of another corpse. . . the Brute stands up as the creatures start to move near him. . . Pietro pulls out his pistol and fires into the head of one of the corpses. it falls down, however it lifts again like marionette
* Verederosa blinks at that mess and she taps the gondolier on the arm to point back to the boat. If they didn't have transportation they'd never get off this island... "Ready the boat!"
* Rosalva_Solario will look up at the stars and clasp her hands together.
<Rosalva_Solario> <softly> how do I send it back show me... *She looks upwards and starts mumbling like she is reading quickly.*
* l`Aquila shouts out to Ulrich. "Get them out of here. Prepare the Arsenal, we'll want full broadside against the smoke. . . prepare to disperse." He slices off the head of one of the corpses shouting out at Rosalva "Rosalva, do you have any idea how to cast this thing away?" The brute slices one of the corpses in two but is grabbed from behind. . .
* l`Aquila One of the corpses moves behind Rosalva. Pietro tackles the corpse with a running charge. Overhead in the sky the Djinn continues to laugh. . . There's a sound of a scream as the Gondolier is torn to shreds. . .
<Rosalva_Solario> I think I can I just need to ...
* Rosalva_Solario will point upward.
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen follows orders... "Doctor....Girl! you men! MOVE DAMN YOU!" the hulking German bellowed....and cleaved open a skull with his hammer....moving amongst the dead...that war hammer crunching skulls like ripe watched the women's Back so they get to the boat
<Rosalva_Solario> do you see that constellation do you think you can get it under that?
* l`Aquila starts to retreat with Rosalva, Ulrich and Pietro, slashing back at another of the corpses. The brute, hacks away from the group, moving into the throng of corpses, screaming. . .
* l`Aquila looks up at the Djinn nodding as he says "Yes! If we had some explosives to work with. . . we could blow the smoke there. . . "
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen even with his Ruined hand....he grasped the Italian cutting sword stationed in its secondary sheath...below the one that carried his broad sword...and the German began to two handedly...carve his way through the masses of the dead....a whirling dervish of death...Blade...and hammer doing gruesome work... "Gather your spare powder charges everyone!!!"
[17:31] <Ulrich-Von`Riessen> I have a idea!!!!
* Verederosa is easily lost in the shadows to living eyes, but not so easily to the dead, and she ducks around the angel to avoid a shambling, half-rotted corpse, the decayed flesh and funeral finery dripping from the bones. She shrieks as her arm's grabbed by one and another, rising from the ground, grasps her ankle. Kicking out she crushes the fragile old skull, then swings her heavy bag of medicines around to knock the other one's head clean off - decayed spinal column not enough to keep the two together. Tearing free she bolts for the gondola.
<Rosalva_Solario> If you get it there, there is something like a celestial stream it will pull the creature down it like it is caught in a current.
* l`Aquila looks to Ulrich as he stabs forward into the heart of one of the corpses, slicing off its head with the dagger. "I'd love to hear your idea, Herr von Reisen."
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> I have a alchemical Urgent that aides in explosive power!" as he stabs a dead man though the chest.. simultaneously smashing in the skull of another.. "Those vials earlier...with your spare gunpowder charges...hopefully I can cause a large enough explosion to drive there thing where the girl wants it!" guts a dead he drives the spike of his hammer through the eyes of another..flinging it into some of its companions
* l`Aquila shouts out to Ulrich saying "Done, but they'd have to be precise. . . the crypt of Moroni. . . Marzanapan. . . Luccazi. . . and then the angel of the Blessed Virgin. . . That should do the trick if the explosion's large enough.
* Rosalva_Solario will assume Pietro is closest since he tackled a Zombie off her. She will move closer to him dagger drawn to defend herself.
* l`Aquila Pietro wraps his arm around Rosalva dipping her down and stabbing over her body to get the creature behind her. "M'lady, I knew that one day I'd have the opportunity to stare into your eyes once more."
* l`Aquila tosses a pouch of charges to Ulrich, saying "Toss me some of the unguent. I'll get Mazanapan and the Blessed Virgin. . . it's only right that a good Catholic sacrifice the Virgin for the good of her children!
* Rosalva_Solario will step into Pietro but her dagger is out over his shoulder she has put it into the head of another of the walking dead. She speaks into his ear.
<Rosalva_Solario> <softly> Don't be so romantic you forget where we are.
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen shouts... "I see allright yes....exactly!" tosses the man of some Blue viscous looking fluid....luckily he has two vials...and would begin to fight his way twords the Moroni....and the Luccazi
* l`Aquila bashes one of the creature with the pommel of his sword as he takes the viscous looking fluid. He sniffs it for a moment saying "It's Alcohol. . . "
* l`Aquila Pietro, lets go of Rosalva and takes a dramatic bow, stabbing the creature behind him, then rising again saying "My apologies, m'lady." A corpse grabs him from behind. . .
<Rosalva_Solario> Pietro!
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> "Yah! My grandfather was the brewmaster of Passua!!! I stumbled upon it as a lad among his vats!" as he jabs the nearest zombu...and lays some powder and fluid...gutting one with his bad hand...while his other one work
* Rosalva_Solario will move forward quickly and try to come up behind the creature stabbing it in the ribs.
* l`Aquila shouts out "Herr von Reisen, next time we bring Pas-de-fer to lay charges on all land based missions. . . take note of that too Rosa!" The corpse's spine is smashed, and Pietro flips the upper half over his shoulder as soon as the corpse loses leverage due to Rosalva's attack. . .
<Verederosa> Path after path's blocked by the shambling dead and Verederosa is starting to worry about being cornered completely. Skidding to a halt as another shambling dead blocks her path, this one looking no more than two weeks dead, and smelling worse than the fishmarket on a hot day. She ducks left, then right, then left again, losing her cloak and a strip of flesh off her throat as the chain tears free and cuts into her skin.
* Rosalva_Solario will work trying to get the creature off Pietro.
* l`Aquila runs forward, leaping onto the chest of one of the corpses, digging his feet into its ribcage, before leaping up onto the creature's head and standing onto one of the rapidly opening crypts. . . running forward at full speed, he leaps into the mass of the undead, running over their shoulders and heads towards the Blessed Virgin. . .
* l`Aquila Pietro gets it off him and then throws his dagger over Rosalva's shoulder into the face of one of the corpses. The corpse grabs the knife and draws it out, letting it drop to the ground as Pietro slashes over Rosalva's shoulder, reaching over her and pressing against her.
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> So Noted Captain!" as he lowers his shoulder....and bulrushes the undead horde....tossing them..this way..and that....hammer and sword like scythes into he pushed through....the mob...a pile of he reaches Luccazi...and plants his second charge....
* l`Aquila A large group of corpses are blasted to the side as a small bespectacled figure with an arquebus approaches Verederosa. Nicolo from the Lodge says "Ah, good to see you, Signora Medico."
* Rosalva_Solario will duck down and put her head against Pietro's chest so that she isn't hindering his fight horribly.
* Verederosa hollers "Aye Capitano!" around a cough as she leaps over another crypt, eyes widening as she's nearly deafened and blinded by Nicolo's blast. Still, she smiles in some relief and says, "And a blessing to see you as well, Signor" through panting breaths
* l`Aquila shouts out to Ulrich. "THIRTY SECOND CHARGE!" He pulls a spare fuse from his belt, sticking it into the powder and lighting the first one, before leaping over the corpses again, flipping into the air and stabbing downwards in an impressive sort of way, setting the second charge with the fuse already in it, l'Aquila smashes the side of his sword against the crypt of Manazapan. . . letting the spark ignite the fuse. Overhead the Djinn starts to laugh maniacally.
* l`Aquila starts to run back towards the group, but gives up, instead letting himself drop into the open crypt of Antonio Capriezi de Morano. . . the corpse has vacated it minutes ago. . . and then 10 seconds pass.
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> Lighting the fuse on the second charge....and using the sparks off a thrown knife to light the second....and ducking for cover
* Verederosa reaches out to tug on Nicolo's arm, saying, "To the gondola! If we do not ensure their line of retreat they may well be doomed!"
* Rosalva_Solario will going to try to get herself and Pietro to cover away from the blasts and trust him to keep the corpses off of us as foolish as that might be.
* l`Aquila spark lights on the thrown knife as the charges are set. . . Nicolo moves with Verederosa, and Pietro grabs Rosalva's arm to drag her towards the gondola and the canal. . .
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen will make a dash to dive into one of the open crypts as well before the explosives go off...
* Rosalva_Solario will run with Pietro then to get to the gondola. trying to argue the course of action just seem like it would make things worse.
* l`Aquila The explosives go off in unison, the charges blowing dead bodies into the air, the shrapnel rising from the crypts, and the force dispelling large chunks of the Djinn's smoke. . . the Djinn is blasted backwards only about 20 feet, but it's enough, as the smoke starts to dissipate, the smoke rising from its hands as the Djinn's smokey eyes go wide. . . the body loses cohesion, and it lets out a scream
* l`Aquila 4 3 2 Using those 5 successes from Rosalva for her effect, coupled with the successes from Ulrich and l'Aquila, the Djinn is dispelled into the netherworlds from which it came. 3 4
* l`Aquila The bodies all collapse on the ground, no life in them anymore. . . smoke covers the island. . . it was an impressive explosion from what the Rosas could see
* Verederosa can indeed see it was an impressive explosion, the corpse that was charging down on the gondola collapsing as if the puppeteer's strings had been cut. She waves to Pietro and Rosalva, calling, "Over here!" then scanning the island with increasing worry. "Capitano?" she calls.
<Rosalva_Solario> where is Antonio?
<Rosalva_Solario> and Herr Von Riesen!
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> You'll notice none call for me..." he grumbles as he shrugs off some bits of stone..and move to gather what weapons he can find
* l`Aquila lifts himself up from the rubble, brushing himself off as he looks at Ulrich. "She called for you. . . Brewmaster of Passua then?"
<Rosalva_Solario> Are you both alright?
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> "Indeed..Opa was quite the chemist.." nodded slightly "Aside from a mildly maimed harm done..
* Rosalva_Solario will look about for any sight of the moor.
* Verederosa looks even more worried at Rosalva's comment and she looks around - showing some relief at Ulrich's appearance, but she tsks at his words. "You are too stubborn to die, only get more scarred." She smiles in relief when she hears l'Aquila's voice and says, "Are you hurt Capitano?" then turns to skewer Ulrich with a glance, "I already know you are."
* l`Aquila lost his cloak somewhere. . . he stands in linen shirt and pants and boots, covered in dirt and muck. He wipes off his forehead and face with his sleeve and says "No worse for the wear. . . Next time we bring charges on landfall missions. While I admire your grandfather's brew, I'd hate to waste it like this again." He coughs and looks at the chest that the Magister brought. . . hunched under the corpses.
* l`Aquila coughs as he says "No, just fine. What say we open the corpse and see what we have out of this mess." He looks for the lamp and spots it on the ground as well, he reaches out his sword and picks up the lamp by the handle, letting it dangle from his sword.
<Rosalva_Solario> what a horrible thing to do to the dead...
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen looked the doctor right back in the eye... "Next time you can kill the superstitionalists and I'll patch the wounded....I at least located the missing limb this time..." rummages for the finger and holds it in his good Palm
<Rosalva_Solario> This time?
<Rosalva_Solario> Shoudl I be concerned that this happens often?
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> Don't ask..." is all he said
<l`Aquila> On the contrary. This is the spice of life, Signora Solario. . .
<l`Aquila> "Without facing the impossible, how would you know you're still alive." He flips the tip of the sword in the direction of Rosalva saying "Catch, a gift for your new collection."
* Verederosa raises an eyebrow at him and says, "very well, next time I shall." in a tone that sounds like it should be accompanied by a tongue being stuck out in disrespect - but she smiles at the sight of the finger, reaching her hand out to take it if he'll let her. "Bene, this makes it much easier."
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen allows it
* Rosalva_Solario will catch the lamp and look it over
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> The Moor escaped...we should send men to his shop...
<l`Aquila> And don't disrespect Rosa, Ulrich. . . otherwise she'll sew a monkey's hand to your nether regions. And don't think I don't know about that!
* l`Aquila nods as he says "Firenze's looking over it now."
* Rosalva_Solario will put the lamp in her bag.
* l`Aquila touches the chest, and then starts to open it. . .
<Rosalva_Solario> can we got back to the lodge or my home I want to get cleaned up.
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> Of course Captain..." as he does a weapons check....
* Verederosa bats long lashes innocently at l'Aquila "Me?" then winks briefly before she sets to work digging in her pack for the proper unguents to preserve the finger until she can reattach it properly.
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen nodded to The Captain...and then assumed his stoic posture....
* Rosalva_Solario will find a place to be seated and let her head settle.
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen finished his weapons check...retrieving the Landerskeen... "That Old superstitionalist I gutted....anybody know about him?"
* l`Aquila The interior of the chest contains a few scrolls, a small stack of gold. . . and a gleaming red orb. A blood red sphere the size of a large cherry, set on a jet black chain. It sits among the gold and jewels. . . l'Aquila lifts the chain with his sword and considers it.
* l`Aquila 4 3 2 The old Superstitionist lies dead near the chest, right where Ulrich left him. . .
<Rosalva_Solario> Oh My goodness...
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen eyes the chest...
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> Profitable evening...
* l`Aquila shrugs as he lets the chain sink back into the treasure chest. "Not so common for someone with mystic abilities to wish for Gold and Jewels." l'Aquila looks over the chest. "Yes, indeed. We leave it closed and let the Lodge deal with it. . . I don't trust it."
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> Even the Gold itself...I mean the scrolls..and the oddity surely..however...that Gold" said the High guild mercenary...
* l`Aquila Pietro Moro looks at the Jewel with a hungry eye. "I don't think it's that dangerous."
* l`Aquila looks at Ulrich and Pietro "What superstitionist wants payment for a powerful artifact in gold?"
<l`Aquila> With that lamp, he could have had all the riches in the world.
<l`Aquila> What made this chest a worthwhile exchange. . . hmm?
* l`Aquila sticks the tip of the sword into the ground, lightly fingering the hilt. . .
<Rosalva_Solario> what about the scrolls?
<Verederosa> "A superstitionist who either wants another artifact of power that is made of gold and jewels - or one who knows what he sells is cursed."
<Rosalva_Solario> Maybe they have some manner of knowledge the lamp could not give him?
* l`Aquila looks at the scrolls as he says "Possibly. . . would you risk reading them, Signora Solario?"
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen raised a eyebrow...thinking what a useful young woman she was turning out to be
<Rosalva_Solario> I do not even know they are in a language I can Comprehend.,
<Rosalva_Solario> I believe we should take it back to the lodge.
* Verederosa has tucked the finger away carefully in her rather battered bag, and she straightens up, going to check the others for injuries, pausing to ask Ulrich first, "Have you any other injuries?"
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> Aye....The Lodge...I greed get the better of me at times..." shrugged slightly "Bruses...some Bumps.....nothing that time a exercise won't make strong again in a day or so"
* l`Aquila nods as he says "Indeed" we take it to the lodge. He closes the chest and says "Nicolo, get the boat around. Pietro, help me carry the chest. . . unless you feel strong enough to help, Herr von Reisen?"
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen bent down to heft the Chest.... "Lead the way...." the burly German lifted it easily...
* Verederosa nods at Ulrich, then turns towards Rosalva and Pietro to check them out as well. "Do you have any wounds that need tending?"
<Rosalva_Solario> I am fine thank you Verederosa.
* Rosalva_Solario smiles a little but looks a bit on the tired side.
* l`Aquila Pietro lifts the other end easily enough as l'Aquila says "Take it to the Gondola. . . I will join you shortly."
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> I am going to have to give one of you a nickname....too many damn rosa's" moved on towards the Gondola
<Rosalva_Solario> Some consider it good to be surrounded by Roses.
* l`Aquila looks down at where the Moor disappeared, then up at the skies, then towards where the Djinn was, furrowing his eyebrows as he started marking off with paces.
* Verederosa smiles at Rosalva and says, "I believe we are all a little tired after this." Nicolo doesn't seem to have had any injuries, and Verederosa turns to l'Aquila, chuckling at Rosalva and Ulrich before she says, "Capitano?" moving over towards him, and following his gaze then looking back at his predatory profile. "Are you well?"
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> Just more thorns to worry about if you ask me..." though it was in his less gravelly threatening tone...she might realize by now that passes for friendly with the brute
* Rosalva_Solario will watch Antonio a little and then walk over to the Gondola where it is being loaded.
<l`Aquila> Signoria Solario. . . not so quickly
* Rosalva_Solario will stop.
<Rosalva_Solario> Did You need something Antonio?
<l`Aquila> Yes. . . take a reading of the stars. . . we'll want to work out the geometry and triangulation for the moor. . . perhaps get an understanding of where he went.
* l`Aquila Ulrich is able to get the chest into the Gondola. Pietro looks at Ulrich saying "So what do you suppose will happen to all this treasure?"
* l`Aquila looks at Verederosa. "I am fine. No more than minor scratches, Rosa."
<l`Aquila> Are you well? Harmed?
* Rosalva_Solario will nod and try to find a place to set up her equipment at least what she was able to bring with her and begin to work upon what she was asked.
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> "It will probly go to the Lodge's coffers.." shrugs
* Rosalva_Solario will check the Map and check where the stars are now checking for random events.
* l`Aquila Pietro looks at the chest saying "A shame. . . do you suppose they'd miss . . . some. . . if it were to dissapear?"
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> No....but you'd miss the hand that reached for them..." he said...simply...and looked up towards the captain and the navigator...
* Rosalva_Solario will unroll a map of the city and go to work.
* l`Aquila Pietro "Ah. . . I see. . . You aren't tempted even a bit?"
* l`Aquila Pietro "How do you maintain such honor in the face of such temptation, Herr von Riesen?" 3 4
* l`Aquila shouts out a number to Rosalva "Twenty two mark. . . three. . . at a . . . 33 degree angle to Polaris"
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> "I'm making more money by staying true to my contract with the Captain" 6stated simply
* l`Aquila  Pietro says "Oh, it's not the money. . . that necklace would be a lovely bauble around my beloved Signora Solario's neck. . . "
 <Ulrich-Von`Riessen> "If you want I could offer you a much safer loan of money to purchase a bauble for your beloved bosom..."  he said simply
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> I even know a good jeweler...
* l`Aquila  Pietro considers saying "Oh, but not THAT jewel. . . so red. . . what do you suppose it is, Herr von Reisen?"
* Rosalva_Solario will nods and start to scribe down calculations she takes the longer necklace around her neck and will start to move parts of something she holds it up to the sky checking something.
* l`Aquila speaks again "And . . . . 43 degrees to Polaris. . . twenty paces."
* Verederosa nods and fades back, leaving the navigator and captain to thrash out the details amongst themselves - the calculations making little sense to her. She starts to head back to the boat to get out from underfoot
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen eyed the man "It seems a ruby to me Lad...better to place it out of your mind...focus more on what the Jewel would lay'll find better rewards there"
* Rosalva_Solario will continue making notes and taking calculations. She seems to be completely absorbed by this.
* l`Aquila Nicolo looks to Verederosa saying "Pardon me, Signora Medico. . . but have you seen my leg?"
* l`Aquila Nicolo stands on one foot, leaning on his arquebus. . . "Not that I need it, but I find myself attached to it. . . well, until lately."
* l`Aquila says calls from where the explosion was. "And . . . " he looks up with another small tool at Polaris. "42 degrees . . . 212 paces."
* l`Aquila Pietro stares at the chest, then closes his eyes and shakes his head. "So have you fought in many of these battles, Herr von Reisen?
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> "I have..."  the scar faced German said as he took a seat -on- the chest "Your new to your Lodge then?"
* Rosalva_Solario will jot that down going over small calculations in her own head speaking softly and outloud.
* Verederosa blinks and looks at Nicolo - he'd seemed fine but evidently not. She gasps as she gets look at his injury in the starlight and guides him to sit on a crypt, making sure it's clear of body parts first, and she turns him to get a better look at the damage.
* l`Aquila Pietro stands proudly. "My father was part of the lodge, and I have been part of the lodge for two years. In Venice."
* l`Aquila The leg has healed over rather well. It's an old wound. . .
* l`Aquila Nicolo says "My leg fell off a bit in the explosion, but I'm not sure where it got off to. . . I could get another one, but frankly I was attached to THAT one, you see. . . most unreasonable to prefer one over another, but it's been good to me"
* Verederosa swats his knee and she says, "You are teasing me Nicolo." Still, she looks up at him and smiles, saying, "Certainly. I will try to find it, you sit down and relax. You are deserving of a rest after coming to my aid in such a timely manner."
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen nods "My Father brought me into the Guild as well..."
* Rosalva_Solario will makes some marks on a piece of paper she has check some star charts compare a map of the island to a map of the stars.
* l`Aquila Nicolo says "Oh, not yet, ma'am . . . I'll go prepare the gondola. I just can't get around quite so fast. . .
* l`Aquila  The maps don't match up. Wherever the moor is, it's not in Venice. . . "
* l`Aquila sighs as he walks up to Rosalva "Any luck?"
<Rosalva_Solario> He is not in Venice...
<Rosalva_Solario> I need more of my maps to find him..
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> I was officially a member at....16..." thinks about it a moment... "25 years now?"
* Verederosa nods and says, "Very well, but be careful." then she pokes around at the scattered limbs - it's remarkably hard to find an artificial foot amongst the corpses, so she's looking for one that clunks when she nudges it with a toe, rather than squishes.
* l`Aquila Pietro nods as he says "Same as I then. . . age 16, brought into the lodge. . . my father thought it would be good for me to go into the business."
* l`Aquila Verederosa finds a strange smashed bit of Murano glass as she toes around the corpses. . .
* l`Aquila shakes his head as he says "Alright, we'll go to the lodge and see what we can find.
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> My Father thought the same....I started a Merchant guard for him around that time.....did that till I was...what....21..22...then began captaining my own business of Merchant protection" nodded
* l`Aquila The prosthetic is right next to it. . .
* Rosalva_Solario will start to pack up her things and after they are together she will rise. She folds and labels the calculations she took tonight.
* Verederosa leans down and picks up the foot, wiping some of the gunk away - then carefully tries to pick up the smashed glass, holding it up to the starlight to try to figure out what it used to be.
<Rosalva_Solario> this isn't the place to be doing these things anyways.
* Rosalva_Solario will stand carefully brush off her clothing and turn for the Gondola.
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen looks down at his blood soaked sleeve and missing digit....with a annoyed expression
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> "Sloppy workmanship there....sloppy..." muttered to himself in German
* Verederosa is not about to sew anyone's finger on in the dark, for fear of getting it on backwards - but she gathers what shards she can of the smashed glass and slips it into a thin leather pouch for later examination, probably getting a good chunk of mud in with it. She tucks it into her medical bag before she turns back to Nicolo, saying, "I found it!" waving the foot in question as she heads back to the gondola.
<Rosalva_Solario> Shall we head back now Antonio?
* l`Aquila Nicolo moves to the Gondola and starts to work with the ties, grabbing the pole.
* l`Aquila nods to Rosalva saying "Yes. Might as well. . . let's go to the lodge. . . "
* l`Aquila Nicolo smiles to Verederosa smiling as he says "oh, Signora, Gratze! Thank you so much!" He takes the prosthetic and starts to reattach it to his leg, tying it off under his pants.
* Rosalva_Solario nods and walks over to the Gondola. taking one last sad look back at things before looking back at the boat judging the best way to get on board.
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen stands and offers her a hand
* Rosalva_Solario will take Herr Von Riessen's hand and step onto the boat carefully.
* l`Aquila returns to the gondola and sits down saying "Back to the lodge then, steady as she goes. . . we have everyone?" Pietro says "Gondolier's dead, captain. . . "
* l`Aquila nods as he says "Pietro, you're a strong young man. . . you take the pole from Nicolo. . . Back to the lodge."
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen nods and helps her steady herself and then goes back to sitting atop the chest...
* Rosalva_Solario will frown and pull down her veil she touches the cross she wears and will pray softly for the man they lost.
* Verederosa smiles at Nicolo, but still, she studies his leg for a long moment before settling in a seat of the gondola, as out of the way as she can get. She feels bad for the gondolier - but her skills do not extend to restoring the dead.
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> "We will be sending somebody for the body?" he asked
* Verederosa looks at Ulrich, saying worriedly, "I think that someone will have to come back to identify him, amongst the other corpses - and bring men to rebury the dead." She looks to l'Aquila, saying, "If you wish I could manage such matters."
* l`Aquila nods as he says "Yes, we'll send priests to the island. Give them a proper burial."
* Ulrich-Von`Riessen nodded slightly
* l`Aquila nods to Verederosa "Yes, take charge of it. . . Montressor will want to go out there too, most likely. . . you'll get to work with the crusader.
<Rosalva_Solario> So horrible.. those poor souls...
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> "Better her than me..." chuckled slightly
* Verederosa smiles at Ulrich, saying, "They do not bother me, they are but the dead." Looking at Rosalva, she says, "We can but pray that their souls are safe in heaven, and it is but the earthly clay that was disturbed. A proper reburial should ensure their continued peace."
* l`Aquila does not smirk. He just looks tired, as the lights of the city of venice draw closer, as they move from the island of the dead. . .
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> I meant Montressor Doctor..." he said...
* Verederosa laughs at Ulrich, saying, "Ah, the living are another matter. Perhaps I will become better acquainted with him." she says, optimistically
<Ulrich-Von`Riessen> He's a good enough man.....the fact I fight for money and not God irks him... 6shrugged tiredly

End of Chapter 2